Wednesday, June 15, 2016

33 73 223 228 239 444 3119 | The October 28, 2015 Invictus Games announcement & the Pulse Nightclub shooting (William Ernest Henley's Invictus)

I AM = 9 1 13

9/11/2001 = 9/11/(3)  <<<<<  (2+0+0+1 = 3)

From February 26, 1993, the date of the '93 WTC Bombing (And the date the movie Falling Down came out), to September 11, 2001, was 3,119 days, the reflection of 9,113.

Anyhow, shortly after the Invictus Games, or the I AM games came to Orlando, Florida, the city endured "the worst terror attack" since September 11, 2001.

Please see my prior posts on the Invictus Games:

I also notice that the Invictus Games were announced on 10/28/2015, a date with '73' numerology, like the gematria of 'Pulse'.

10/28/2015 = 10+28+20+15 = 73

That announcement was '228' days before the Pulse shooting.

If you count the end date, it is a span of 229-days, matching the name of the shooter.

The author of the poem Invictus, William Ernest Henley, also sums to '229'.

Henley = 8+5+5+3+5+7 = 33

His death in 1903 is also interesting.  That is a lot like '193', and this shooting came 193-days after San Bernardino; 193 is the 44th prime.

It has been 113-years since his passing, 1903 to 2016.

Notice that William Henley died on the date of July 11, 1903.  Remember that date when the news cycle rolls around again.  Perhaps we'll read about Orlando one more time that day.

His July 11 death connects to 'Invictus'.  Heads up for July 11, 2016

7/11/16 = 7+11+16 = 34 (Orlando = 34) (Murder = 34)


  1. You have uncovered a trail here Zach.
    Awesome catch!

    "I AM" being thrown around = Trouble

    1. Thank you, if this were a post about the NBA, it would likely already have 10+ comments. It's too bad more of my blog followers don't dedicate the time to the important finds like they do trying to predict the next score.

    2. The span of 3119 days is interesting.
      31+19 = 50

      Fifty dead = 44

    3. Yeah the sports commenters get a bit tiresome. Especially a while back when every post you made had 12 warriyah douche and mike mantard sports comments all over them no matter what the subject was. God those guys are annoying fuckboys.

    4. Also, 2016 - 1903 = 113

      Mainstream = 113
      Dishonest = 113

  2. Whoops. Posted this under the wrong thingie...
    This may sound dumb, but looking at that "INVICTUS GAMES" logo with the IAM highlighted yellow, made me want to see what anagrams I could for the remaining letters...
    +Prunella, this is your territory...

    And here they are:

    Civets Sung
    Civets Gnus
    Civets Guns
    Civets Snug
    Evicts Sung
    Evicts Gnus
    Evicts Guns
    Evicts Snug
    Vices Stung
    Civet Snugs
    Evict Snugs
    Cussing Vet
    Cuing Vests
    Tunics Vegs
    Viscus Gent
    Cunts Gives
    Cuts Givens
    Ice Snugs Tv
    Ices Sung Tv
    Ices Gnus Tv
    Ices Guns Tv
    Ices Snug Tv
    Sec Using Tv
    Sec Suing Tv
    Cues Gins Tv
    Cues Sing Tv
    Cues Sign Tv
    Cue Sings Tv
    Cue Signs Tv
    Sic Genus Tv
    Sic Vegs Nut
    Sic Vegs Tun
    Sic Veg Tuns
    Sic Veg Nuts
    Sic Veg Stun
    Sic Vest Gnu
    Sic Vest Gun
    Sic Vets Gnu
    Sic Vets Gun
    Sic Vet Sung
    Sic Vet Gnus
    Sic Vet Guns
    Sic Vet Snug
    Sics Veg Nut
    Sics Veg Tun
    Sics Vet Gnu
    Sics Vet Gun
    Tics Vegs Nu
    Tics Veg Nus
    Tics Veg Sun
    Tic Vegs Nus
    Tic Vegs Sun
    Tic Veg Suns
    Cunts Vegs I
    Cunts Veg Is
    Cunt Vegs Is
    Cunt Veg Sis
    Cuss Veg Tin
    Cuss Veg Nit
    Cuss Vet Gin
    Cuts Vegs In
    Cuts Veg Ins
    Cuts Veg Sin
    Cut Vegs Ins
    Cut Vegs Sin
    Cut Veg Sins
    Sec Gin Us Tv
    Sec Sung I Tv
    Sec Gnus I Tv
    Sec Guns I Tv
    Sec Snug I Tv
    Sec Gnu Is Tv
    Sec Gun Is Tv
    Secs Gnu I Tv
    Secs Gun I Tv

