Tuesday, June 21, 2016

33 41 43 63 65 84 109 144 223 | Brexit, June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom, the Royal Family and David Cameron

The date of the vote is fitting for the 'United Kingdom'.

6/23/2016 = 6+23+20+16 = 65

The word 'Prince' also has gematria of '65.  This vote comes 144-days before Prince Charles's birthday, November 14.  We know how significant '144' is to measuring time.  The 'prince' theme has been big in 2016 as well.

Possibly coincidence, or possibly not, this vote also comes 63-days after the Queen turned '90', the same day 'Prince' the musician supposedly died.

If you sum every number 1 through 63, it totals 2016, like the year.

The Queen being '90' ties into the whole 'Brexit' by the numbers thing.  Keep in mind that analysts are leaning towards the U.K. not exiting the greater European alliance.

'33' connects to the 'Royal Family'.

Notice further the U.K. has been attached to the European nations through the "European Economic Community" since 1973, or 43-years ago.  Recall how '43' connects to Civil War.  They're not voting on Civil War, but in history, "smaller nations" pulling away from "bigger entities" has lead to Civil War, a phrase having gematria of '43'.  I can't help but notice the parallel in regards to the span of time.

The fact that the last vote was 1975, 41-years ago, also stands out.  '41' is a number connected to the Queen's birthday and Prince's date of death as well.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41

For some other Prince thoughts, Prince William has turned 34-years old today, June 21, 2016, 5-days before 'Brexit'. Prince Harry will turn 32 84-days after Brexit, or 2-months and 23-days, standout numbers, especially in light of the recent Invictus Games.  His birthday is September 15, 2016.  Let us not forget how '32' connects to 'U.K.' and 'America'.

Speaking of 'U.K.' and 'America', David Cameron, the NWO leader, will turn 50-years old a span of 109-days from Brexit, on 10/9, or October 9, the only '33' month.

America = 32; U.K. = 32
America = 50

Let us not forget the recent death of 'Jo Cox' either.  Her name summed to 67, like the percentage points for 'remaining', the last time the vote was held in 1975, 41-years ago.  Remember, Jo Cox was also murdered at age 41, at least so we're told.




  1. Good Stuff Zach, based on the numbers would you think the UK will leave or remain in the EU?

    1. Looking at the Jo Cox incident as well.. As you pointed out her name = 67 like the points of the last vote 41 years ago, she died aged 41.

      She was a strong 'Remain Supporter' - The way im reading that is she was the sacrifice for the same outcome on June 23rd?

      Does anyone see that differently ?

    2. I agree and I saw an article about bilderberg leader claiming a "high chance" of brexit happening. Obviously that article is a ploy to get ppl to believe brexit will happen and grab those nice 3.25 odds you mentioned earlier. Let me link you one sec

    3. I think they remain. That is how I read it too.

    4. Seems to be a lot of 41 again... Forty one = 46.

      The vote will be 'Counted' through the night so wont be announced until friday which will be a date with 46/66 numerology.

    5. Heres the zerohedge article:

    6. The nudging of the populace perception towards a belief in the brexit occurring and the numerology yall found make me believe UK will remain.

  2. Thanks for the insight guys, the only thing that his me questioning it is the fact that 'Leave' = 45. 23/6/16 = 45.

    If the UK leave the EU it could be the start of shit royally hitting the fan.

  3. Its just as fakely loaded as the Scotland vote not too far back, nobody is going anywhere. I would be totally taken aback. It is all a setup for a single goverment body that we all choose with our votes.

    Speaking generally of course, I am not British.

    1. St George's Day - April, 23 - every one is British.

  4. Nope, not going to happen, no numbers needed.

  5. Yea doesnt make sense for eu to be weakened by a brexit, the NATO powers need unity in their coming conflicts

    1. Depends whats planned for the future, were on the brink of war as it is. Sometimes it takes a small decision to ignite the fire.

      I do believe that the UK will remain, mainly from the bookies price if im honest. However i think if there was a time to shake things up in Europe now would really be prime.

      Again im going with remain but if we leave expect shit to hit the fan!

  6. Bremain =372. It's 27 weeks 3 days before the 44th anniversary of Britain joining the EEC. That's also 6 months 9 days.

    And from that 1/1/73 date to the referendum is 43 years 5 months 23 days, for another 523 coding. It's also 137 days before the American election.

  7. I lost.
    What the fuck was that?
    There will be some crap coming for England.