Friday, August 5, 2016

48 | August 4, 2016 chemical spraying (Dibrom) in Miami for "Zika repellent"

Mosquito spray on August 4, eh?

8/4/2016 = 8+4+20+16 = 48

The date August 4 can also be written 4/8.

Mosquito = 4+6+1+8+3+9+2+6 = 39/48 (Vampire = 39)

I like how the article tells the reader no risk is presented to humans and pets.  Just from browsing the web, it appears university research has already been done discussing the health hazards this chemical presents.  It's funny to think, a toxic chemical that is probably more harmful to human health than we know is being used to combat a mythical Zika virus.  This is the way the world we live in operates.  Create lie, then solve lie with expensive government contracts, paid for by taxpayers.

Here arethe makers of the spray, AMVAC:


  1. I wonder if one of those ACTUAL Health Hazards involves INDUCING MICROENCEPHELOPATHY? Blame the mythical ZIKA while creating the "proof" (small-headed, brain-damaged infants) they need.

    Or -- they might even be spraying to ATTRACT mosquitoes (& perhaps infusing the area with an egg & larvae-filled "mist").
    Most likely the REAL toxin has been there for awhile, & ZIKA is merely the Cover Story crafted to protect the guilty corporation from future liability claims.

    Ten years from now that area will probably have been leveled & gentrification with high-end development will be well underway.
    They used to accomplish this with carefully aimed hurricanes -- but -- ever since the post-Katrina establishment of a Fixed Position High Front in the Atlantic (between Bermuda & the Carolinas' coast), the East Coast doesn't seem to get them anymore ... ;D :D

    1. Most of those babes look photoshopped. Feat fear fear. Look at the little freaks from across the World from the comfort of your own home.

    2. I agree -- the photos don't look right & they ALWAYS look staged. It's also a Grand Mocking that "They" are acting so concerned about dozens of "foreign" babies ... when premature birth rates among African Americans are at an all-time high & continuing to skyrocket. TPTB certainly aren't showing the same level of interest in THAT "Epidemic"!! ;D :D

  2. Hmm ... "Dibrom" suggests a Bromide-containing agent. Acting as a potent Endocrine Disruptor, Bromide / Bromine toxicity causes lots of nasty things -- from hormone-sensitive cancers (breast & reproductive systems) to dangerously under active thyroid levels & a host of MENTAL DISORDERS (from Paranoia to Apathy).

    It also causes skin rashes .., & pretty much EVERY SYMPTOM associated with ZIKA.

    For an easy-to-understand explanation of it's effects, Google "bromide" & scroll down to the article at ;D :D

    1. I sometimes think that every one is out to get me, but I couldn't care less.

    2. Haha -- I want hats & shirts that say that!! Love it!! Lol lol :D :D

  3. Mythical Zika virus, yes, I think it's an Ezekiel virus, Ezekiel's wheel

    But human health is also just as mythical it seems
    U r only as vulnerable as u allow yourself to be
    Human is just another category another genus whose characteristics and definitions are always in Flux evolvin
    g because we are made of words.
    Light + dark = shadows = pareidolia
    What we really r r sun dials
    Walking light bulbs the world is a bubble and our bodies are the obelisks in the center
    Mobius strip scrolling walls
    Look at the filters on your camera, different lights for different times of day
    It runs like a clock
    12 hours light
    12 hours dark
    50 shades of grey in between
    Every had your eyes checked for glasses? Like, is it better this way or that way?
    The same story told from a million different points of view thru many different mediums
    Measurement of tolerance, how much space do u need? Taylor Ring Swiftly new clonez

    Animal, vegetable, or mineral? We are all three and then some.

    1. Love these!! It's like listening to Caine & his Masters on the old Kung Fu show ... Only better!!

      You're on to something here -- I'm beginning to see how perfectly this all dovetails with notions expressed not just in The Matrix, but also in writings from ancient times & those of indigenous cultures -- all showing that there are many ways of perceiving our True reality.

      Gonna read the rest below -- but had to stop first & say how amazing these insights are! ;D :D

    2. Its funny, I feel like I'm shrooming a little bit but my mind is clear and I can function just fine. Like sober tripping, or lucid dreaming. I was in the flow this morning really nice, these like packets of information seemed to be coming like...hmm hard to describe it was like silent music with a rhyme and reason. I think maybe the numbers also indicate meter as in poetry.
      I feel really teally good, charged up. Something shifted maybe. How are you feeling?

    3. This is incredible -- I too feel like there's been a shift ... & yes -- I feel GREAT! Had spent a few weeks with family (unenlightened, though mostly well-meaning), & returned in a deep funk. Felt like we were too late & actually felt as though I'd "Lost My Connection". Couldn't think straight -- felt like my brain had gone "mushy". Couldn't even muster up the urge to post because I actually felt "retarded".

