Friday, June 17, 2016

38 41 78 118 | The death of the Queen's horse, June 16, 2016,

Notice the horse that died, in the wake of all these 'Invicta' connections, was named Guy Fawkes, who died in history on January 31, 1606.  This horse died on June 16, or 16/6.

The NBA regular season ended April 13, typically the 103rd day of the year.  We just and the shooting where '103' was a central number, and 'Invictus' and 'Invicta' were seemingly connected.

The date of his death, January 31, or 1/31 or 31/1, also pops.

1/31/06 = 1+31+06 = 38 (Death)

June 16, 2016 has the same numerology, the date of the dead horse.

6/16/16 = 6+16+16 = 38 (Death)

It was also a a fitting date to lose a 'White Horse'.

6/16/2016 = 6+16+20+16 = 58

The name of the stakes the horse was injured at has gematria of '78', like 'mass shooting'.  Let us not forget the Invictus connections to the shooting already.

Mass Shooting = 78

This news also comes the day of the murdered U.K. politician.

The location also reminds me of the queen's birthday, when Prince died.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41

The 1-month and 26-days also stands out in light of the 12/6 shooting connected to 'Invictus', or 'Invicta'.  Notice it was that much time between here 90th birthday and the death of her horse.



    Please watch first video. Extremely vital

  2. Are you thinking the Hacktivist group anonymous is azionist front? They wear the Guy Fawkes masks?

    1. Yes they are, at first they probably weren't but now they are

    2. Worst group of controlled opposition.

    3. Anonymous = 137
      Authority = 137
      Washington D.C. = 137
      137, 33rd prime
      Anonymous is obviously controlled opposition, which is why they are part of the mainstream discussion.

    4. Makes total sense, I wondered how their video production values were going through the roof.


  3. Zach. Tomorrow nights fight in UFC. Rory macdonald vs stephen thompson is a great fuckin fight!! Can you see if you see any gematria hint?? Thanks shawn

  4. Zach,

    I saw a headline about Trump on the MSM:
    "A Very Unique Nominee"
    So I decided to Rock some Gematria.

    "A Very Unique Nominee" = 233
    "MK Ultra Mind Control" = 233

    Can you explain your interpretation of the rules/laws of this Media Coding, as to what extent someone can dig out the proper explanation for any given number?

    In your experience do you see sentences converted to numbers then converted back to sentences? I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around all this. Thanks.

  5. 616+(6×1×6)=652. 652+256=908. 908+809=1717. 1717+7171=8888.
    The 8888 Nationwide Popular Pro-Democracy Protests also known as the People Power Uprising was a series of marches, demonstrations, protests, and riots in Burma (Myanmar). Key events occurred on 8/8/1988, and therefore it is known as the 8888 Uprising.

    The CSX 8888 incident, also known as theCrazy Eights incident, was an unmanned runaway CSX Transportation freight train in the U.S. state of Ohio in 2001. Locomotive #8888, was pulling a train of 47 cars including some loaded with hazardous chemicals, and ran uncontrolled for two hours at up to 51 mph It was finally halted by a railroadcrew in a second locomotive, which caught the runaway and coupled to the rear car.
    The incident inspired the 2010 motion picture Unstoppable. 47=Time.

    Push penny was a 3 day tradition where money was thrown into the crowd on the college-yard. The event occurred annually on Jan 30, May 29, and Nov 5; the anniversary of King Charles death 1/30, Oak Apple Day, and Guy Fawkes Night. They would throw out 20 shillings of copper to the people on the yard. (3 days) Three=56. Molech, Wolf=56. 20=XX. (Z=1 Y=2 X=3) XX=33.

    The West Country Carnival is close to the Bonfire night on 11/5 as the roots of the original carnival in Bridgwater date back to 1605. 1605+5061=6666.
    Bridgwater = 107/642. 642+246=888. 107+701=808.(88) 107 =Earthquake.

  6. Let's say the Queen is going to kick it on her 33,000 day her on Mother Earth, that's August 26th, 2016. 8-26-2016. That is *74* days before the election and *71* days after this here horsey.

    90 years, 4 months and 5 days from her actual birthday of 4-21-1926. I say actual birthday because the Queen has two. Her actual and her offical birthday, which is always "a Saturday in June."

    This year it was 6-11-16, The kickoff to the chaos of Orlando, perhaps a dark celebration in the Magic Kingdom? Anyhow, that's a fun filled 76 days before her 33,000th day or 10 weeks 6 days. 106 knows all the tricks.

    Her actual birthday, 4-21-16, was 127 days before that 8-26 date, 18 weeks 1 day, 4 months 5 days.

    And all of this for a horse...

