Tuesday, May 10, 2016

131 | Thunder go up 3-2 on Spurs in San Antonio, May 10, 2016 (Tim's last game in San Antonio 15-days after birthday?)

This is a big win.  This might mean OKC advances over Golden State (likely matchup in next round) with this signature win comings on the 131st day of the year.

Championship = Super Bowl = 131

After the February 13, 2016 earthquake in Oklahoma, the "5.1", I said let's remember this day in regards to what comes for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  That was 2-months and 27-days ago today.  If you recall, the other big story that day came out of Texas, the death of Scalia, hunting.


It seems for the Spurs the tributes were to Duncan's last season.  "Tim" might have played his last game in San Antonio tonight, fifteen days after his 40th birthday, April 25, 2016.

Tim = 2+9+4 = 15
5/10 = 5+10 = 15
End of the '15-'16 campaign?  End of the career?



  1. Not sure if it is quite over yet.

    5/12/16 = 33
    Orange = 33 (I wonder if they wear them)
    5/1/2/20/16 = 44
    Ok Thunder = 44
    512 is the reflection of 215
    San Antonio Spurs = 215
    5/12/2/0/1/6 = 26
    Spurs = 62 the reflection of 26

    1. 5/12 is the 133rd day of the year.
      Oklahoma City = 133
      The reflection is 331 which is the 67th Prime
      The Spurs won 67 games this year. Tribute?
      If you add the 6 playoff wins to 67, you get 73.
      Tribute to the Warriors?

    2. Perfect day to even the series 3-3 ....

      Wonder what the odds on Spurs will be...

    3. Spurs are already -2.5 favorites in Game 6.

  2. Where you at Milo??? Spurs are dead bruh! :))))

    1. Haha leave him alone he is crying right now

    2. If you continuously post random numbers and information and then brag about the accuracy of your "work" then I think Milo deserves this. He needs to realize that what he does on here doesn't help anybody because he just rambles random numbers. Zach is good at this because he makes it short and simple and easy to follow.

    3. Meanwhile the the 2016 nba champion cavs are waiting for who they will face next.

  3. Durant did "threaten" mid season that if they didn't make the NBA Finals that he would leave OKC. Thats when all these silly rumors started about him joining GS or SA. Maybe this was a clue put out right in front of us! Thoughts?

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  5. One other thing remember that commercial where kid in Westbrook digs have gsw in cavs gear that's a sign right there

  6. Nice zach check what i put on ur top thread