      Thought it was from weeks of exposure to episodes of The Kardashians & My Botched Plastic Surgery -- coupled with never ending rounds of being the butt of EVERY news or sky-themed joke (& knowing that replying "Fuck Ya'll" just isn't cool when there's kids all around).

      I'd done my best to keep up with Zach's vids & posts/comments ... But still I felt as though I was starting to "Go Under". Thought it would pass ... but as time wore on, I found myself gravitating more towards clips from "Big Bang Theory" -- a laugh was better than the feeling of having let something vital slip away. It was eerie & unsettling -- as though I were being prompted to question whether escaping the Matrix was worth the effort. I was disgusted by the notion that I would even think such a thing ... but devoid of the energy to climb back up the cliff.

      Then -- literally after midnight on the 4th -- I was reading posts & suddenly felt compelled to respond. The words came a little easier than when I'd tried before -- but something was still "off".

      Reading your "word flows" (there MUST be a better term! Lol) yesterday REALLY jogged my brain -- it was like clearing away cobwebs. I know I keep repeating Thank You -- but truly, you have no idea what a strange, Positive effect this has had on my ability to "Think Straight".

      For what it's worth, while I was out & about yesterday evening (the 4th), I was struck by the fact that EVERYONE seemed to be moving in Slow Motion ... expressionless, zombie-like -- shuffling & trudging ... driving as though they'd all been overdosed with "An Abundance Of Caution". It was maddening at first, then the more I sat back & observed, the more eerie it became.
      It's been oppressively hot & humid here -- & previously I would've blamed "The Heat". But the heat was Outside -- & the zombies were ALL Inside air-conditioned cars & buildings. Besides, I've spent years working outdoors in similar environments around lots of people with no access to ANY relief from "the heat" -- & I've NEVER witnessed such mass lethargy before.

      Thankfully, MY energy was actually on the rise -- & I was damned grateful that I was able to Detect this bizarre behavior, rather than be Within It.
      Sounds "crazy" I know, but it definitely aligns with your comment about sensing A Shift. I had a sense that TIME ITSELF was being "manipulated".

      (Again, lol) thanks for pulling me up over the edge of the cliff. By sharing what you "Received", you unknowingly "Brought Me Back" -- as though I'd been shocked with EMT paddles. Prior training earlier in my life would "normally" have prevented me from sharing all of this -- ("Never Reveal Too Much") -- but as Ed Maphis posted: "Sometimes I think everyone's out to get me, but I just don't care," ... Lol ... Lol!! ;D :D

    4. I'm so glad to hear that. I too have been in a funk for the past few years really, very low energy and like my sense of humor was just gone. I cried a lot, it was like a dark cloud but it's definitely lifted.
      Feelings like a musical scale. Higher highs and lower lows, how low can u go. Pretty low ugh.

      Check out the painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez, various perspectives take your eye back and forth bouncing like a beam of light hopping around the canvas.

      I think you will like it a lot.

      Listen to that Frank Zappa album too, it's weirdly delicious.

    5. In case you are wondering my quip was a reaction to this line: "a host of MENTAL DISORDERS (from Paranoia to Apathy)"

    6. Appreciate the clarification -- originally took it as a general, sardonic statement. All of it's implications are hilarious ... Sounds like something comedians Steven Wright or George Carlin would've said.

      I think it was Wright who said something like: A man barricaded himself inside his home today ... But nobody noticed ... So eventually he just opened the door. Lol, lol. ;D :D

    7. Prunella -- It's wonderful that you've emerged from your funk!! I'm convinced that people like us have been "under attack" mentally for a long time -- employing known methods from antiquity -- such as frequency, acoustics & harmonics -- to "quiet down" our insight. Depression as a "side-effect" of these methods has also proven to be very beneficial for THEIR purposes. Locking us away & plying our kind with brain-numbing drugs has shut down so many Truthspeakers & Seekers permanently.

      Which makes it all the more amazing that you somehow managed to ride it out & emerge intact. It'll be interesting to look back later, when we'll have a better perspective about this Shift. Luckily we won't have any trouble pinpointing the date, since it occurred on Obama's "birthday"!

      Hadn't seen Las Meninas before ... & you're right -- it IS fascinating! While reading up on it, found an interesting piece @ mental, "14 Things To Know About Velasquez's Las Meninas" -- pub 9 / 11/ 15 -- interesting synchronicity with the date, eh?