    I find the "Evicts Guns" interesting considering the latest talks from this presidential admnistration and even now the UN calling for gun control/gun removal in the US.

    Gematria for the remaining letters:
    399/84/48(B), 327/397(B,s), 363/390(B,v), 291/388(B,sv)
    834/69/60(Eng Gem)
    139/58(EO), 121(EO,s or v), 103(EO,s&v)
    40(P), 58(P,s or v), 76(P,s&v)

    three hundred ninety nine is 22(EO)
    84/48 United States of America, blood
    397 is 78th prime
    69 Zionist operatives, r/t Pi
    60 conspiracy, police
    56 Isis
    139 is 34th prime (we were talking 3+4=7 in previous posts)
    58 Sandy Hook, Washington and 58 seems to have relationship to the number 49
    121 11x11, palindromic, sum of divisors is 133
    103 is 27th prime
    40 for sin
    76 sun of divisors is 76. Could be related to 1776 and "Independence Day"

    1. Correction:
      three hundred ninety nine = 105(Eng Gem) Masonry/Zionism, 111(J) flag of Israel/Rothchild Zionist and is of course a master number like 11/22/33

      Also, the 4th, 2nd and 3rd letters are the ones highlighted... 423.
      four hundred twenty three = 117(B,Eng Gem, EO and P!!!) like beryllium, Government Sponsored Hoax. It is 107 in Jewish like transcended 107(B,EO), 57(EG), 107/53,44(EO), 98(EO, s exception), 53(P, s exception)
      Looks like 117 is highly pushed with this selection.

    2. One of the divisors of 9113 is 701 (13x701), 701 kind of like 107

    3. Just messing around here but, If you remove the letters that form 'Vietnam' out of Invictus Games, you're left with 'Icus Gs'. Icus for isis? Gs for golden state? Are there Parallels between Morley Safer and Craig Sager? Thinking out loud...

    4. I dunno, there's so much there it's hard to narrow down. I see what u mean tho.
      The evict guns does stand out but I'm thinking they don't mean guns literally. These bitches always have layers of meanings to everything. The literal one is usually the least of it. You gotta think in their doublespeak language.

      Gender seems to be a huge part of this, gender and sexuality and race. What "kind" are you? I feel like they r constantly trying to put us all into one catagories or another like a zoologist, or botanist looking at something strange. Always asking questions, wanting to know my family's medical history, names, dates of birth, ssn, wanting me take surveys, fill out forms, what r my buying habits, etc like their trying to figure out what genus I am. Am I a hybrid? Is this the Island of Dr Moreau? Is that why I have to keep going back to the House of Pain?

    5. +mad1dog, I think it's all good food for thought...
      As you were thinking that and the email came across you'd left your last comment there, I was decoding this...

      "yellow" (many references to Vietnam from the color of their skin to their flag and even 'mustard' gas)...

      92/29(B and EO!) Masonic, 48(EngGem) 48/84 United States of America, 39(EngGem) 39/93, 27(J) history Freemason circles nigger knowledge TV new final, 29/11(P)
      "yellow" clearly pushes US Freemason/Masonic

    6. +Prunella, you have a good point there. I could easily see it being a double entendre for either guns or men (patriarchal versus their want of matriarchal). It used to be that in the military you didn't refer to your weapon as a 'gun'.. that was reserved for use when referring to one's penis.

