Saturday, August 20, 2016

33 44 74 | Freeway near Portland and Vancouver, WA (Oregon-Washington crossing) closed, August 20, 2016

This is how the majority of traffic crosses from Oregon to Washington near Portland, a major access point.  The freeway has traffic backed up for miles, even for the arterials.  In my lifetime, the entire freeway has never been closed like this.  I see tonight there are other freeways shutdown as well.  I think these are all experiments and small drills, at the inconvenience of those who are found caught in these incidents.

The bridge that is being prevented from crossing is the 'Glenn Jackson', connecting to today's date numerology.

8/20/16 = 8+20+16 = 44 (Officer) (Department)

The bridge is being blocked on the Oregon side of the bridge, the 33rd State.  Washington is the 42nd State.  OR = 33; Oregon = 74; Washington 49/58/130