Saturday, August 20, 2016

13 41 | The end of the Kansas City, Los Angeles Rams game, August 20, 2016 (13 & 41 tribute, Andy Reid)

With the score 21-20, and the Chiefs in range of a field goal to take the lead 23-21, with almost no time in the game, the QB of the Chiefs fumbles, and #41 recovers, essentially clinching the game at 21-20, a total of 41 points.  Again, 41 is the 13th prime number.

This game is in Los Angeles, or 'L.A.'  Again, 41 is the 13th prime.
*Kansas City = 41

U.S.A. = 41; 13-Colonies; 13-Stripes; 13-years in public school

Right when you thought it couldn't get any worse.  The game crew pulled up footage almost instantly of Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, at age 13, playing for a team that wore uniforms a lot like the Los Angles Rams, who he just lost to tonight.

You can't tell me this stuff isn't scripted.  It's so in your face, if you know your numbers.

Andy Reid is #98.  They said he was the oldest kid on the team.

Also, the man who made the fumble recover, he has quite the name gematria.  '187', the California homicide code.  I think this guy is going to be a player.  Jabriel = 57

Another game from Week 2 of the preseason with a big '41' emphasis was the Cowboys over the Dolphins, 41-14.  Fourteen = 41


  1. So many 41s..interesting. Also noticed new cowboy qb Dak Prescott 42 who wears 4 ran for a 20 yard touchdown 42. Saw a photo on yahoo with him #4 followed by #42 and #46...I assume a photo from the run.

    1. Oh yes, he is going to be a star indeed. Great work! I talked about 'Dak' last week, another '42' on a black man.

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  3. Side note :

    Alex Bregman, one of Astros top prospects, they've been making a big deal since his call up July 25th, RBI double Top of 9th in Baltimore to finalize score
    12-2, Houston.

    8+20+16 = 44 / 64
    D.O.B : 3/30/94
    'March 3rd' = 3/3 / 33
    3/30/94 > 8/20/16
    144 days.

    His debut : 7/25/16 = 48/68
    "Alex Bregman" in the English Reduction system equals 48.

    Sure there's more to it, just thought something to keep eye on w/ Houston heating up.

  4. The 41 14 stuff reminds me of last year when the Dolphins were up 41-0 against Houston at halftime. Then Only won 44-26. It was the game Arian Foster tore his achilles. The next week Dolphins Cameron Wake tore his achilles against the Pats. Arian Foster now plays for the Dolphins. The Dolphins also lost to Buffalo last year 14-41.

  5. I saw parts of a show on the history of the Rams last night. Eric Dickerson was talked about. He held out for more money for 47 days before returning. His favorite play was called 47 Gap and he finished with 47 TDs.

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  7. The Chiefs scored their first touchdown on a thirteen play drive.

  8. These kinds of posts are meaningless Zach. Sure theres connections but nobody can use any info from this post to profit