Saturday, August 6, 2016

33 38 42 49 74 86 89 | Straight Outta Compton movie decode (NWA), a whole lotta '33'

In the 33rd minute of the film 'Straight Outta Compton', you have to appreciate that they have a #33 Tony Dorsett jersey on the screen.  This is for the film about NWA, out of Compton, California, CC,  on the 33rd Parallel North.

Dorsett = 4+6+9+1+5+2+2 = 29/38

In the film, the narrative of Ice Cube against the rest of NWA under Jerry Heller is touched on.  There's a scene where Heller's character becomes very upset about Ice Cube's lyrics on a Jew running his NWA crew in the song No Vaseline, where he has a breakdown and says they need to get lawyers and sue for being ant-semetic.

Remember, in the Bible it says the false jews will rule in the end times.  In the Bible, the real jews appear to be the black people of the world.

The name 'Tony' fits into the picture as well.  It has gematria connecting to 'rapper' and more.  At the end of the film, they show Tupac's character recording a song for the album released after his death, Makaveli.

Notice Tony Dorsett was born April 7, a date written 7/4.

In the film there is a lot of Jerry 'Heller', 'police' and race war symbolism.

What's the first word in 'hip-hop'?

With regards to '74', there is also a lot of Raiders symbolism in the movie.  The Freemasons like to pair 33 and 74.

Ken Stabler was MVP in '74 and played 74-games with the Raiders in his career.

This collection of photos are all taken within the 33rd minute of the film.

Not long after, the group is shown performing in '88 at 'Skateland'.

Skateland = 1/10+2/11+1+2+5+3+1+5+4 = 24/33/42

Just prior to the scene with the '33' Dorsett jersey, Dr. Dre is helping Eazy-E learn to rhyme with the beat.

Rhyme = 9+8+7+4+5 = 33
Verse = 4/22+5+9+1/10+5 = 24/33/42/51

After Eazy-E delivers it with confidence, he goes "Now 59 more lines to go".  Remember, Motown records was established in '59.  Dr. Dre also lost his son on a date with '59' numerology, 187-days after his birthday:

Negro = 59; Slave = 59; Blues = 59; Cracker = 59; Eminem = 59; Obamacare = 59

Hip-Hop, HH, 88

It is at this venue on March 11, that Priority Records executive Brian Turner on the guidance of Jerry Heller who is working with Eric Wright (Eazy-E) as the management for the group.  Notice that date can be written 11/3.  They make it 'mainstream' after this meeting.

March 11, or 11/3; Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Scottish (Scottish Rite Freemasonry)

From this point on, Jerry and Brian take advantage of the young men.  A familiar story.

Eazy-E would end up releasing his first album on a date with '113' numerology.

9/16/88 = 9+16+88 = 113

The album title also pops in light of the '33'.

Eazy-Duz-It also has that other zionist trademark, '47'.

When they introduce Suge Knight, they're sure to have the March 11 date in the background.  Suge Knight is often used as a scapegoat for record industry wrongdoing.

Dr. Dre and Suge Knight end up starting Death Row Records together.  It is interesting to note that Dr. Dre is born February 18, the 49th day of the year.  At the time he became hip-hops first billionaire, Suge Knight was being put away in prison.

Throughout the film, Dr. Dre is often shown wearing an 'LA' hat.   L = 12; A = 1; LA = 12 1

It is a reminder about who rules in the book of Revelation.

Here's a shot of Jerry (your left) and Brian (your right).

And here's some more '33'.

And some more.  They show the Rodney King beating multiple times, from March 3, 1991.

There's a reason they used to always have Dr. Dre where a 'White Sox' hat.

In this scene Ice Cube tells the Jewish reporter to get the fuck out of his house.

"No Vaseline".

In the end, Eazy-E dies from AIDS.  Here is his attorney talking about it.

The film does not touch on Eazy-E's song about Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg being studio gangsters and pretenders.  I noticed that omission.  It also plays down the lyrics of No Vaseline.  The film brings up the death of Dr. Dre's younger brother Tyree Young, who died while Dr. Dre was on his first tour with NWA.  The film makes it seem like it was a random act of violence, but knowing what we know, we can only wonder.  From my own research thus far, I cannot find the date this brother died, but if anyone knows, I would be grateful.

Let us close by again examining the tie between Eazy-E's birth name, Eric Lynn Wright, and the group NWA forming in 1986, which he is credited with.

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86

He died March 26, 1995, which is the 86th day of the year in leap year's.

1989 was a peak year for NWA.  That's also a year the 'New Black Panther Party' was established.

Eric Wright's hip-hop name has familiar coding as well.

Jerry Heller his music manager ties right in.

I'd like to talk to Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to see what they'd be willing to share.  There's obviously a lot to the story that wasn't told, and as we can all see, those two have benefited the most from working for this gang of Zionists.