Wednesday, August 17, 2016

64 | Adam Saleh, the Zionist agent who participated in August 15, 2016 JFK shooting hoax (Viral YouTube video)

This man has a viral video of being at the JFK airport the day of the shooting spoof.  It is very clear he is a zionist agent.  His praise for homeland security and more is the giveaway.

If you want to watch his propaganda participation film, it is linked below:

I can't help but notice his June 4, or 6/4 birthday, and his name gematria, in light of coming across as a Zionist agent.  Adam Saleh, who claims to be a Muslim, reminds that Zionist agents come in all forms.  You know why?  Because people will do anything for money and fame.

6/41993 = 6+4+19+93 = 122 (Elohim) (Freemason)
6/4/1993 = 6+4+1+9+9+3 = 32 (America) (Jerusalem)
6/4/93 = 6+4+93 = 103 (Big number coded all over Orlando shooting)

In this video, he is supposedly flying from JFK to 'Orlando', where the recent shooting occurred.

Read about Orlando and 103 here:
Read about Invictus Games in Orland in May and shooting one month later:

Let us decode his full name.

Adam = 1+4+1+4 = 10 (Very Christian name)
Mohsin = 4+6+8+1+9+5 = 33/42 (Muslim = 24/33)
Yehya = 7+5+8+7+1 = 28 (Israel)
Saleh = 1+1+3+5+8 = 18/27
Adam Saleh = 28/37 (Israel = 28/37)

Adam = 1+4+1+13 = 19 (Think about 19 in the Quran)
Mohsin = 13+15+8+19+9+14 = 78
Yehka = 25+5+8+11+1 = 50 (America)
Saleh = 19+1+12+5+8 = 45 (Holy Bible) (Thirteen)


  1. Lololol. This agents obvi israeli

  2. Although its tough to tell the diff these days this one seems pretty clear

  3. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY

    this reminds me of the two young football players at John Jay High School in San Antonio from last year. remember the two guys who made national news for tackling and spearing the referee? weird stuff.

    John Jay was the second governor of New York, George Clinton was the first as well as the third reminding me of Grover Cleveland. he was also the first Chief Justice of the U.S. and one of the founding fathers found on the Treaty of Paris. he was also the first Secretary of State as well as the first U.S. Minister to Spain and was the final U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

    lots of parallels with NY and the Clintons and Secretary of State

    I find the parallels to specifically France and Spain quite telling indeed. another founding father over there learning during the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    dead at age 83 by the numbers. he even has a debated birthday with a span of 11 days between Dec. 12 and Dec. 23. he died 220 days or 31 weeks 3 days before his Dec. 23 birthday.

    31 (the 11th prime) 3 days kinda like 11-3 or 33 or even 113, both backhanded of course.

    313 is also the 65th prime

    65 words:

    Andrew, Loss, Anger, Gambling, Broken, Method (method man), Prince, Kansas

    I find those first five words VERY interesting in light of NY connections with John Jay to the Clintons and the Giants in their ongoing SB narrative. interesting indeed, time for the bong.

  4. You going to be doing a youtube upload on your channel about this blog article? Notice how that 'Italian' dude (perhaps an Israeli in reality? or someone that is known on the inside and is a sign to those in the know) sitting next to him on the plane keeps disappearing on and off? and also watch the Italians acting when they announce the flight being delayed where he puts it hand on his head and acting upset. In today vlog he (Adam Saleh) appeared at Disneyland in Orlando. And also there is a vlog on his friend Salim's youtube channel about a illuminati 666 initiation and them imitating something and making fun of it and also other upload about some youtubers being in illuminati, Salim's channels are called SlimMofication and his 2nd channel is SlimMofication2

    1. 12th minute of the vlog Adam is speaking to some dude who is showing his mobile phone about the shooting happening in the airport, and earlier in the vlog 10th minute or so its that very same dude who is sitting right behind him in the plane, and as they get-off the plane he looks into the camera of Adam and says "we out!" as if they know each other or are together