Saturday, August 6, 2016

13 41 49 59 73 86 666 | Bar fire kills 13 in France, August 6, 2016

13?  This is a subliminal for the Friday the 13th terror hoax.

Keep in mind that the incident took place in 'Normandy', having gematria of '41', the 13th prime.

The phrase 'bar fire' also has gematria of '41', the 13th prime number.

'Bar Fire' also has the 'kill' connection.

They're calling it an 'accident'.

This incident comes 267-days after the November 13, 2015 attack, 137-days after the March 22 Belgium attack and 23-days after the July 14 Bastille Day attack hoax.

The name of the bar has standout gematria as well.

'666' connects to 'prophecy'.

Where the attack happened, it sits on the 49th parallel, connection to 'Revelation' the book of prophecy.

The Bavarian Illuminati was created May 1, 1776, on the 121st day of the year.  It was started with 13 families and came to power in France, being credited with the French Revolution.

The top headline also connects to 'Revelation' and 'prophecy'.

The other thing I notice is that the city where the bombing happened, has the same gematria as 'Pulse', where the recent nightclub attack in Orlando happened, blamed on 'ISIS'.

That incident happened 55-days earlier, or a span of 56-days from the Orlando attack, June 12, 2016.

With this closing paragraph, I'm also reminded that 'truck' has gematria of '73'.

Also, the date numerology of this incident is 'symbolic', and connects back to 'America'.

8/6/2016 = 8+6+20+16 = 50 (America)
8/6/2016 = 8+6+2+0+1+6 = 23 (23-days after Bastille Day attack)
8/6/16 = 8+6+16 = 30 (Saturn)


  1. Hi Zach...Just a heads up. Looks like a typo was used in the headline..."bar FAR kills 13 in France" to get 179. Anyway...Thanks for all your hard work!! You are amazing.

    1. Thank you for the correction and compliment =)

    2. "that was really quick zach" in the English Reduction system equals 93 (2+8+1+2+0+5+1+1+0+9+5+1+3+3+7+0+8+3+9+3+2+0+8+1+3+8) favorite number. I salute you, sir!

  2. The fire was caused by birthday cake candles.
    'Candle' = 73 in Jewish.

    1. Ohh and the last one ... the Mayor of Rouen is, 'Yvon Robert' = 73 in reduction ( V exception )

  3. Off topic but the movie, 'Sixteen Candles', also = 73 :) ha. Watched that movie 'Central Intelligence', with the Rock lad ... they must have mentioned that Sixteen Candles movie about 50 times in it.

  4. Apparently the 'polystyrene ceiling tiles' caught fire quickly causing the blaze.
    'polystyrene ceiling tiles' = 118 ( Death )
    13 dead, 6 injured ... 19 total. 'Cake' = 19 in Jewish.