      This could be a good example of "Camera Obscura Art". Check out the site "ANCIENT OPTICS" on YouTube. There's a great -- & VERY revealing set of short docs about how Camera Obscura techniques were used to create the extraordinary realism depicted in paintings of that era. The fact that it's been proven -- & yet continues to be Hidden & Denied by "art historians" -- makes it all the more intriguing. Great talent was still necessary -- but this shows the lengths "They" will go to in order to make it seem as though NO "technology" existed prior to modern times.

      You're comments about electric light & time reminded me how skilled people once were with their use of mirrors; reflective shiny surfaces; & "wavy glass" -- all to derive maximum light generation from NON-Electric sources. It speaks volumes that simply trying to research that topic is frustrating. The Corporotacracy doesn't want today's people to realize that -- prior to electric lighting -- their ancestors had no trouble at all functioning "After Dark". The only "problems" that arose were 100% created by the elite -- who IMPOSED "Darkness" upon the peasants via taxes on candle usage & length, & restricted their access to mirrors, glass & shiny metal.

      I believe that "Electricity" was not so much "created" as it was captured (Tesla would likely concur) ... & it was when they figured out methods for MEASURING it that they had the "bright" (lol) idea of CHARGING for it. That's when electricity was claimed to be "discovered" -- because it was a goldmine with no apparent end -- not out of any desire to "help" the masses. Pre-Electric Era memoirs & letters are full of accounts about "houses so ablaze with light that they could be seen from miles away" ... accomplished solely through the skillful use of "Reflection".

      Using your "free-association technique" has now got me thinking about the many ways in which Reflect / Reflected / Reflection are used in our language -- continuing proof of how deep & layered this Language Rabbit Hole truly is.

      Zappa is next on my list ... many thanks for turning me on to Velasquez. Be sure to check out the Camera Obscura info @ Ancient Optics. Prior use of this method was discovered by a famous artist named Hockney -- & the fact that he's been lambasted for exposing it speaks volumes about our altered history. ;D :D

    8. Roger that!

      Much appreciation and love to u all

  4. Sorry for the babble I hope this makes sense it feels like I am channeling something and I want to get it out there.

    Picture an astronauts helmet surrounds your entire head, magnets look like lil horse shoes Uuu paperclips surround
    Joined hands like paper doll chains
    Hands across america 1986
    Spheres of influence
    SOI beans beings
    Your planets astrology astro gene genies
    Rosary beads, add a charm bracelets
    Snapshots, polaroids, memories linking yours mine ours
    Impressions which to keep which to claim
    An ocean of perceptions we wade thru up to our knees you have your bucket I have mine we r looking and making up stories to fit the pretty stones and shells we find
    Pair of bulks
    Red Bull gives u wings
    Red + blue flickering
    3d glasses overlapping lines hop like a bunny
    Just forms not set in stone see them again
    Toss what u don't want back in ocean it will get recycled and I will see u there and u will see me we have this way it's the first language the words r just puzzle games twist and turn u see me in your dreams but u forget but the lights r slowly being turned up not too fast so u don't get scared relax relax max

  5. Fax fats facts
    So official fiction fixing fixation fix flix flax flaxen
    Feel lax phil ax phil oaks
    I dreamed u saw phil Oaks last night alive as he could be
    Fill float Folks tail or two
    Split tailed MERmuring redrumming REM maidianmens
    Milkman white toes oaks Oakland ties us together because as Gertrude Frankensteins put it it "there's no there, there"
    Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
    Tony Orlando and dawn
    Don Donald Duck Trumpets
    Remember what the door mouse said
    Get out of bed
    Said Fred right

  6. Station to station
    Five islands continents
    Communication checkpoint charlie
    Right left
    Ping pong
    Tennis ball jack torrents
    Forest, forest Gump
    4 sets box sets 4 zones
    Jenny genius engine in jeans Gene Rosen el jokeo
    One eyed cats yo
    Wink wink don't change know
    Bo knows your uncle
    Hobo kin
    Kentucky fried Kin folks
    They killed Kennedy! You bastards squad
    What's the frequency kenneth?
    Dan would rather not sat
    Speak in rhyme pun numbered u know cow moo moon Lynn
    Coal miners daughters
    Carbon hand solos
    The stranger you know
    Finnegan has awakened wants a drinkka

  7. Sorry Zach to hog commwnts this wants me to say it

    This is the story of chemistry trees
    Combine columbine one thing plus another
    Observe take notes musical nodes
    AL chemical change chemical x
    Al #13 tin foil hats pyramids fire volcano eruption smoke cape vapor escape poof poof how gay

