Monday, June 13, 2016

13 41 44 61 122 | Cavs defeat Warriors, Games 5, June 13, 2016

I don't need to elaborate on the 41, do I?  Think about how Bryan Robison died before the game at age 41, and the Cavs were wearing black tonight, like for a funeral.

I love that the Warriors lost with 97 as well.

Civil War = 97

June 19 will be the 150-year anniversary of Juneteenth, when the slaves were freed at the end of the Civil War.  It will also be a date with '41' numerology.

The combined 209 points is also a lot like '29', connecting back to 'Ohio', which is the number of points the Ohio team that is now heading back to Ohio scored in the first quarter.

Notice at the end of the first quarter, the two teams combined for 61-points.

At halftime, the score was also 61-61, for a sum of '122'.

The end of the third quarter was 93-84, the score that occupied the scoreboard for a long stretch of Game 4.

Oracle Arena = 93

The Warriors close out the third quarter with 13-points ties in with LeBron and Irving both finishing with 41.  Again, 41 is the 13th prime number.

Notice the "Big Three" combined for 84, LeBron's birth year.

83 attempts, the 23rd prime, and 44 makes, like 'King James'.

The 'California' teams shot '88' times.

California = 88