Saturday, August 20, 2016

106 228 | CNN's Rio Olympics 'Blessings' video, more "prophecy" games

This is a video courtesy of CNN.

Notice the keyword, 'Blessings'.

Recall, the U.S. Team consisted of 106 returning medalists.

Notice the 2:28 in the corner too.

Shaunae = 33; Miller = 33

Laura Trott = 38 = Gold


  1. Final Olympic Games-180

    Maybe we get one more Winter games that explodes to high Hell after the Summer that was supposed to explode doesn't. The Winter Games are in the very volatile nation of South Korea in the city of PyeongChang, which is coincidentally 180 miles East of Seoul.

    PyeongChang-115, 690 has the numbers for a changing event. The city was selected in the 123rd session of the IOC, narrowly beating out Munich(the last host of an international Terrorist event at an Olympics).

    It will be exactly 29 years, 4 months, 7 days since the closing of the Seoul Games(10-2-88), to the opening of the PyeongChang Games (2-9-18). Curious that it is 29 years and the games start on 2/9. That leaves 31 weeks and 3 days until the 30th anniversary of the 88 games or 220 days.

    Lots of Master numbers lining up.

    1. IOC=9/15(6)/3=963

      9+6+3=18(Will '18 be the last)

      29 years, 2/9 opening. 29+29=58.

    2. Also opens on a date with 29 numerology. 2+9+18=29.