Wednesday, May 11, 2016

33 38 51 93 174 187 | Prince saw Dr. Michael Schulenberg April 7 and April 21, prior to death... (Oregon Dr.)

The name Michael Schulenberg is standout in gematria.

Dr. = 4+9 = 13
Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
Schulenberg = 1+3+8+3+3+5+5+2+5+9+7 = 51/60 (Conspiracy = 51/60)
Michael Schulenberg = 84/93
Dr. Michael Schulenberg = 97/106

Keep in mind Prince died on the 93rd Meridian West and his album 'Purple Rain' came out in 1984, emphasis on '84.  That album was released June 25, the same day in history Michael Jackson would die.  Think about the "Dr. saga" with Michael Jackson.... here we go again?

Dr. = 4+18 = 22
Michael = 13+9+3+8+1+5+12 = 51
Schulenberg = 19+3+8+21+12+5+14+2+5+18+7 = 114
Michael Schulenberg = 165
Dr. Michael Schulenberg = 187 (Homicide code)

Notice the doctor saw him twice, on April 7 and the day he died, April 21.


Prince died 47-days before his birthday in Minnesota, which has gematria of 47.  We also know how '74' connects to 'Masonic'.

I love the detail about the newly discussed doctor being from Oregon, the thirty-third state.

Portland, Oregon = New World Order = Number of the Beast = 75/174

Recall how Oregon used to have a lot of media attention surrounding 'assisted suicide'.

The doctor being from Oregon and seeing Prince on April 7 also factors in.

Oregon = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74
April 7, or 7/4 or 4/7

Oregon also has gematria matching 'Prince', 'Minnesota', 'Chanhassen' and 'death'.

Oregon = 6+9+5+7+6+5 = 38
Prince = 38; Minnesota = 38; Chanhassen = 38; Death = 38

Revisiting the scene has gematria of 211, the 47th prime.  Recall Prince died on the 112th day of 2016, the reflection of 211.

Don't be deceived.


  1. I always wonder why they keep going with these stories. But I suppose the masses do need a narrative that continues to flow like a river of Gossip. The Ole Gossip Gospel. And if the story continues, the numbers have to keep lining up.

    1. Look at what most people spend their time talking about in this nation, gossip and tabloid.

  2. This is how they take the death of Prince storyline to the next level.

    Now they can have a made for TV trial for the drug pushing doctor/villain just like they did with the Michael Jackson. This will supply months of new material for the tabloids, celebrity news, comedians, and allow Dr Phil, Dr Oz, and Dr Drew and other assorted "experts" to scold us all with the "drugs r bad, mkay" message, which will then be followed by one of those "I asked my doctor if Drug X is right for me" commercials for prescription drugs.

    1. Exactly, the game runs in cycles. Let's not forget the June 25 conniption between Prince and Michael.

  3. But subconsciously make you want to take more prescription drugs. "You don't want to take this drug, it makes you feel real good." War on drugs for example, was to make more people take drugs

    1. Sure, the more things are talked about, the more interesting they become.
      Drug = 50
      America = 50

    2. Right, more push pull energy as we r made to feel wrong for wanting to explore diff states of conciousness. But it's human nature, we have been seeking ways to get, drunk, out of the daily grind since civilization began.
      I've never understood why people get so hysterical about drugs anyway. Who cares if someone becomes addicted to pain killers? Pain needs relief. When u r in pain u will do anything to make it go away. If people get adequate relief and its cheap and plentiful and they dont gave to resort to crime to get it, then they can go on and function and contribute to society while taking. It's called maintenance, right? What's the difference between that and taking Adderall or caffeine or nicotine gum or whatever else substance on a daily basis?
      Because they might die, is not a good answer. We are told from day one we r going to die anyway. To forbid someone to do something which will hurt no one but themselves possibly, well it seems to me that u rnt preventing deaths just quibbling over how soon the inevitable occurs. As well being a general joyless bitch.
      When I hear someone regurgitating the official mainstream society approved views about drugs I think, there goes someone with Stolkholm Syndrome.

      SS 38