Monday, August 22, 2016

33 144 228 351 | CNN, August 22, 2016, 'America finds its voice on gun safety'

Funny this story comes on August 22, 2016, or 22/8.

Death = 228
United States of America = 228

Forty-Four = 144; April Fourth = 144; Killer = 144

If you sum 1-26, it totals 351 (God connection)

Gabby Giffords, the last U.S. politician to participate in a shooting hoax.  You have to appreciate the 1:18 timestamp with her and her astronaut husband.  Arizona = 39; Astronaut = 39

Checkout the stat of '33,000' deaths by gun each year in the United States.  That's '92' a day.  Remember, the word 'fear' has Jewish Gematria of '92'.  This article also begins with 'Sandy Hook', the shooting that took place in 'Newtown'.

Newtown = 5+5+5+2+6+5+5 = 33 (NRA = 33) (Masonry = 33) (Secrecy = 33)

If we get another politician shooting hoax today, remember this early morning story.


  1. Surprised you didn't mention that headline = 144

  2. OMG -- She's BAAACK! So ... Is this really her hubby "Mark Kelly" -- aka "MK" ultra -- or his "TWIN -- Scott"?? Lol

    "Gun Grabber Goofy Gabby's Garish Green Garb" (it's Gabby -- in 7G!)

    Jewish: 1861 (7 cheers for the 1800s "Civil War"!?) .. 1+8=9 .. 6+1=7 .. 9+7= 16

    Pyth/Simple: 358 ... 3+5=8 .. 8 .. = 88 ... 8+8= 16

    English: 2148 ... 21 .. 4+8=12 .. = 21 12 ... 21+12= 33

    "Goofy Gabby's Garbled Gun Grab"

    Jewish: 1471 .. 1 .. 4+7=11 .. 1 .. = 1 11 1 = 13 / 4 .. (4 = "Foundation")
    Pillars of 1, protecting a Center of 11 = 1 11 1 ... Protecting a Center of 2 .. = 1 2 1

    Pyth/Simple: 243 = 9 .. 2+4=6 .. 6 3 (mirror of 36, flip of 93) / 9.. 2 .. 4+3=7 .. = 2 7 / 9
    ... 2+3=5 (Pillars) .. 4 (Center) .. = 5 4 / 9

    English: 1458 ... 1+8 (Pillars) = 9 ... 4+5 (Center) = 9 ... = 9 9 / 18 / 9

    Golly gee -- Goofy Gabby's Gyrations Gonna Generate Gleeful Guffaws! Lol ;D :D

  3. I love the way they trot out this lady, does anyone really believe she was shot in the head? Then they present a bunch of statistics which mean absolutely nothing and pretend that gun control is my problem, oh boo hoo.
    I resent being lumped in with "America" although it IS true I have found my voice about their bullshit fake problem and i will say it now.
    "I don't give a fuck."

    1. No shit. Even small head wounds bleed a LOT ... This was ridiculous fabrication from the git-go. My only question has been about the Federal Judge -- who might actually HAVE been killed during the same "Event".

      But ... why cover THAT -- when they already had Goofball Gabby & the prerequisite "Golden-Haired Child" slated to Star in their "Gunned Down at the Grocery" script?

      We DO have to embrace the attitude you expressed -- "They" even told us so ... in the movie "RISKY BUSINESS".

      Tom Cruise's friend tells him, "Fuck It. Sometimes you have to just say FUCK IT -- & Make Your Move."
      It's all a Big Game -- & those who don't understand that will forever be tied up in knots, chasing their tail.

      The whole theme of that movie is: "Following The Course Dictated By The System Is For Suckers".
      Of course then they HAD to add this subtext: "Successful PEONS Break The Law ... So GO AHEAD -- Try It ... We Dare You ... (Because WE have LOTS of Empty Cells -- just waiting for YOU idiots to stick your necks out!)

