Wednesday, June 15, 2016

33 156 | EgyptAir Flight 804 wreckage reportedly found, June 15, 2016

Recall this plane disappeared on the thirty-third parallel, 804-days after the missing plane from 'MAS' airlines.

MAS = 13+1+19 = 33

Even the MAS logo looks like '33'.

When you write out 'thirty-three', it sums to '156', kind of like June 15, or 15/6.

The gang is repetitive, very.


  1. Experts 640 642 107

    That's like my new curse word now. What makes these bitches experts? Why should I trust their word for anything? Why should I even care if some plane from another crashes? So what? ...oh that's right, gotta keep up the narrative that crazed Muslim commies with unlimited funds and James Bond Villian type world domination plans to enslave us because they hate us...for our freedumbs...
    Shut the fuck up...the next time someone tries to guilt silence u into not questioning the official story - usually via the "oh yeah, tell that to the poor passengers/family members wtc..
    Calmly Give them your most disgusted look straight in the eye. Don't flinch or look away make them break off the eye contact they will back down immediately. Try it.

    I think its like the animal world. You have to dominate or be dominated it seems to me.
    See, if u r unsure about things they can sense you r conflicted and that's another opportunity to bring u back over to there said. The blind side.
    Once u make up your mind that u will not be swayed something happens. Whatever these bitches are they respect people who aren't frightened.
    Plus, I'm telling u once u feel how good it makes feel to say NO or None of your business you will like it. Or not, maybe you won't bit I do.

  2. Pru, will you ....No!
    Could u just...No!
    When can we expect your next payment? Oh I got it right here bitch....hang on...put down the phone and walk away

    Ma'am your bill is 2 months past due and..
    And what? What are going to do? Are u threatening me?
    I feel bullied...this hurting my feelings.. you r raping me RAPIST!! $ PEDIPHILES, BULLYING!!!
    Click they hang up
    They call back with their most sensitive hostage negotiater

    1. That's what they farm us for, the revenues we generate for them. Hang in there, we have a system to overturn.

    2. Yep, we r conditioned to be accomadating. Be nice, don't make a fuss, keep your voice down, hop to do it don't make the nice rich man wait, just do what they tell u with a smile on your face and they will all love u.
      No they wont., those bills will just keep coming. If u r a day late u get hit with fees. Your time doesnt matter, who cares if it inconveniences you. That's the way things r done. You just have to suck it up and try a little harder. Yep, (sad head shake) that's just the way it is. Smirk. Now about your payment plan...

      People are terified to say no. Esp women. I always notice body language and 9 times out of 10 women stoop or slink along hunched over like they r apologizing for taking up space. They try to make themselves smaller. I wish I could shake them all. Stand up straight stop being such Stepford wives , don't be afraid to take up space look people square in the eye quit apologising so damn much!!!

  3. All the worlds a stage, and the people merely players

    1. Wow, this story is collapsing faster then they normally do.

    2. Interesting clip he appears in. He could almost be talking about the Orlando shooting. He comes off as a bad actor in it. It reminds of one of those Dateline True Crime stories with the bad re-enactments. It didn't really look like a straight-up documentary to me. It looked... staged, lol.

  4. There was no plane. No Ebola, no Zika , no gulf war, no shooting ect. We live in a simulated reality cube. The stars in the night sky are mirrors which refract light. The light is encoded in numbers that are converted by our brains electronic pulses that produce an image. Once the " belief " system crumbles, the creators will start a new reality simulation. Fear= adrenalin that is needed to re energize the simulation. It's a closed circuit. The sooner you accept this, you will begin to be freed. " none but us can free our minds" Bob gave you the message!

  5. All the domes that look like Epcot center are here to mock humans like the satellite dishes.
    That pattern is how the stars are connected to creat the circuit in the sky. Cloud computing too. Hello

  6. Analysis of the Emirates Flight EK521 crash-landing in Dubai on 3 August 2016, will be published soon? It was a Boeing 777-300 apparently and all 300 on-board survived (282 passengers, 18 crew) but 1 fireman on-ground attending to the fire died as per news reports