Sunday, May 1, 2016

Will Leicester City finish in second place, like the Carolina Panthers (NFL)?

Earlier this year, the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and the Leicester City Foxes of Barclays exchanged gifts, will they finish with the same fate?

Read about the gift exchange below.


  1. Off subject. I having been looking for the number 106 in points scored in games.
    5 teams have scored 106 points in a game in the playoffs.

    106 = phophecy

    Houston scored 106 in a loss to Golden State. I take that as their fate was to lose to them.
    The other 4 are interesting; San Antonio, Cleveland, Miami and Portland. I wonder if there is a connection. Western Conference Championship = Portland vs San Antonio and Miami vs Cleveland.

    Just a thought.

    1. I think that is how the east will shape out but Portland beating GS probably isn't happening but the 106 angle is interesting.

    2. 106 goes in the favor of Philadelphia. 106 could just be the confirmation of how the teams advance as the script is written. Golden State could advance through Portland and San Antonio and Cleveland who will likely play Miamia in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    3. Remember, UNC was in their 106th year as a basketball program, and got cleaned up by the team from Philadelphia.

    4. Miami ended todays game with 106 points and a 33 point win over Michael Jordans Hornets

  2. I think Leicester will take it.
    They have the 1/31 birthday.
    There's a movie in the works too.

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