Saturday, August 6, 2016

42 68 | Trump wishes Olympians a 'big league' good luck, front page news, CNN, August 6, 2016

Bigly = 2+9+7+12+25 = 55 (What was I just saying about the GOP and 55?)

They've chosen to make this a front page story on June 8, or 6/8, a number important to Donald Trump, who had his business career begin in '68, at least so we're told, and has his tallest tower named after him at 68-floors.  The Olympics are in Brazil.


  1. Brett Lorenzo favre=87
    Made hall of fame this year hall of fame game is on 8/7
    Brett favre dad died on 12/21/2003 in kiln MS
    Kiln ms=78
    His dad's name is Irvin favre
    Irvin favre=124
    Dies 12 years and 4 months before prince while died on 4/21
    Didn't favre play for Green Bay?? They sure as hell talking a lot about his time in Minnesota

    1. Irvin favre=61
      Kiln Missouri=61

      There's so many syncs with Irvin Brett and princes death that it's not even funny

  2. Dr Sebi has passed away, reportedly while under police custody from what I've seen on Twitter

  3. Attorney Shawn Lucas found dead after filing lawsuit against Hillary and the DNC for Election Fraud.

  4. Yair Rodriguez is going to fight tonight on ufc fight night for the first time for ufc
    Yair Rodriguez=86
    Today is 8/6
    His birthday 10/6 (prophecy) leaves 86 days left in the year
    He's ranked 13th he's from Mexico where they all like the number 13 cause M is the 13th letter and the Maravia gang worships the 13 and makes all the othe little gangs that do their ground work put 13 and the end of their names

  5. This is going to be yuge, people, yuge.

  6. The time when it's post is 8.59p....8+59=67 just like blood sacrifice