Sunday, June 19, 2016

35 42 49 91 93 114 511 | Halftime tributes to LeBron James and Warriors, Game 7, June 19, 2016

LeBron James = 42
Cleveland Cavs = 42
NBA Finals = 42
Freemason = 42

Warriors = 49
Revelation = 49

A sum of '91' in Game 7.

91 on the 19th day of the month.

The game also has a difference of 7 points, the square root of '49'.

Notice the Cavs scored 19 in the second quarter, and the sum of points for both teams at half-time is 91.  '67' is the 19th prime number.

Notice is LeBron is 5-11.

Saturn = 93
Oracle Arena = 93

Saturn = 511 (Jewish)

Saturn = 21/30 (Pythagorean)

I look for LeBron to score 23 or 30 in the second half.

If he scores 23, he will finish with 35, and 216 in the NBA Finals.  If he scores 30, he will finish with '42', and '223' for the series.

It has been the #35 show on King James day.

King James = 35 (Draymond Green, 35th overall pick 2012)

Him and LeBron, both #23, played 23 minutes.

Cavs, 42-points, 42-attempts.  No wonder LeBron and Co. didn't even try to score at the end of the half.

The 3-pointers, 1-14, looks bad.

LeBron James = 114

I'll give the NBA a break, call it a coincidence on the 9-11 at the free-throw line.


  1. So who do you think is going to win?

    1. And Jaylen Rose was just singing back to back in the background, and I know he is a notorious Freemason. Back To Back equals 182/414/69. Any connections, Zach? Great work once again!

  2. Golden state. Last nights ufc fight gave a Big Hint. Red king (lebron) lost to Stephen (curry) thompson(klay)..a big clue maybe?? Stephen thompson defeated Rory macDonald

    1. Is that right? King down to 'Stephen Thompson'?

    2. It was a UFC fight night 89 also. Tonight would be the Warriors 89th win of the season.

    3. It may have been a subliminal to sway people

    4. But doesn't sound good for cavs

    5. Stephen thompsons nickname is wonderboy even came out to the song wonderboy by tenacious d..

  3. Catch that Verizon commercial?? Has anyone done gematria on Jamie Foxx?? He was in orange. And has been in all of the finals commentary.
    Last year Zach wasn't there a connection with the whole Orange is the new Black??

  4. Yea Stephen thompson won yest

  5. Just remembered the Jesuit high school, rivals with lebrons high school, are the WARRIORS.

    1. Is that right? That is a great find. What was LeBron's history with them.


      Unfortunately I can't find any records on the Internet from 2001-2003 which is when he was on varsity. I specifically remember Walsh the rich white kid school chanting "who's your daddy" At Lebron.The only thing I can find relating to it directly is this high school football game Lebron attended a few years ago, which I was actually playing in.

  6. Verejao clearly still on cavs team

  7. Cleveland scored 33 points in the third

  8. Just saw this on twitter:

    Brody Logan Verified account ‏@BrodyLogan 3m3 minutes ago
    "Through 322 minutes of the #NBAFinals, the series is tied 691-691"