Wednesday, June 15, 2016

44 84 117 193 223 | When Donald Trump thanked the 711 heroes instead of 911, April 19, 2016

Remember when Donald Trump accidentally said 7/11 instead of 9/11 on April 19, 2016 campaigning?  The mainstream media made a huge deal about it.  Well, I didn't look into it, but that came in a span of days 84 from July 11, which is now in focus in light of the 'Invictus' connections being made from Orlando.

United States of America = 84

It is hard to overlook the '2 months and 23 days' either.

Masonic = 223
223 was coded all over the Invictus Games and (Invictus = 117)

The poet who wrote Invictus also died on July 11, 1903, 113-years before the upcoming date.

1903 is something like '193', and July 11, 2016 is the 193rd day of the year.

Remember, from the San Bernardino shooting hoax to the June 12, 2016 Orlando hoax, 193-days.

Shooting = 44

Remember, 193 is the 44th prime, connected to killing, and Trump is trying to become the 44th person to be President.


  1. Yeah, I'd like for my husband to not be flying on that day. Would like to avoid being caught up in any 'tributes.'

    1. I also am an anti-tribute traveler = 118, just the election day. ;)

  2. Gator attack = 117
    Those Sneaky Reptiles!

  3. Just noticed that the election is 58 days after September 11th, 2016.

    1. Did you notice that from 04/19/16 to 07/11/16 is 2016 hours?

    2. Great observations, +Jake!

    3. Revelation = 49 & 121

      49 days before 07/11/16 is 05/23/16

  4. Hate to be a dork. Beyoncé had that 7/11 song. Just saying.

    1. Find the lyrics in there that we need! Stat..

    2. Nothing profound within the lyrical content that I can determine.
      Read for yourself here:
      I remember that the song lit up YouTube last year because the video had illuminati symbolism.

    3. Here is the link to the video:

    4. I think I just lost brain cells watching that video.

    5. Ha, ha! We need an Efferdent for the brain so we can wash out shit like this and be sparkling clean.

    6. Unlike (probably) a lot of people, my husband is really supportive and asks what's in the numbers all the time. Given that, he's also concerned that none of the bs rubs off via studying the material.
      I'm really thinking knowledge is power in this regard, but after watching that video, it does make me give pause to the thought of allowing it to enter my mind at all.

    7. If you know what you are looking at, nothing us going to rub off. Keep your enemies closer.

  5. That is absolutely relevant to look at!
    Nothing dorky about it!

  6. Somewhat off topic, but:

    Earlier, I pointed out that it may be enlightening to take a look at Noor's grey hoodie with the big enblazoned 86 .

    So let's take a look

    eighty six -- 126/54/928 (126 is sort of like an anagram of 216 or 2016 126 will show up again)

    noor mateen -- 120/48/401
    and her alias:
    noor salman -- 122/41/402

    41 being a perfect number for the day of the attack.

    But why was she wearing a grey hoodie:
    Grey Hoodie -- 111/66/618

    Obvious, isn't it.

    Here is a picture of Noor wearing her hoodie with the 86:

    The article goes in to some theories why she's wearing 86, interesting.

    Now let's lift the 86 stone and see what crawls out:

    The first 86 connection I found was a Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian village in 2/1/2016

    The attack occured in Dalori Village:
    Dalori -- 59/32/164 (59 kill, 32 bomb)
    Dalori village -- 127/64/926

    Nigeria -- 63/45/151 -- 151 is the 36th prime so I think it's easy to see who runs Nigeria
    Boko Haram -- 84/39/232 - and who runs Boko.

    The attack is said to have lasted 4 hours and killed 86 people with another 62 injured, There is our 86. The attack is said to have been carried out by 3 women suicide bombers. At 8:40 PM troops arrived and couldn't over come the superior firepower of the three women, Hmmmm. Notice the 8:40 a bit like 84 much like Boko Haram.

    The attack occurred on 2/1/2016 which is 132 days from 6/12/2016

    2/1/2016 - 2+1+20+16 = 39
    2/1/2016 - 2+1+2+1+6 = 12
    2/1/16 - 2+1+16 = 19 (A big number with Islam)

    For another 86 and in a nightclub yet, we have a fire in a nightclub in Rhode Island on 2/21/2003, that killed 86 people and injured 180 others.

    From 2/21/2003 to 6/12/2016 we have 4860 days or 13 years, 3 months, 22 days or like 13/322. Hmmm, spooky.

