Saturday, May 21, 2016

38 59 63 2016 | Two horses die in early Preakness races, Homeboykris and Pramedya

Look at the gematria of these horses, '59' is the kill number in Jewish Gematria, ' 38' is the number for death.

Kill = 59
Death = 38

The horse that won, Homeboykris, completed his 63rd race....

Again, if you sum one through sixty-three, it totals 2016.

The winning horse was 9-years old, the horse that was hurt and died in the race was 4.  4 and 9 make me think of '49' and Revelation.  The article only mentions the name of the jockey on the four year old horse.  His name connects to 'freemasonry' through '58' and Revelation through '121'.

It should be noted that Nyquist's top competitor is 'Exaggerator', having the same gematria.

Tying in with the 'Revelation and 'prophecy' angle, is the name Joe Torre, formerly of the Yankees, who was a part owner of Homeboykris.  Prophecy = 106

It's entire possibly their horse was pumped up on a performance enhancing drug... RIP.