Saturday, June 18, 2016

29 54 117 126 223 229 | The July 11, 2016 "Invictus" Riddle, what does it all mean? (Super Bowl & NBA Finals, plus what?)

There was a 7-Eleven across the street from the nightclub, eh?

Recall, the shooter was said to be 29-years old, and July 11 follows the June 12 shooting by 29-days.

As we discussed in earlier posts, there are connections from the shooting to July 11 through the poem 'Invictus', and Orlando had just hosted the 'Invictus Games' in May, the month before the shooting.

The poet of Invictus died July 11, 1903, a date that can be written 11/7, a lot like 117.

Remember when Donald Trump said 711 instead of 911?  That was 2 months and 23-days before July 11:

Let us not forget all the '223' promotion during the 'Invictus Games'.

Masonic = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223
The Star Spangled Banner = 223
***Measure Twice Cut Once = 223

The poet's name, William Ernest Henley, has the same gematria as the shooter at the nightclub.

From the date the Invictus Games were announced for Orlando, October 28, 2015, to June 12, 2016, was a span of 229-days.

Recall the initial reporting of '50' dead.  They now say 49 killed plus the shooter, for a total of 50.

50+53 = 103

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Invictus Games Promotional:

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Read about 'Invicta' the white horse of Kent:

The Queen's white horse just died this week:

These are the piece of the puzzle I am aware of.  Keep in mind all this white horse symbolism is coming in the wake of the Broncos Super Bowl and while the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals (White horse symbolism).

From the day the White Horse won the Super Bowl, to the date of the shooting June 12, was 126-days later, a lot like 12/6.

Notice the score was a sum of 34 points.

6/12/16 = 6+12+16 = 34

The Super Bowl was also played on the 38th day of the year.

Here it is again, 126-days from the Super Bowl to the shooting in Orlando.

We also saw this '126' coding on the wife of the accused shooter.

July 11, 2016 will be a date with '54' numerology, just like June 12 was.

6/12/2016 = 6+12+20+16 = 54
7/11/2016 = 7+11+20+16 = 54

July 11, 2016 will also be a date with '34' numerology, connecting to the score of the Super Bowl, the word 'murder', and the name 'Orlando'.

6/12/16 = 6+12+16 = 34
7/11/16 = 7+11+16 = 34

Let us close by examining the poem itself.

Shooting has gematria of '44' as well as '53'.

"By the numbers" is a religion.