Tuesday, May 10, 2016

63 81 | 'Innocent Passage', US Destroyer comes close to Chinese manmade island

Innocent = 9+5+5+6+3+5+5+2 = 40
Passage = 7+1+1+1+1+7+5 = 23/41
Innocent Passage = 63/81

Again, when you sum one through sixty-three, it totals 2016.

The big deal in this story is that the destroyer came in close proximity to 'Fiery Cross Reef'.

Fiery = 6+9+5+9+7 = 36
Cross = 3+9+6+1+1 = 20/38
Reef = 9+5+5+6 = 25
Fiery Cross Reef = 81/99

If there was ever a war against the United States, I would figure out how to fight for the other side.  These articles are so annoying, they're always the same, with the U.S. military pushing boundaries for seemingly no reason, because "they can".  Let the bully show end.



  1. Viva La Resistance---180, 1080

    Every 81 needs its 18

  2. Eli apple just signed for 15million.

    15.15 to be exact lol

  3. 15 million? Wtf i dont think any rookie signed for that much

    1. Crazy because they could have used that money on another player LOL. EA=51.

      What makes this a wrap is how the only teams playing over in London for the first time in the new stadium are colts and giants. Stadium is on the 51st Parallel. Giants play 10-23.....October=33

  4. Also he signed on 5/9. I think the details of the Contract were leaked today.

    Still 5/9 to 8/9 is 92 days....Eli is guaranteed 9.2 Million. End date 93.

    Also to 9/8 is 122 days and 123. Giants in 92nd season also check out on 5/6

    NFL.COM Posted the Eli Apple has reached a deal posted on 12.33.

    also after the 15.15 there is a 2....

    To 9/11 is 125 days or 521.....621 for 1986 year of existence

  5. Zach, I emailed you some information on SB 51. Let me know what you think. thanks man!

  6. As I was renewing my license today, waiting at the desk, the guy who tests for Commercial Trucks came in, walked up right behind me, and said, "We'll be using truck 223 today." I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I was unable to renew my license because of a really old seat belt violation I had, which has been paid for so its all a little fucked up, but the violation happened on 3-22-99.


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  8. Hi Zach. New to all this, but left you comments on the last vid of your YouTube channel. Messaging today 33 days from 6/6/2016...

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  11. Josh woodrum who signed with the Giants and was Waived is now with the Colts.

    "Josh Woodrum" in the English Reduction system equals 53

    Save"Josh Woodrum" in the English Sumerian system equals 966

    "Josh Woodrum" in the English Ordinal system equals 161

    "Josh Woodrum" in the English Gematria system equals 1232