Saturday, May 21, 2016

33 44 144 228 239 | The 3-Point Line and Steph Curry breaking the 3-Point record in 2015-16

The United States is 239-years old, and Stephen Curry has become the first player to shoot more than 400-three pointers in a single NBA season.  Look at the maximum distance of the line, 23.9-feet.

Again, 239 is a special number to the Jews, who run the show.

This reminds me of when the Warriors beat the Thunder February 28, 121 to 118, for a combined 239-points.  ***118 and 228...

Notice that date February 28 can be written 2/28.  Again, the 'United States of America' is 239-years old.

From February 28 to the start of the NBA Final is a span of 96-days, like 'Freeamson'.

The span of 13-weeks and 5-days sticks out too.  'The Key of David' sums to 135, and Philadelphia was established on a date in history with '135' numerology, where the Warriors are originally from.  The phrase 'Key of David' is attached to Philadelphia in Revelation.

Also, as we often say, the NBA is a '33' league.  He set this '3' point mark on a date with '33' numerology, April 13, 2016.

4/13/16 = 4+13+16 = 33 (Stephen) (Golden St.)