Wednesday, June 8, 2016

96 147 | Hillary Clinton, first major party nominee, 96-years after women's right to vote

Notice it has been 96-years since woman earned the right to vote.  It is all by the numbers.

The next century is planned too, don't kid yourself.


  1. Lol her supporters are women and some gay men.

    1. She doesn't really have much support at all... In reality, Bernie has more supporters pulling for him, but he has no chance in winning, due to the game being rigged.

    2. Votes have never counted in the history of this nation. The only people who support Hillary are older women who really want a female President, and gay men who don't know anything and identify as feminists.

  2. I suspect the next President after Hillary is Paul Ryan.

    Ryan = 22, 58(Simple) = Freemasonry
    Paul Ryan = 36, 108

    If we look at "Thirty Six", we get 152 = Mitt Romney
    If we look at "Three Six", we get 108 = Paul Ryan
    If we look at "One Hundred Eight", we get 157 = United States

    If George Bush = 107, then the next Republican President may be 108 like Paul Ryan. Plus he is the right age now, to be the next Republican in line.

    Also, notice that Donald Trump and George HW Bush = 138, and if we look at "One Three Eight", we get 139 = Freemasonry. Very Interesting!

    1. The system will be destroyed before the President after Hillary, that is my prediction. That is my goal.

  3. Hillary will be 69 when you claims the thrown. The reflection of 96.

    96+69= 165

    If Cleveland wins in 7, their record will be 16-5 in the playoffs.

    Divide and conquer = 165
    Scottish rite = 165
    Tree of Knowledge = 165
    United Nations = 165

  4. May not be important, but...
    10 is 'duality' in male/female, yes? The post was 'updated' at 10:06.

    1. Should have also said 5+5

    2. 10 is the "God Number" in Numerology... 10 also shares attributes with 1 and 0, since those are the numbers that comprise it.

      It should also be noted that when summing 1-10...

      1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55

      Numerology = 55