    2/21/2003 - 2+21+20+3 = 46 (46 - Sacrifice)
    2/21/2003 - 2+21+2+3 = 28
    2/21/2003 - 2+2+1+2+3 = 10
    2/21/3 - 2+21+3 = 26 (kill)

    The fire occurred in a nightclub in Rhode Island in a town called West Warwick

    Rhode Island -- 109/55/311
    West Warwick -- 155/47/2998

    It was caused by the pyrotechnics of an 80's rock band called Great White that set fire to the wooden building.

    The Station Concert Club -- 247/85/1009 (85 basketball)
    pyrotechnics -- 155/65/848 (155 West Warwick)
    Great White -- 116/53/1215 (53 - religion, david koresh)

    More of the usual numbers and it seems that Greate White could have run the Branch Dividian operation, News on 6 indeed.

    Now we go from pyrotechnics to fire-works

    On 12/6/2009 fire-works apparently ripped through a nightclub in Perm a Russian city near Moscow killing 86 and wounding 114. They didn't seem to learn the lesson from West Warwick.

    Fire-works -- 124/52/1230
    Perm -- 52/25/175

    Notice the gematria of city of Perm matches fire-works, and we've seen 52 in other stories before.

    From 2/21/2003 to 12/6/2009 is 2480 days of 6 years, 9 months, 15 days
    From 12/6/2009 to 6/12/2016 is 2380 days or 6 years, 6 months, 6 days
    Or 666, LOL. 126 or 612. Also remember the 126 we saw earlier decoding eighty-six.

    12/6/2009 - 12+6+20+9 = 47
    12/6/2009 - 12+6+2+9 = 29
    12/6/2009 - 1+2+6+2+9 = 20
    12/6/9 - 12+6+9 = 27

    Similar numbers we always see.

    1. I interpreted the '86' to mean that she is a "Symbol." Trump immediately was all over the idea that wives need to turn in the husbands, especially in the Muslim Community.

      I also have a running theory about the '86'. If you read it backwards its 68, just like "Barack Obama." Remember at the beginning of Obama's Term he said, "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set, We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded?"

      Well maybe the so-called stimulus money, and the release of the prisioners, and the import of refugees, along with the George Soros machine has created such a "Force" = 47.

      Also, if you were to flip it or "Mirror" = 91 = "Deception", you would have 98 or the "Elevator." Which is "Luciferian" = 98. "Ninety Eight" = 64.

      "Israel" = 64 = "Thelema" = "Zion" which are their "Ethics" = 64.

      "Nine Eight" = 55 = "Satan" or
      "Nine Eight" = 91 = "Mirror" of Satan, who is "Santa" = 55.

    2. "Opposite Hand" = 142 = "President Obama" = "Terrorist"

    3. +Ed and +Jake
      Nice work!

    4. Thsee are great connections and an interesting thought. What if what we think of as civilian life is just another branch of the military? Its obvious that its the single most important thing to the budget how many hundreds of billions supposedly go to defense each year? we could even be prisoners of war and not even know it.

    5. Exactlty.....what if there was a formal "Coup" = 55 & 33(Jewish). There is no way we would know until they are ready to tell us.

      Even though these people created the United States, we were allowed to be free, but maybe its time for all that to go away to fit the "One World Government" agenda.

      "Brown Shirts" = 57 & 165
      "United Nations" = 165
      "One World" = 106
      "One World Government" = 239

    6. 86'd
      Eighty sixed

  7. CNN ran this exact photo about the nightclub shooting for almost a whole day.
    Notice the "STOP" and "7/11" with the firetruck light glare?

    1. You can see a Dunkin' Donuts in a lot of photos also:
      Dunkin Donuts -- 166 SE
      Dunkin Donuts -- 787 JE - 787 is the 138th prime
      Dunkin Donuts -- 49 Er /58 Er S exectption / 67 Er all exceptions

      D D -- 44 the kill number.

  8. 711= Pakistan
    Trump is thanking the war machine

  9. Trump Seven Eleven" in the English Ordinal system equals 216

    Trump Seven Eleven" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    216-72= .. 144 ..

    Orlando Florida" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    Orlando Florida" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    Orlando Florida Seven Eleven" in the English Reduction system equals 119

    I'm looking for a fake Violent crime story at a 7 Eleven Store to hit the news before July.