      I recall HBO playing that movie over & over (when there wasn't much else to pick from) ... & suddenly young women everywhere were "Exploring The World Of Prostitution" as an actual Career Choice ... boosted by media stories like "My Sugar Daddy's Paying My Tuition".
      When the effects of NAFTA finally hit hard -- that generation was already primed to view the Sex Industry as their best option.

      Saying FUCK IT about Behavioral Conditioning is one way to fight it ... otherwise -- you spot it in hindsight, & suddenly NOTHING is enjoyable anymore.

      Heh heh -- "I AM NOT PLIABLE"

      Jewish: 347 = 3 .. 4+7=11 .. = 3 11 ... 113

      Pyth/Simple: 129 = 1 .. 2+9=11 .. = 1 11

      English: 774 = 7 .. 7+4=11 .. = 7 11 = 18 / 9

      I have feeling this could be one of their mantras, lol! ;D :D

  4. AstroNots lolol. Im very curious as to what the real number is with regards to people killed by guns each day. Take away all the mass hoaxes and even some of the local news ones might be faked. What a twisted roundtable that controls us

  5. Isn't this Donald's next "CUE"? Should we take bets on when he'll "spark outrage" among: 1) the "Handi-Capable" (lol); 2) NASA fans; 3) anti-gun lobbyists; 4) everyone else ... ;D :D

  6. Laser Guns are cool though, right Mark Kelly?

    Laser Guns--116, 696

    1. Good one, lol! My fav -- he was saying that it took 20+ hours for "downloaded movies" to reach them "Up There" ... & literally in the next breath said that "Shuttles arrive with supplies several times a day -- it only takes 4 hours from Take-Off to Arrival" (they broadcast this on the NASA Channel, lol!).

      OK then Shit-For-Brains -- why not just have copies delivered? (Laughing) "Because that's not as much fun!"

      #2 -- same "Episode" -- Q: What do you do? A: "Lots of 'SCIENCEY STUFF'."

      'SCIENCEY STUFF' = Jewish: 957 ... Pyth/Simple: 155 ...
      English: *930* ... Bingo!! :D :D

  7. I don't think Gabby Giffords is even a real person! Somebody went to the congressional libary to pull her file after the shooting and she never even signed into Congress. She never signed in at all it was like she was a ghost! I can't find the link but I know I read it. It's not a good idea for the gun grabbers to bring her back into the spotlight. Both her and the "twins" reek of being fake people!

    1. That's a great point.
      I have noticed that when I get calls from financial they repeatedly ask me to confirm my name before they will tell me why they called. I just hang up.

      These bitches call me and act all butt hurt that I won't confirm the name that's on the computer screen in front of them tough shit. Why would I since I know they r only going to whine about money.
      Which makes me think about changing my name. I bet Obama did.
      Cue Dragnet theme
      Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

      Identity, birth certificates, long and short. I wonder if the birthers had a point.

    2. Pru & JE -- You're both making EXCELLENT points here! I ignored the "birther" chatter -- until I got curious about his mom ... & was stunned at all the "mysteriously gaping holes" in the timeline/story.

      If a fellow "Peasant's" kid were to become President (lol ... As If -- NEVER!) there would be TONS of childhood photos & documentation! Actually seeing the Wall That Guards The Fabrication is suddenly so easy nowdays.

      Gabby & the Two Kelly's (TK = "Technical Knockout"!) are surely part of the same Fictional Government.

      I STILL have found NOTHING about WHO ARE the Parents of "Scott - My Kid Took A Nosedive Off A Water Slide - (whatever the fuck his last name is ...) -- the "Rep" from Kansas. Not even their NAMES.

      Does this not prove that ALL elections are rigged? The fact that people with NO verifiable history are claiming to "Represent" US??
      WE can't cash a check -- get a job -- or even Ride A Damned Schoolbus -- without PASSING a thorough "Background Check"!!

      LOVED that Dragnet quote -- there's definitely hidden elements of Duality in that statement! D :D