    Observe Michael Jackson cute kidgoat star, young black brick wall, moon walked got paler and paler, and his nose knows fell off went missing mincing sliced and diced cosmetic surgery
    From handsome young black man to Joan Crawford in 666 steps degrees of Kevin Bacon fleshy pink man
    Appearances deceive
    A face is just 2 eyes a knows a mouse
    Beloved talented hero or neurotic egotistical pedal file? You decide Alien Ripleys believe it or not

    Opinions? The peanut gallery Hillary hilarity why so sirius?
    Attension pupils
    Black holes
    Absorbance sponges
    Sponge body's
    Isis iris I resist not re wrist tryst
    Down the mighty light tea Mississippi
    A river runs thru us reverse versus verse first thrust Thursday

    50 states of tara
    50th Hawaii
    -17th Ohio
    3rd oregon
    The shape of thins to come

  8. Breaking Bad
    Walter White to man in black hat Heisinburg
    May 6 1937 hint hint
    Frankford Germany
    Germany = Meg Ryan
    anagram fun
    U r many and so am I
    HI#17 hoho
    Poor Jesse pink man always got beat up
    Mr pink got away with the diamonds
    QT cutie
    Is this a Mexican standoff? Bang bang
    Skylar couldn't take the fighting she waded into the pool like ophilia
    She feel ya
    They're minerals Marie
    Purple klepto

    Blood on the dance floor
    The elements square dance
    I 0 u a noun is a person place or thing

    1. Greggery Peccary

  9. Whoa that was cool, like a radio station that was mostly static came in loud and clear for a minute. Trippy but enjoyable

    1. I'm totally blown away -- you have an amazing, incredible gift. Thank you SO much for sharing this. "However" these messages were sent through you -- I can assure you that NONE of it is "babble".

      It almost reads like poetic Cliff Notes -- a guide pointing out connections so obvious that we continually walk right past them.
      Rather like explaining to the fish that even though THEY can't perceive the water around them, there ARE other beings who are not only able to "see" the water, but also capable of Holding it, Catching it, Controlling, Manipulating & even Ingesting and Producing it ...

      To a fish that would appear Godlike -- yet we "simple" humans perform these acts every day without even thinking about it.

      Ergo, why WOULDN'T other forms of "Elements" -- such as Energy, Magnetism, Sound & Frequency, Air & Fire, etc. be just as accessible to us?
      They MUST be ...
      It is only our PERCEPTION that such things are "impossible" ...
      A perception deliberately created to "keep our expectations low" ... Using tools such as "Time" as both The Net that ensnares us & the Shackles that confine us.

      This is truly inspirational -- made more so, I think, because these links show us the path, but it is up to the individual to select for themselves which "landmarks" (i.e. Information) will be the most apt to guide them where they WANT to go. None of the connections are "wrong" -- it's just that some may lead down a more circuitous path before we reach our destination.
      How refreshing that is! Especially after spending an entire lifetime being TOLD what to think & ORDERED which Way To Go** ... never TRULY being allowed to make our OWN choices -- ones that haven't previously been encased within someone else's parameters.

      And -- thanks to your unique "format" -- now words & phrases are leaping out at me everywhere ... practically screaming for me to notice the agendas attached to them.
      ** For example: "Way To Go" .., we say it all the time as A Direction ... & more recently as "Praise" ... never cognizant of the fact that what we're REALLY saying is: "Conformity = Success ... THIS is the WAY TO GO ..."
      (I can't express things as succinctly or beautifully as you -- but hopefully it's still understandable. Perhaps, with exposure ... I will learn by watching! Lol)

      Damn -- now "The Voice" has got ME waxing "quixotic" ... One of my favorite words, btw, derived from Cervantes' character Don Quixote -- who made the pursuit of things deemed unattainable into an honorable goal -- not just for nobility, but for ALL mankind. "Yo Se Quien Soy" -- I Know Who I Am.
      Quixote / Chi-ote / Key-ote / Key Note ... I'm trying!! Lol lol

      Thank you, thank you for sharing these "messages" -- now I feel "tapped in" -- as I' m sure others will too. The positive nature of the wording & form also is restoring my faith that things ARE turning around. Inundated as we are by so much negativity -- visually, verbally & audibly -- I had literally been undergoing a "crisis of faith" so-to-speak .., wondering if we were, in fact, too late. But seeing the sheer beauty & intelligence of your messages has healed my troubled soul -- simply by REMINDING me that All Things ARE Possible. Please keep sharing & documenting whenever The Muse strikes you -- the ripple effect is far greater than you can imagine. :D ;D

    2. I couldn't agree more, just brilliant. Sponge bodies indeed, to square hats, they got us coming and going, do this not that.

