Thursday, June 16, 2016

35 57 106 119 196 | Dahntay Lavall Jones, signed April 13, 2016 (Key to Cavs Championship?)

The announcer just made a big deal about the acquisition of Dahntay Jones as he scored the 57th points of the game for Cleveland on an and one.  Remember the connection to '57' and Championship; the Cavs finished with 57 regular season wins.

Dahntay Jones was signed April 13, the last day of the regular season.

He took it there from 56 to 57 with the free-throw make.

Notice who the gematria of his full name sums to 196.  That is a lot like the date June 19, the date of Game 7, 19/6.

Dahntay also has a life lesson number of '57'.

12/27/80 = 12+27+80 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
12/27/1980 = 12+27+(1+9+8+0) = 57

Fifty-Seven = 131
Championship = 131
Super Bowl = 131
*World Series = 57

From the date of his signing to the date of June 19 is 67-days later, or a total span of 68-days.

His hometown of 'Trenton' also ties in with the '106' coding for this coming Sunday, the 106th Father's Day, and the birthday of King James who had birth numerology of '106' as well.

His age of '35' also pops.  Call it another 'King James' tribute.