Saturday, August 20, 2016

33 126 | ESPN, August 20, 2016, 'McGregor-Diaz feels like a WWE feud'

In my earlier decode on the fight, I found multiple 126s, but overlooked the gematria of 'McGregor-Diaz'.

Link to UFC 202 fight results:


  1. real weird how ESPN has been giving promo time to "pro@ wrestling in recent months. I started seeing WWE news articles in the feed thinking what the fuck is all this about? the of course Lebronze with all his Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior troll shirts. I fucking KNEW this year's finals was rigged - I knew it back in 2008, verified. Tim Donaghy told us as much. but here we go, I got sucked into the narrative last year and came back for some more this year only to be shown a blatant spectacle of bullshit.

    I found this YouTube channel and blog shortly thereafter.

  2. From Diaz's 31st birthday, April 15th, to the fight on August 20th = 126 days. ( 4 weeks 4 days ).

    1. Feck meant April 16th for Diaz's birthday :D Head bit slow today, ha!

    2. The difference between McGregor & Diaz's birthdays this year is 12 weeks 6 days ( 126 )