Thursday, August 11, 2016

35 53 118 | LeBron James signs 3-year $100m contract, August 11, 2016, 53-days after close of 2016 NBA Finals +Nike & Just Do It

That breaks down to $33.33m per year.

Recall LeBron scored 33-points the night after he signed his lifetime contract with Nike.  For the record, Oregon is the 33rd State, where he was playing and where Nike is located.  OR = 15+18 = 33

Remember, LeBron is owned by Nike, who has a lifetime contract with him.  Today is the right day for a Nike owned man to sign.  That is, August 11, or 11/8.

The word 'death' also has Jewish Gematria of '118'.  There has been a lot of death surround LeBron James and the 2016 NBA Finals, as we have documented.  Just yesterday, John Saunders passed, in direct connection to the NBA Finals.

Since LeBron signed his lifetime contract on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, it is now 8-months and 4-days later.

Notice the 35-weeks and 3-days as well.

King James = 2+9+5+7+1+1+4+5+1 = 35/44/53

8/11/16 = 8+11+16 = 35

Recall, LeBron James won the NBA Finals on the real King James's birthday.  That was June 19, 2016, 53-days earlier.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Oregon = 74; Muhammad Ali @ 74; Nate Thurmond @ 74

This detail comes in a span of 142-days before his 32nd birthday.  Today, August 11, leaves 142-days left in the year as well.  LeBron's birthday is December 30.  12+30 = 42

Forty-Two = 142
LeBron James = 42

This contract comes in a span of 226-days from his 31st birthday.

Two Hundred Twenty-Six = 93 (Saturn = 93) (Saturn, keeper of time) (Oracle Arena)