Monday, June 6, 2016

35 82 85 166 | Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center (Catholic), CNN Article, June 6, 2016

82 games in the NBA and NHL season, that run parallel to each other.

If the NBA Finals end on June 6, or 16/6, remember this headline.

Basketball = 85



  1. Just saw Laila Ali being interviewed ... Didn't seem distraught at all and in fact couldn't stop smiling (duper's delight) ... she also slipped up and referred to her father in the present tense ...

  2. GS pk gm 3 free money. This shit is over

    1. With all due respect you said that about the OKC series. You also told people to bet their mortgage on North Carolina if i remember correctly.

      Im all for opinions but you don't back yours up with anything and then shoot other people down when they at least bring some knowledge of how they arrived at said conclusion.

    2. jmontz, most of the people who comment here, are here to discredit, provoke, start fights. Do you see Mike contributing anything meaningful? No, you see him doing exactly what you just explained, on repeat, just like the Jews who run the show. "Manning". I am pretty sure Mike arrived around the time of the Super Bowl. Again, a lot of the people who are posting here, are here for nefarious reasons.

    3. Your right, i shouldn't bite.

      Zach have you ever looked into DeJa vu? I've wondered for a long time how the masons operate this way and that word "Time" is such an interesting concept. DeJa Vu has never made sense to me and even more so now, im going to look into it i know it means "Already Seen" in French..

    4. Ppl need to realize theres reality and theres fantasy. GS is the real deal, they are the best team ever for a reason. I want ppl to stop listening to garbage and make smart logical choices so they make $$$

    5. Everyone's entitled to there own opinion but remember this is sports in the elite are smart in they know what there doing

      Like u said yest gsw won 73 games in broke Jordan's bulls record

      Your not doing that in losing in if Lebron loses everyone will say he has no help

      This stuff with curry goes deep I just wish someone look more into him instead of Lebron