Thursday, June 2, 2016

43 44 49 52 66 89 95 131 | Warriors win Game 1 of NBA Finals, June 2, 2016, defeating Cavs 104-89

The Cavs took the lead one time this game, they took the lead with the score 66-65, on a bucket made by 'Thompson'.  Keep in mind 'LeBron' sums to '66'.

Thompson = 2+8+6+4+7+1+6+5 = 39 (66th Book based on first 39 Books...)

LeBron = 12+5+2+18+15+14 = 66

The score at that point was a sum of '131'.

Championship = 131
Super Bowl = 131
Fifty-Seven = 131 (Cavs 57 wins in regular season)

The part about the Warriors reserves scoring 45 ties in with the Villanova avenging their loss 45-years ago pattern we have seen.

Villanova = 108
Golden State Warriors = 108

The Cavs score pops as well as the total score too.

King James = 89

Ten Four

Notice the scores sums to 193 in the final, the 44th prime number.

Today's date had '44' numerology, and the Warriors who won are tin their 44th season.

6/2/2016 = 6+2+20+16 = 44

King James = 44 (LeBron scored 44 in Game 1 last year)

Notice the big three combined for 66-points.

LeBron = 66

It was the "team effort" from Golden State tonight.  Steph Curry looked like he was crying late in the game despite it was a guarantee his team was going to win.  Talk about selfish... what a baby.  Clearly he was upset about having a low scoring night.  He had 11, the other kid born into the league had 9.

The score of 43 to 52 at half time in favor of Golden State stood out.

Prophecy = 52
California = 52

Civil War = 43

Some people are saying this will go seven games, ending on Juneteenth, the day that celebrates the abolition of slavery.

The sum of 95 at the half connects to 'Baltimore', a city of great importance in the Civil War.

151 shots total, 36th prime.

84 shots for the Cavs?  What year was LeBron born in?

Warriors shots 49%... 43-makes.

Warriors = 49


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    1. brons birthday is december 30th

    2. King James in the 16 hundreds....

    3. Nice connection Warri, but it's actually 450 years. 6/19/1566. I noticed He died 2016 hours before his 59th bday too or 2 months 23 days or 84 days. He was only King on England for 22 years 3 days.

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  4. Lebron has 127 playoff wins in his career
    It will be 131 if he wins this year

  5. Lost by 15 too. Lebron needs to get his ass in gear. Next gm I bet he drops 40 and Frye hits like 5 3's. Dude didnt even play tonight

    1. He was in gear. Just not to win. He did a fantastic job at losing as intended.

  6. If the Cavs win game 2, I think it will go 7 games... If the Warriors win game 2, I think it will only go 5 games. Either way, I think the warriors will win.

    Here is the breakdown for each of these scenarios...

    7 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - CLE
    Game 3 - CLE
    Game 4 - GSW
    Game 5 - CLE
    Game 6 - GSW
    Game 7 - GSW

    5 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - GSW
    Game 3 - GSW
    Game 4 - CLE
    Game 5 - GSW

    As you can gather from what I wrote above, it all depends on who wins game 2. I'm still leaning towards a 7 game series, but we'll just have to see how this thing plays out.

  7. Cleveland now with a "12-3" playoff record.

    "Quick Action" = 123

    "Steve Kerr" = 123

    "Lebron Raymone James" = 1230

    "Conspiracy" = 123

    "216th" Prime is "1,321"

    Score tonight was 104 - 89

    The "140th" Prime is "809

    "Eighty Nine" = 116

    "Eight Nine" = 223

    Warriors beat the Cavs "132" - "89"
    on 1/18/15

    Also Cavaliers Played the Warriors on Christmas day.

    Warriors won "89 - 83"

    (There's that "89" again)

    That loss made Cleveland's record "19-8"

    So 3 games in a row one of these teams scored "89" against each other.

    Good news for the Cavs (i think) is that their playoff record is now at 96-87...

    Meaning 4 more wins will give them "100"...

    Now a 7 game series win would finish their career playoff record at 100-89

  8. Look at that 3-point percentage... 33.3 + 33.3 = 66.6

    1. Even the field goal percentage is coded out... 3.81 + 49.4 = 87.5

      87 x 5 = 435

      435 + 534 = 969

      Speed of Saturn...

