Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another day, another anonymous letter, May 10, 2016

I think these were supposed to arrive on the same date.  One is from Florida, the other is from California, but if you saw yesterday's post, the parallels are clear.

Here's yesterdays if you missed it:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/05/times-running-out-another-anonymous.html


  1. Zachary, a quick google image search for: ny spiral clock
    Revealed your image on a Pinterest site.

    1. Found the first clock they send you by searching Clock Paradox on Google. It is about half way down the page with this caption.
      2013 is the year when Time terminated to claim its existence as a fundamental of Physics. First observed in 1967 the possibility of well defined quantum states, completely abiding by the notion of Time. Later, in 1983 it was conceived the mechanism inducing the Time-sensation. A mere effect of Entanglement, only observable by who lives along branches, histories of the Multiverse. The experiment is so complex that it was necessary to wait the technical and scientific developement of 2013 to make it

      Also found it on this page by search Clock Spiral Paradox on Google.

      Here is also the Pinterest search where the Spiral Clock comes up from this letter. It was posted by Kathy Jarman. She calls it Spiral Time under Swirls & Spirals. I cant click on it due to not having any of the social media to login.

      Kathy Jarman = 41/50/122
      Kathy = 20/29/65
      Jarman = 21/57

  2. Where is Milo now???? Spurs LOSE AGAIN! They are done.

  3. Might be interesting to note.....

    That from Eureka CA, to St Petersburg, FL.....

    Is a "44" hour Drive.

    3,118 miles
    via I-40 W

    3,192 miles
    via I-10 W

  4. Its a paradox. Same thing in a different time period. They used Roman numerals in the past and now we have the current numbering system. It will end up at the top again and do it all over.
    The hands are also at the same time on each level because everything is happening at the same time.

    1. The hands on the clock are also pointing to about 5 and 12 which is a date coming up.

    2. Time=47
      Mason = 17/26/62

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    4. You are completely correct. I love your posts. All of these letters remind me of Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral.

      The Downward Spiral---210, 1260

      And its follow-up

      Further Down the Spiral---260,1560

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    6. Thank You! I just started a YouTube channel explaining how I see things if you want to check it out.

  5. Zach, think about your first blog post with the triangle that was formed in the Carolinas. What is located where the "all seeing eye" would be if you drew a triangle between DC, st Petersburg, and Eureka Ca?

  6. Sending threats through the mail is a federal crime. Go to the post office and ask then what to do. You have to have a record.

    1. What can they do? They come from different cities and are unmarked.

    2. Hi Zack,
      I had to call the post office about an ex taking my mail out of the mailbox. Seemed like they took it very seriously.

      Joan has a great idea. Check it out and good luck! :)

      p.s. Your book chapters are amazing!

    3. Zack,
      Is the 'Time' picture on a Xerox paper copy? If yes.... Apparently all printers have chips in them so every sheet printed leaves an identifying mark that can be traced to the original copy machine - at least that's what I've read. Hope it helps:)

  7. The letters have postal codes in them. Look at the numbers. Take a picture of the post mark (stamp) and put that up, we can figure it out from there.

  8. Are you saying the letters have no postage marks?

  9. Ask your postman if he delivered them or if someone else stuck them in the mailbox. For God's sake Zach get cameras!

  10. There's a meter number (top left hand corner) on every piece of mail. It's got to be there, if it isn't it didn't come through the postal service.

  11. Eureka "Used to express excitement when a discovery has been made". Merriam-Webster.
    Days between April 15 and May 6 (including end date) 22 days.
    The clock could read 12:23 or 12:24.
    The handwriting does not appear to be the same on the three letters.
    Tampa/St.Pete has zip codes beginning with 33. http://www.zip-codes.com/m/city/FL-SAINT-PETERSBURG.asp
    Also, the sender of that letter used a 2 on the coded 2acha1-2202.00 instead of a Z which could be their style of writing or old school cursive cap Q. The .00 could be viewed as sideways 8 or the infinity symbol.

  12. They are puttin number in ur name and pic seems like parallel btw. Golden ratio and time

  13. Looks like a spool of film unwindinding.

    Trickle down 1221 804 134

  14. Z with a line thru it---223

    A Z with a line thru it is used by scientists to make sure it is not confused with a 2. Which is curious because the last letter had a 2 for the Z. They are defentily trying to say something about time travel and trying to show you they can travel cross country and mail letters on the same day. Either working in tangent or...

    Time Traveling---155, 930, 1066

    1. Time travel = 1050

      Much like the date of this letter 5/10

      5/10/2016 = 15