Monday, August 22, 2016

47 79 131 140 | NCAA College Championship 2016-17, Clemson-LSU? (August 22, 2016 hints)

I haven't done any work on the upcoming college season, but I've seen a lot of LSU hype and with all the "French shit" going on, they make sense.  Plus LSU is always one of the top programs.  As for Clemson, their QB really might be the greatest QB ever made, so a narrative of them returning with a year more experience makes a lot of sense.  You have to love the '4 and 7' shot from ESPN today, August 22, 2016.

The championship is on a date with '47' numerology this year...  January 9, 2017.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47

The championship is 140-days from today.  Again, this is a number that often goes with 'prophecy'.  I'm sure there is a whole lot more if someone wants to do the homework on Clemson and LSU this year.

From today until the Fiesta (33) Bowl and Peach (33) Bowl, is 131-days, the 'championship' number.

The date of 12/31/2016 is also right for a 'champion'.

12/31/2016 = 12+31+20+16 = 79 (Champion)