    7. Mir was it you who brought up 1982 the other day?
      I noticed someone wishing Boy George a happy birthday yesterday. So i looked him up. June 14, 1961 same year as Obama. He's 55.
      Anyone remember Culture Club? The gender bending blue eyed soul boys? There first album Kissing to Be Clever came out in 1982.

      Church of the Poison mind.
      Maybe Zach will run the numbers on him.

    8. I had mentioned 1982 as it referred to Prince William's birthday (6/21/1982).
      I do remember Culture Club, but I have always had an aversion to such freaks. I do remember the album, however. I'm their nightmare because I have always been very dismissive of pop culture. Me doing something because some pop star is doing it... just never was/is going to happen.

    9. I was thinking about guns as arms. You know armed and dangerous.
      In Star wars someone is always getting an arm cut off.
      Disarm/Sim ard?

      When someone has big arm muscles it's look at these guns!

      ...dReAMs, ARMor, MARs, ARMy, MARy RAM, MR A

    10. Surrender your arms
      Don't jump the gun
      Stick to your guns (exactly what they don't want us to do)
      Gun the motor zoom zoom
      Under the gun, under pressure
      Begun, begin

      Anna Gunn played Walter White's wife, SKylar on Breaking Bad one of the most wildly watched series ever.
      See they fill up our culture walls atmosphere with this stuff that speaks to our subconscious and just repeat it over and over in all different ways all day long I think. It's like a primer to make us more open to suggestion. I think maybe it works t like that.

      The most important thing to do tho, IMO, is notice. Notice them watching you. Stare back at them. Let them know u r on to them. Bsically what we r all doing now just more

  3. Nice connection with 7/11. They kept showing the 7-11 convenience store with the Pulse Club.

    1. You're so sweet. I found the number, YOU connected it though!

  4. Anyone catch that the dalai lama visited with Obama today and China maybe not liking that? The little smiling peace lover has just as much blood on his hands at the Vatican. Him playing along with the "free Tibet" charade makes him just as guilty as the rest of the bunch. I'd be curious to see the numbers on him.

  5. Anyone catch that the dalai lama visited with Obama today and China maybe not liking that? The little smiling peace lover has just as much blood on his hands at the Vatican. Him playing along with the "free Tibet" charade makes him just as guilty as the rest of the bunch. I'd be curious to see the numbers on him.

  6. Outstanding video on this post!

  7. Back street boys band Orlando.
    Craig sager is doing his first finals telecast in his 34 year career game "six"
    Dalai Lama is in Washington because he's a child sex slave broker, and we know just like at penn state. Washington is full of pedophilia

  8. ** READ **

    Watched A movie Last Night That Lines Up with this Article Numerically and Donald. The Parallax View (1974)

    July Eleventh One One Three" in the English Ordinal system equals 283

    "July Eleventh One One Three" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    Charles Carroll Donald Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 283

    "Charles Carroll Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    Charles Carroll " in the English Reduction system equals 64 / 73

    The Parallax View Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 117

    2016-1974= .. 42 .. (D.T. = 4,2)

    Astronomers use the Parallax Principle to Measure Distances Between Stars.

    Distance Between Stars" in the English Reduction system equals 73

    Distance Between Stars" in the English Ordinal system equals 226

    Parallax Principle" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    Parallax Principle" in the English Ordinal system equals 187

    Parallax Principle Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 113

    Ta- Da Bitches.. Don't forget to take Credit for my work as if it's your own.

    1. Nice find with this movie Coca. I'll give credit where credit is due, but you should probably rid yourself of your glory seeking attitude though somehow someway because most of your work isn't as good as you think it is.

    2. And because it's not even about that.

    3. It's to help enlighten people.