Monday, May 16, 2016

106 118 307 | May 16, 2016 Donald Trump headlines, '3rd-party run would be suicide'

Good thing I talked about '307' yesterday.  Here is also another '118' for Trump, which connects to 'death', his books authored and the upcoming 11/8 presidential election.

There's also another article regarding Trump this morning, where he says the next 9/11 on behalf of ISIS is looming...

And there's also this story...



    Also a good one. Had a couple of quoted phrases

    Hit piece---75, 450, 199
    Spun---70, 420, 390
    Spun Hit Piece---145, 870, 589

    589 Jewish = Donald Trump

  2. You're definitely tapping into something (posting about 307 before it was shown)! It'd be interesting to know how many of Trump's quotes & headlines have referenced "Death" in some way (though I wouldn't begin to know how to gather THAT data ... it's not something WE have a handy tool for ...). I don't recall a single public figure who's EVER mentioned so MANY forms of "Death", so consistently ... from stating he could gun someone down to suicide, his singular message is DEATH. But is it always Someone Else's? Has he ever referenced His Own? I'm curious about that ... ;D :D

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    2. Milo where is your website? Is it going up or no?

    3. milo hasno website bc he knows hes a joke.

    4. WarriYah is coming very soon, designers are working on it, man:)

  3. Death = 38/ 20 & 11/ 2. 38 in Bacon = L (the letter/ number "so sacred" they refused to use it for the Super Bowl ...) ;D

  4. "for many generations" in the English Reduction system equals 93 / 102 (s exception)