Tuesday, August 16, 2016

40 | My "table" story for August 16, 2016

Today my girlfriend really wanted me to buy her a new desk.  So being the nice guy that I am, I took her to the store to buy a desk.  While we were there, the salesman told me that if I got my total up a couple more hundred dollars, they would pay the sales tax.  So I said, you know what, I've needed a kitchen table for going on five years now, might as well get it today.  So, I found a nice table to add to the desk.

After I ate dinner at the table, I noticed the numerology and gematria connection.

Table = 20+1+2+12+5 = 40
8/16/16 = 8+16+16 = 40

Love it.

My girlfriend picked out the placemats, don't judge.


  1. Got room for one more seat..lol What's for dinner

    1. I have the card chairs (fold outs) in the garage. You're looking at Burmese traditional salad, white rice, a fried egg and noodles with vegetables and tofu. If card chairs aren't to your liking, I can wheel out the office chair.

  2. I have the same table, different chairs.

  3. we keep flowers on our table as well, its a must.

  4. Maybe the two of you could collaborate on a Healthy, Gematria-Friendly Cookbook someday ... or perhaps you'll consider including a few favorites in your book?

    Nice table ... & there's NOTHING "wrong" with the placemats, lol! You've mentioned she's Burmese, & it seems as though people who haven't been raised as "Traditional Americans" ALWAYS decorate beautifully -- with lots of color & natural (usually flower) motifs.

    Americans are gravitating WAY too much towards blandness. (Maybe because that's what we're usually offered?!) Monochromatic & neutral color schemes are EVERYWHERE. Next time you're in a large parking lot ... look around. All you'll see is an ocean of Beige, White & Black vehicles -- they all look the same ... Blah as Hell.

    We NEED to Bring More COLOR into our lives! Nature is FULL of Color ... & depriving ourselves of these expressions of Natural Beauty only makes our world more depressing ... which is exactly how "They" WANT us to feel.

    And please -- somebody -- bring back vehicles with COLOR! If they're all going to have the same basic Shapes, we ought to at least insist on Individuality With Color. The Muscle Car Era wasn't just revered for the engines -- every model was UNIQUE ... & people ENJOYED driving bold-colored vehicles.
    "Standing Out" makes a declaration to the world that you are UNAFRAID.
    "Blending In With The Crowd" is a Form Of HIDING ... & denotes FEAR.
    It also makes our world -- & everyone "Hiding" in it -- "GENERIC".

    Congrats to you both for finally getting what you needed (& props to your gal for making sure that you have Bright & Cheerful COLORS around you ... Lol!)

    COLOR = 63/27/9 ... Reduced = (3+6) + (3+6) + 9 = 9 + 9 + 9 = 999 = 27 = 9
    9 = I ... I as in "me" ... or "eye" (perception) ... or "aye" (Yes!)

    Not sure what it all means -- but I AM certain that "Color" is GOOD ... so maybe this "Inverted 666" actually IS significant ...
    6+6+6 = 18 = R ... as in "are" ... or "Arrgh!"
    However -- 18 also reduces to 9 ... so ... As Above, So Below?? IDK ... Lol!! ;D :D

    1. I very much agree with your analysis. Still, if I was picking the place mats, I probably would have forgone the flowers. You would have liked my Seattle apartment, everything was bright, including the big red couch in the middle.

    2. Incredible -- I've got a big red couch!! Lol Somehow our dna must be linked -- haha!! The synchronicities never end -- awesomely cool ... Lol ;D :D

  5. I thought you were vegan. Or is it just your girlfriend eating the egg?

    1. I used to be vegan, but my girlfriend is not. I eat what she makes. Since we've started dating, the diet is always moving in the direction of more and more fruits and vegetables, and less eggs/meat.

    2. Haha I love it. Mr Conspiracy being controlled and being turned into an Asian Lmfao. You are hilarious Zach! I guess you are a conformist for the far east p*ssy

    3. Manning - "Don't be an idiot." (Sound familiar?) We've all got your number. In Pythagorean Reduced, your moniker (that means your "name", dummy) sums to 56.

      In Jewish 56 is OF. Hebraically (right to left) it's FO. As in FRATERNAL ORDER. For us Non-Masons, we use it for FUCK OFF.

      So do as Your Masters have cryptically (haha) Ordered YOU to do ... & Fuck Off. Apparently THEY don't like you either -- & sent you trolling just to get you out of THEIR hair.

  6. I thought you were vegan. Or is it just your girlfriend eating the egg?