Wednesday, June 15, 2016

33 64 67 74 93 103 106 121 | Augustus Sol Invictus, Libertarian running for Senate in Florida & his October 6, 2016 GQ article (Thelema and more)

With the sudden focus on 'Invictus' in Florida, checkout this young politicians who will turn 33-years old on July 31, 2016, running for Senate in the state, named Augustus Sol Invictus.

Augustus = 1+3+7+3+1/10+2+3+1/10 = 21/39
Sol = 1/10+6+3 = 10/19
Invictus = 9+5+4+9+3+2+3+1 = 36/45
Augusts Sol Invictus = 67/103 (103 casualties at Orlando shooting connected to Invictus Games)

Augustus = 1+21+7+21+19+20+21+19 = 129
Sol = 19+15+12 = 46
Invictus = 9+14+22+9+3+20+21+19 = 117
Augustus Sol Invictus = 292

7/31/1983 = 7+31+19+83 = 140
7/31/1983 = 7+31+(1+9+8+3) = 59
7/31/1983 = 7+3+1+1+9+8+3 = 32
7/31/83 = 7+31+83 = 121 (Revelation)

7/31/2016 = 7+31+20+16 = 74 (Masonic) (Turning 33 on "74)
7/31/2016 = 7+31+(2+0+1+6) = 47
7/31/2016 = 7+3+1+2+0+1+6 = 20
7/31/16 = 7+31+16 = 54 (Date numerology of June 12 shooting)

In regards to him being born on a date with '121' numerology, it is interesting that GQ wrote an article about him on October 6, or 10/6.

Again, October 6, or 10/6.  The headline makes me wonder if this is a "prophecy" countdown?

In Simple English, the headline is also interesting.  Keep in mind that G = 7 and Q = 17.

GQ = 717

Now let us read about his connections to Thelema and more.

Pagan = 16+1+7+1+14 = 39
Wicca = 23+9+3+3+1 = 39
Augustus = 39 (As above)
39 Books in the Old Testament

Recall, Thelema is the religion where people greet and say goodbye by saying "93".  Their motto is 'do what thou wilt'.

There are major parallels between Israel and Thelema, especially with the '93' focus.

The full phrase is 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law'.

Remember, it is the Synagogue of Satan who operates Israel.  The false Jews.

In light of all the strange things people do in religion, I don't want to be too judgmental.  What I do recognize GQ is doing in this article, is making it seem as if this guy is an oddball, when in truth, I suspect much of this is going on with people in high places in Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

That would be a masonic order.

Wikipedia however reveals what he changed it from.

His birth name Austin Mitchell Gillespie has gematria of '107' like shooting.

Notice he went to DePaul, in Chicago, the Masonic-Zionist Mecca, where Rahm Israel Emanuel is Mayor, born on the anniversary date Israel was recognized as a nation, November 29, after being drawn up September 3, 1947, emphasis on 9/3.

His campaign for Senate seems to be a tribute to DePaul, where he went to 'law' school.

5/19/2015 = 5+19+20+15 = 59

DePaul, where he attends Law School.

With regards to Tea Party, remember this article was written on 10/6.


  1. And Satanists, if you are into that sorta research, love to sacrifice reptiles.

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  3. I'm still absorbing this. Not sure if he's supposed to be a 'test case' to help desensitize or what, but he's a lawyer. So, my defacto reaction to this type of thing is to not trust.

    1. They are using him to communicate what is going on in the world without fully ousting themselves I would say. We'll see if we hear about this man in the future.

    2. For sure. If not him directly, I would imagine strong echoes on the theme. I sense he's the 'example'.
      I need to do some work on Ozzy Osborne. In my 1982 jaunt the other day, the "On this day" site made a special note marking when Ozzy bit the head off a bat (Jan 20, 1982). Also 'shocking' for it's day.

    3. Yes, that is all a lot of people know about Ozzy. Mr. Crowley has lyrics.

  4. Seems like they must say their intentions for their rituals to work. Hence all the coding and riddles. I know they draw energies from dark forces. Very sinister stuff.

  5. Alister Crowley was a government agent working for British Intelligence. Wikipedia even admits that, look it up. OTO is a government run scam like most religions. Olcott the guy who founded Theosophy was a Northern Agent during the Civil War. Madam Blavatsky was a an agent for the Russian Government. Look it up. So Theosophy is also a government program. The guy (who's name I can't remember now) who founded the Wiccan movement was a British agent. Anton LeVey worked for military intelligence during WWII. All of these "dark" organizations and "New Age" organizations are false fronts for government intellegence.