Friday, August 5, 2016

48 | August 4, 2016 chemical spraying (Dibrom) in Miami for "Zika repellent"

Mosquito spray on August 4, eh?

8/4/2016 = 8+4+20+16 = 48

The date August 4 can also be written 4/8.

Mosquito = 4+6+1+8+3+9+2+6 = 39/48 (Vampire = 39)

I like how the article tells the reader no risk is presented to humans and pets.  Just from browsing the web, it appears university research has already been done discussing the health hazards this chemical presents.  It's funny to think, a toxic chemical that is probably more harmful to human health than we know is being used to combat a mythical Zika virus.  This is the way the world we live in operates.  Create lie, then solve lie with expensive government contracts, paid for by taxpayers.

Here arethe makers of the spray, AMVAC: