Thursday, June 2, 2016

42 49 57 111 112 | Prince died of opioid overdose, June 2, 2016 news (The NBA Finals Connection)

Cause = 3+1+21+19+5 = 49 (Revelation) (Revelation, book of prophecy)

Prince died 49-days after that March 3 Warriors Thunder game...  "...prophecy is all we can go by in this world." - Prince

Did you notice that 'third eye' on the drum kit?

Recall he died on a date with '41' numerology.  'Opioid' has gematria of '41'.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41

As I pointed out the day of his death, April 21 is typically the 111th day of the year, connecting to 'The NBA Finals'.  The day of his death they made a big deal about him attending the March 3 Warriors game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, what ended up being the Western Conference Finals.

Notice this news of what caused his death is coming on the start date of the NBA Finals...

Prince died on the 112th day of the year technically in 2016.  This news of what caused his death comes 1 month and 12 days later.

112 is the alt dialing code for 911.  Recall they said Prince made four 911 calls between October 23, 2013 and the date he died April 21, 2016, a difference of 911 days.

The 1:10 post time is no coincidence.

Let's close with a point about 57, Prince' age of death.  They're referring to what killed him as a 'wonder drug'.

And then the whole Prince and death in Chanhassen, Minnesota thing.

Today's news also comes on a date with '44' numerology, like the coordinates he died on.

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44
Clock = 3+12+15+3+11 = 44

Saturn = 19+1+20+21+18+14 = 93 (Keep of Time)

Recall, Prince died 67-days after Vanity, being a man with a 6/7 birthday.


  1. Formula / as divide by...
    911 / 4 = 227.75 (or 227 3/4)

    Elon Musk: Chance we are not living in a computer simulation is 'one in billions'

    1. Chances that "Elon Musk" is not a character who's script is written in Langley Virginia -- Zero.

  3. So easy to see now. Zach, you are the man by far. Thanks again for your wisdom.

  4. I gota give the elite credit for his they hide stuff like this in plain sight

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  6. John Legend to sing National Anthems tonight. John = 47 Legend = 47 Cavaliers in their 47th year of existance. Anything?

  7. By William Scott Klug
    (Kind of ironic!)

    1. Looks like there's two William S Klug's, maybe a father or relative? One at UCLA 39 yrs old and another much older at New Jersey College. Both have a biology bent. With UCLA doing computational biomechanics and the other doing genetics. Kind of overlapping fields of research.
      But the following is from the UCLA WS

  8. Ralph Ellis wrote the CNN story.

    Ralph Ellis = 49/112

    Not at all surprising.

  9. Zach did you see this comment yet?

    "Zach (or anyone else)

    Go look at the Google doodle....

    It's of "Lotte Reiniger" = 510 / 942 / 547

    They say she would have been "117" years old.

    (from 2/23 to game 7 is a span of "117" days)

    Now get this....

    Her birthday is 6/2.....

    She died on 6/19...


    Also she died "June 19, "1981"

    "1981" kind of reminds me of Game 7....

    Game 7 would be Lebron's " 1,186" Game.

    In 1922 she made a "Cinderella" Movie...

    "Cinderella" = 498

    "Cleveland" = 468

    Is this foreshadowing a "Cinderella" story for the Cavs?

    Lotte Reiniger = 510

    Cleveland = 510

    And again, she died on 6/19 (Game 7)

    She was born in "1899"......

    "1899" is a lot like "1989"

    In "1989" the Cavaliers faced the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs. In the decisive fifth game, Craig Ehlo had given the Cavs the lead with :03 to play. However, the Bulls' Michael Jordan then jumped over Ehlo to make the game-winning shot, and the Bulls won the best-of-five series 3-2. The play, which earned the Bulls a 101-100 victory, became known simply as "The Shot."

    Pretty interesting!...

    Lotte Reiniger was known for "Shadow Puppets"

    What's interesting Is in 2009 Nike had the Kobe & Lebron Puppet Ads...

    In one of those commercials "Kobe" keeps talking about his "3 rings" to Lebron. Is this another reference to Lebron finally getting his "3rd" ring??

    With a Cinderella story?

    You can Watch all those Nike Puppet Commercials here:

    I feel we need to look into this more...."

    1. Bsavage I left you a message on YouTube! Anyways Game 6 Makes the most sense. 168 day Cleveland Cavaliers and Queen Elizabeth II equals 168. Date of the Prince Sacrifice for her birthday to Game 6....57 days. It's a lock

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  10. Another connection to this news of Prince coming out today and the Queen. Today is the 63rd anniversary of her Coronation and she unveiled a bust of herself today.

  11. Cavaliers = 90. The Queen is 90.
    Cleveland Cavaliers = 69.
    Queen Elizabeth = 69
    DOB 21+4+19+26 = 70.
    This is the 70th Nba finals.
    Ohio = 29+47.
    London = 29+74.
    All a coincidence?

  12. Hope warriors win game 1 so the odds go higher for cavs?

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  14. Im a long way off all theses numbers research but this is how i think they have planned it
    Cavs to win the title in there home state
    Any thoughts??

    1. yeah, i really think they have to close it in game 6