Tuesday, August 16, 2016

25 34 52 93 119 511 | Odell Beckham Jr.'s 24th birthday, 93-days before Super Bowl 51

Odell = 6+4+5+3+3 = 21
Beckham = 2+5+3+2+8+1+4 = 25/34 (Giants = 25/34)
Jr. = 1+9 = 10
Odell Beckham Jr. = 56/65
Odell Beckham = 46 (NYG = 46) (NYG, won Super Bowl 46)

Odell = 15+4+5+12+12 = 48 (Illuminati)
Beckham = 2+5+3+11+8+1+13 = 43 (Champion)
Jr. = 10+18 = 28
Odell Beckham Jr. = 119 (All Seeing Eye = 119) (Star of David = 119)

In Jewish Gematria, the name Odell connects to '13', the number wears, and 'Beckham' connects to that number '59', stamped all over black people.

His birthday has connections to 'leader' and Saturn'.  More on 'Saturn' in a moment.

11/5/1992 = 11+5+19+92 = 127
11/5/1992 = 11+5+(1+9+9+2) = 37
11/5/1992 = 1+1+5+1+9+9+2 = 28
11/5/92 = 11+5+92 = 108

From the Giants opener, September 11, or 11/9, until his birthday, November 5, or 5/11, is a span of 56-days.  Odell Beckham Jr. = 56

His November 5 birthday, has a connection to Saturn.

Recall how 'Bob Marley' died on May 11, or 5/11.  Bob Marley = 93

From his birthday until Super Bowl 51 is 93-days.

Remember that '39' and '93' are the big numbers in New York City.  It is very interesting that #13's birthday has this alignment.  Remember, his QB, Eli Manning, will be in his 13th season this year.

And I swear, every time I look at the ESPN page, they have a new picture of a #13 on there.

If the Giants were to make it to Super Bowl 51 and win, they would be 5-1 in Super Bowls.

Odell is coming into 2016-17 with 187-career receptions and 25-receiving TDs.

Again; Beckham = 25; Giants = 25

The day Beckham turns 24-years old, will be a date with '52' numerology, the prophecy number.

11/5/2016 = 11+5+20+16 = 52 (Super Bowl 5/2, February 5)
11/5/2016 = 11+5+(2+0+1+6) = 25 (Beckham) (Giants)
11/5/16 = 11+5+16 = 32 (NFL) (America)
11/5 = 11+5 = 16 (Season, '16)


  1. Well odell did say the giants will win the sb maybe his prediction will be right like when joe namath daid the jets would win

  2. I literally just watched your previous work on Bob Marley, who I share a birthday with, and noticed the 5/11 connection right away. also, OBJ has similar facial features and complexion as Bob. not to say anything besides it's interesting they strike a similar appearance.

    also worth noting is that Rohan Marley played at The U with Ray Lewis and them and he is the man who Lauryn Hill had all her kids with who is also the head of Tuff Gong.

  3. Once again Zach, great work! It really seems to be pointing to the Giants this year.

    1. you fools giants have no chance. You actually need a half decent team to make it. NYG isnt going with a new coach and no Defense

    2. If its rigged uou dont need anything . When the giants beat the pats in 2007 was the giants a better team?

    3. Haha. The guy who says 'in' in place for 'and' just schooled you Mike.

  4. I'm starting to wonder if there are two scripts. That's why we keep getting Giants or Vikings as the second super bowl teams. Colts path seems easy, especially since it will be Brady vs Luck in the AFC championship game and it will refocus on deflate gate. NFC has 5 possible teams in the mix. Seattle, Arizona,GB, Vikes, Giants , panthers. Falcons are usually sacrificed.

  5. Btw I had Seattle vs NE or NE vs Panthers.


    1. pretty much a reshuffling of the same 6-10 teams or however many during this Peyton/Brady era, the usual suspects.

    2. Exactly because all the manchurian qb's are on those teams or those are the teams that fit the Zionist agenda. Maybe that's the reason Curt Cousins gets no love!

    3. Curt Cousins! You guys are idiots!

    4. Kirk cousins can possibly get some love this year
      Washington redskins=112

    5. Cousins bday 121 days after Prince death
      33 percent of the year 3 months 30 days
      49 years old revelation=49


    6. y'all must have forgot Kirk Cousins BLOWING the fuck up during that 3-4 game stretch last year. he undoubtedly has the ability to get it done.

  6. Hey Zach he wears #13 WR=5&9 more like 59, not a coincidence

  7. Was watching the Olympics track and field last night and they kept talking about the high school girl named Sydney McLaughlin who ran in one of the events. When they showed her parents in the crowd, her dad was wearing a NY Giants shirt. She is from New Jersey so not sure if that was just a coincidence, or if you can read anything more into it. Thought I'd let you know.

  8. I saw a Family Guy rerun that came out earlier this year. Season 14 episode 10 where Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe were wearing Giants jerseys in a song. They align with a "123" pattern on their jerseys. It also showed Kim Jong Un shooting missiles in tne song. I wonder if it means something???

    1. Indianapolis = 123
      Conspiracy = 123
      The Giants won their last Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

    2. Ill never understand why the giants get all the love in jets never get any. I mean even the mets went to the ws

    3. Ill never understand why the giants get all the love in jets never get any. I mean even the mets went to the ws

    4. Awesome, I saw this episode earlier in the year and thought that it was weird to show the protagonists in Giants jerseys since they are Patriots fans and the Giants were not in the playofs when the episode came out in January 3rd

  9. Power ranking show on. 1.seattle 3.patriots 4.GB 7.Cincy 10. Vikes

    Let's see where Giants and colts rank I'm betting right next to each other

  10. 14. Colts

    If we see this SB I hope everyone remembers these rankings. It's going to be fun watching how these two potential wild card teams make it to SB.

    Wildcard=74 lol

    Holly shit @Zach you may be right my friend. Kudos!

  11. There are 6 NFL teams that won Super Bowl as wildcard teams.

    Giants 2007
    GB 2010