Wednesday, May 11, 2016

41 44 93 144 511 | Warriors will advance over Blazers tonight, May 11, 2016

This is the low hanging fruit of sports picks today, but I'm quite convinced the Warriors will advance over the Blazers in Oracle Arena on May 11, 2016.

Today's date, May 11, has a tie to 'Saturn' and 'Saturn' has a tie to Oracle Arena.

In history, Bob Marley passed on this date May 11, 1981.

Recall that Saturn is the keeper of 'time'.  This connects to the Warriors being in their 44th season of being in Golden State.

This is on the front page of ESPN right now.  Notice the time, 0:44.

Curry will be advancing over the 44-win Blazers this season.

Riley = 9+9+3+5+7 = 33
Stephen = 1+2+5+7+8+5+5 = 33

They say 'the sun' is 93-million miles away.

The Sun = 2+8+5+1+3+5 = 24/33

Also, them advancing over the Blazers reminds me that the Portland Trailblazers have only won one NBA Championship, that was at the end of the '76-'77 season where they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, who replaced the Warriors, originally from Philadelphia, who won the first NBA Finals in 1947, emphasis on '47.