Monday, August 22, 2016

47 79 131 140 | NCAA College Championship 2016-17, Clemson-LSU? (August 22, 2016 hints)

I haven't done any work on the upcoming college season, but I've seen a lot of LSU hype and with all the "French shit" going on, they make sense.  Plus LSU is always one of the top programs.  As for Clemson, their QB really might be the greatest QB ever made, so a narrative of them returning with a year more experience makes a lot of sense.  You have to love the '4 and 7' shot from ESPN today, August 22, 2016.

The championship is on a date with '47' numerology this year...  January 9, 2017.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47

The championship is 140-days from today.  Again, this is a number that often goes with 'prophecy'.  I'm sure there is a whole lot more if someone wants to do the homework on Clemson and LSU this year.

From today until the Fiesta (33) Bowl and Peach (33) Bowl, is 131-days, the 'championship' number.

The date of 12/31/2016 is also right for a 'champion'.

12/31/2016 = 12+31+20+16 = 79 (Champion)


  1. Bama, LSU, FSU, Oklahoma , Clemson , Ohio st, Michigan and Oregon

    These are the Zionist contendors this year.

    I have Oklahoma vs Ohiostate championship
    Lsu vs Clemson or FSU sugar bowl

    Michigan vs Stanford In rose bowl

    Bama vs FSU orange bowl

    Oregon vs TCU in fiesta

    1. you fool. you just stated the obvious. Those are all the favs

  2. Georgia , Washington , utah , Arizona are dark horses for big season.

  3. Baton Rogue to Clemson--9 hours 16 minutes, 642 miles.

    Battle of Death Valley-196

    All Tiger Bowl--136, 1214

    All Tiger--84, 242

    Tiger vs Tiger--159(59=Tiger, Negro)

    1. When Tigers Fight Tigers Everyone Wins--430

      43J=Game, Ball
      43=Kids, Cats

      Cat Fight--74, 444

      Tigers Tigers National Title--308

      Tiger Fight--109

  4. 1/9/2017 = 47. Ohio = 47.
    Ohio state coach is aged 52, like prophecy = 52.
    Would be ohio's ninth title. Championship is on the ninth day of the year.
    24 could be a big number this year with america being 240 years old. Nine = 24 and 42.
    Ohio's 1sr championship was in 42.
    Ohio = 29. Ninth = 29. Three = 29. (They won 3 years ago)
    Ninth = 65. Florida = 65.
    Tampa florida = 53. Ohio stadium = 53.

    Or what about jim harbaugh. He's from ohio (47) and was in Superbowl 47.
    Jim harbaugh = 53. Will be aged 53. Tampa florida = 53.
    James harbaugh = 51. Tampa = 51.
    Championship game on 1/9/17 = 27.
    Jims birthday 12/23/1963 = 27.

  5. To me this has been tne year of overcoming and there has been Queen Elizabethh tributes all year. I have LSU v.s. Alabama for the national championship. Les miles will beat Nick Saban. I also think in the NHL the Senators will beat the Anaheim Ducks... is there anyway someone could gematria this so I can compare and learn.

  6. On August 13th the day that leaves 140 days in the year we got the "Get Out Now"=140 Flood Story in Louisiana. "John Bel Edwards"=140 They even showed LSU was flooded in the pics. Just to add to the 140 stuff.

    1. 226th day. Prince rogers nelson = 226.
      Prince = 38. Louisiana = 38

  7. @ Zach - I was watching brewers vs Cubs game - it was on a 52 numerology - pitcher for brewers was #52 , but what's really crazy scripted is that at one point the first hitters and bases loaded of the game for the brewers players added up to 52 when adding their jersies... baseball is insanely scripted / complex and detailed scripting

  8. I like the case made for Ohio st.

    1. They got no shot at winning. They may make the playoff tho. LSU is winning it all