    3. You're right ... Our "sponge bodies" ARE ... supposedly, what ... about 90% "water"? And our brains even more so? So when the humidity levels are Excessive, do we become Saturated "sponges" -- & are therefore unable to "deal" with it? Do we literally become like water-logged pieces of wood -- bobbing aimlessly about? My Spidey-Sense says YES.

      Imagine then, the possible manipulative possibilities created by Adjusting The Barometric Pressure ...

      We're routinely encouraged to drink what amounts to nearly lethal amounts of water (recall people dying from Water Toxicity/Overload during Ecstasy raves?).
      The FACT is: the "recommended" 8-10 full glasses a day was NEVER based on an actual physical requirement ...
      IT WAS THE RESULT OF A "MISPRINT" -- one that, over time became CONFUSED WITH "FACT" ... simply because NO ONE was making the effort to research WHERE that recommendation originated from.

      8-10 glasses was SUPPOSED to have been listed as the MAXIMUM AMOUNT one should ingest in a 24 hour period ... NOT THE "MINIMUM".

      Too much water will destroy your kidneys & wreak havoc with electrolyte balances & blood chemistry ... That's why it can kill so quickly.

      BUT ... if the "goal" is not "Health", but instead is CONTROL ... then naturally The Controllers would be advocating for the masses to gulp in as much FLUORIDE-LACED water as they possibly could.

      Your point helped me think this through even further -- thanks for sharing it! ;D :D

  10. Replies
    1. Appreciate you saying that! This is another example of how Zach is honestly trying to help EVERYONE ... he's provided us with a platform to exchange ideas & communicate -- something we wouldn't have without this site. This kind of back-&-forth would be impossible on You Tube, since many of us (myself included) get "filtered out" & our comments never show up. Also -- either the trolls don't hit this site as hard as they do his YT channels, or he's better able to control it.

      We're grateful to have access to this platform, & it's good to know that others are reading & enjoying what's being shared. ;D :D

    2. Yeah it's a great place to be tbh especially when you can't discuss these things in your personal life as you get called 'crazy' which makes you feel like head butting them cause you know there a brain dead sheep lol..
      I see the fuckery on YouTube everyday I made an account a year ago just to search for truth with and when I look back on my history loads of the videos have been taken down. Obviously they didn't like them being on there and I wonder how much these trolls get paid cause they seem to love what they do trolling with a passion haha! I agree it's good to know people are reading and enjoying what people put forward it was interesting to me as I've recently been looking into the human body (not the bullshit in science books) but actually wasn't aware 8-10 cups of water could be lethal... Around 2 weeks ago I was reading news articles based on 'a gallon of water a day for a month challenge' which was saying it would give you more energy and make your skin better LMAO mainstream bullshit! I've also recently understood were pretty much energy beings switching through dimensions if I'm not mistaken lol anyway thanks for the comments everyone and for the post Zach

    3. I found out about the water when I got curious about how people managed to survive throughout history when clean water wasn't easy to get. Then I wondered how they arrived at the 8-10 glasses a day figure.

      That's when I stumbled onto the TRUTH ... & -- as always -- the "misprint" was clearly NO "accident". That became obvious when I learned that:

      1) "no one knew how it happened" (typical "explanation")
      2) no one took ANY steps to correct it
      3) this occurred AFTER WW2 -- when they were introducing fluoride into public water systems (& concurrently teaching about the supposed "hidden dangers" of well water -- which WAS safe)
      4) they claim that subsequent "researchers" were a bit lazy & "never verified whether that data was correct or not" ... So, over time ... it simply Became Accepted As FACT.

      Which means EVERYONE at that level was either willing to go along with this new dogma, was silenced, or were absolute idiots. "Faith" in experts, researchers & the medical establishment? No thanks!!

      It IS refreshing to have a haven where intelligent, clear-minded people can exchange ideas without being ridiculed. I claim the distinction of being the "craziest nut" in my entire family ... go figure. Lol

      At least -- thanks to Zach -- we've got each other to help ensure that we don't "slip under" like the rest. Thanks for your input!! ;D :D

  11. Very interesting you have a lot of knowledge I wish more people could be as open minded lol, on the topic of water I believe 'pure' water is the best to drink? It's difficult to get hold of though.. I've researched topics the past 5 years now and made a giant step around 8 months ago when I realised all the topics pieced together as one big deception which lead me to numerology & gematria.. (Kinda like the final piece to the jigsaw) I still have a lot to learn so I'm always paying attention to what people put forward and the comments on this post helped towards the knowledge pot lol;D
    I'm in the same 'crazy nut' situation with my family but I've made my point on certain topics I'll awaken them eventually🤔
    Thanks again