Tuesday, June 7, 2016

33 | Jimmy Butler at the Masonic Temple for Jimmy Kimmel Live ("Gold Socks" for everyone)


At the end of the video, you hear Jimmy Kimmel yell, "Gold socks for everyone!"  That is Jimmy Butler of the Bulls in '33' by the way.

In Simple English Gematria, that phrase sums to '253', a combination of those numbers.

Remember, Jimmy Kimmel broadcasts from the Masonic Temple of Hollywood, the gang obsessed with 'thirty-three'.


  1. Hillary Clinton just won the democratic nomination. Step one of the nwo is complete.

  2. I think we just got another clue. The Browns Executive Assistant just died at age 57 from brain cancer.

    and a Philadelphia connection a former assistant from the 76ers just died at 64.

    I'll do some more just wanted to update and let you all know.