    2. Let's see what we find if we sum all the visible numbers in the picture.

      40 + 2 + 23 + 34 + 0 = 99

      The 99th prime is 523...

      The sum of the divisors in 99 equals 156...

      The factorization of 99 : 3 * 3 * 11

      If you sum each decimal in the square root of 99, you result is 66...

      The first prime having a higher value than 99 is 101, and 99 converted into binary is 1100011.


  9. (The Cavs took the lead one time this game, they took the lead with the score 66-65, on a bucket made by 'LeBron'.
    LeBron = 12+5+2+18+15+14 = 66)
    nope the bucket that gave the cavs the lead was a dunk by tristian thompson.

    1. Was it? I thought it was LeBron. Good correction if you're right.

  10. It's kinda sad when curry scored 11 points in still win I really hope Lebron wins . But the way things looked tonight who knows

    I think gsw being favored helps Lebron in I think this goes 7

    But I still think gsw has a great chance to win remember doesn't matter who wins I think m the elite would I prefer curry over lebron
    So if your betting this fame be careful

    1. GSW is 4-3 in finals. If they lose this one it would make them match their numbers. Warriors = 44.. It is most likely they match it since they are in their 44th season.

    2. My bad on the warriors = 44 part. That was a mistake.

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  13. Lebron wins 4 in a row. Curry tears his acl

  14. Gary the numbers guy got cavs locked 7 months ago... He predicted the last 9 winners right.

  15. I would not be surprised if GS won, but I don't think they will. Its a home team fiesta until Game 7, when Cleveland does the unthinkable and win in Oakland.

    Then LeBron gets shot at the after game party.

    1. And it seems to me that the GS games are just full of white people, while the Cleveland games have a blacker audience. Every shot of a GS Home win is Steph Curry laughing it up or hugging old white guys, while LeBron finds the only black guy in Canada and shares an inside joke.

  16. To me Game two already looks favorable for the CAVS.

    Playing on a date with 47 Gematria Ohio = 47

    The next game date is the 157th day of the year the 157th prime is 911

    GSW/CAVS so far have played 7 post-season games, GSW: 5 CAVS: 2, a lot like 52 years since Cleveland's last championship.

    ESPN and many other are questioning 'is it over' for the Cavs after GM 1 !!! wow!! 'Is it Over" has English Gematria of 702 much like GSW chasing the 72 (well 73 now) game win streak. Who was their 72 win against? The Spurs, I thought back to your work on the Spurs, Tim Duncan and the 108 = It's over connection. The interesting thing at least to me, is that they beat the Spurs on a date with 50 numerology. The 50th prime is 227. Much like 2/27 when GSW defeated OKC 121-118 in OT. For a total sum of 239. United States is 239 years old. This gave GS their 53rd win on the season the 53rd prime is 239.
    In the regular season 108 came up 6 times. Of the six times GSW won 5-1, a lot like 51. Which in 2015 it had been 51 years since the Cavs last championship. In the post season the number 108 has come up 3 times. GSW are 1/3, much like Lebron is 31 and in his 13 season. From the time that GS lost with 108 to OKC, to the time GS won with 108 is a span of 13 days.

    Lastly, Cavs in regular season had 7 games that had the 108 connection. Of which cavs are....5 for 7...Much like championship, much like the number of games they had on the regular season. In the post-season 108 comes up twice. Of which the Cavs are 2 for 2 (any connections to that 2-2 you see?) Anyway, from the Cavs first win with 108 to Game 2 of the finals is a span of....31 days.

    sorry it was so long. I think we may possibly see a score of Cavs 108, GSW 99, which of course is 207, much like GSW beating the 72 record...but possibly NOT Winning the finals.


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    2. Edits: In the regular season for GSW 108 came up 6 times.

      Cavs are being called the Beasts of the East: English Gematria of 990...99....Which is why I believe that GS may finish with 99 as a tribute to the Cavs.

  17. Warriors 43% on 49 shots. Adding numbers 43-49 sums to 322, skull and bones, Zionists, and Genesis 3:22, man becoming God ...GENE-sis as in Genetics

  18. To me, it feels like this election is going to lead to a civil war.