    My kingdom for a horse---216, 1296, 950(J)

    1296 like 1926
    216 is right about now

    God Save the Queen---168(Cleveland Cavaliers), 1008, 1290(J)(Warriors)

    Its all about her this year. From Game 7 to that death date is 68 days, 2 months 7 days, 9 weeks and 5 days.

    1. Wow! FANTASTIC connections! Along those lines ... If she makes it to 33,003 days -- aiming for The Magical *9* -- that would be August 29 ... 8/29/2016 ... 8 + 29 = 37 ... 20 + 16 = 36

      (DATE) 37 + (YEAR) 36 = *7 3*... (which is an interesting "mirror" to the Date of 8/29 ... 8+29 = *3 7*)

      8/ 29/ 2016 ... REDUCED ... 8 + 11 + 9 = *2 8*

      This *2 8* is VERY interesting -- because if she kicks it BEFORE 6 AM, it will STILL BE AUGUST 28 -- 8 / 28 -- IN THE U.S. ...

      8/ 28/ 2016 -- EVERYTHING about this date sums to *9*

      DATE ... 8+2+8 = 18 = *9*... // ... YEAR ... 2+1+6 = *9* ... (That's already a double-whammy on the 9s!) ... TOTAL ... 9 + 9 = 18 ... REDUCES to *9*

      Simply put -- DATE = *9* ; YEAR = *9* ; TOTALED & REDUCED = *9*

      8/ 28/ 2016 is a Perfect "TRIFECTA" of The Magical *9*!!!

      8/ 28/ 2016 ... 8 2 8 2 (0) 1 6 ... 8+2+8+2 = 20 (0) 16 = 2 0 1 6 = Weird!!

      8/ 28/ 2016 also marks the 20th ANNIVERSARY OF CHARLES & DIANA'S DIVORCE -- an occasion MANY of CHARLES' (& Camilla's) "SUPPORTERS" would undoubtedly LOVE to see eclipsed in the Historical Record by his BECOMING KING on that date! Or -- it could also be said that on 8/29/1996 he "Became A Free Man" ... & maybe on 8/29/2016 they will add: "He Became King".

      Also: (3 days after 8/29) ... 8/ 31/ 2016 ... will be *19* Years Since DIANA'S DEATH in 1997 ... & ... *9* DAYS LATER ... *19* Years Since her FUNERAL on SEPT. 6, 1997 {9/6 [!] 19 97} ... (Reduced) = 9+6+1+16 = 3 3!!

      if the queen WERE to DIE BETWEEN MIDNIGHT & 6 AM ON 8/29/16 ... not only would an extraordinary number of important "factors" fall into line perfectly, but the CONFUSION CAUSED BY TIME ZONES would be extremely beneficial for those who will be Organizing & Rewriting THIS Monarchy's "HISTORY" in the Future. "Technically" ... EITHER the 28th OR 29th ... could be considered "CORRECT" Death Dates!!

      One final point ... "Creator" won the Belmont on June 11 -- The Queen's "State" Birthday -- with a time of ... 2:28.51 ... which sums to 18 / 9 ... (Another *9*!). Using Bacon Gematria (because of the capital C) -- "Creator" sums to *106* ... The "Prophecy Number". AND ... when adding up the SHORT Form Totals (Bacon & Pyth) ... there are two 9s (2 .. 9!) present (because of the r's) -- & a 3rd is easily found by adding 3 smaller numbers (1+2+6 -- Pyth) & (2+5+2 -- Bacon) -- again REFLECTING the "TRIPLE 9 TRIFECTA". And of course ... 33,003 sums to *9*!

      Didn't mean to get so carried away ... but you ARE on to SOMETHING REALLY BIG with this ... all because of a nutless (gelded) horse! LOL ;D :D

    2. It was a total accident that I stumbled upon it. I made a joke that she may die 69 days before the election, which is 8-31, then I found how old she'd be! Then, you know, stream of gematria consciousness took me to Shakespeare and the Kingdom for a Horse, bit. Its all there.

      I get excited sometimes by these magic digits.

    3. Haha -- me too! Love those phrases -- now I want a shirt with that last comment on it ... Lol! It's definitely going up on my wall!! And "stream of Gematria consciousness" is EXACTLY the phrase I've been searching for ... "Number Fairy" sounds ... well ... So Gay ... LOL!! ;D ;D

    4. To me the whole gematria coding thing is like a Rorshack Ink Splat. The associations are there to trigger subliminal subconscious thoughy anyway, so riding the gematria stream of thought is how I do it. And thanks to Z, now I've got a paddle.

    5. Here offical b-day is always

      "A Saturday in June"---183, 1098, 1771(J)

      Back to those 1s and 7s.

    6. King Charles---107

      Royal Ascension- --170

      And with your date in mind or 33,003 days, that leaves 71 days until the election. And 77 days until Prince Charlie turns 68. With the possible time zone/date confusion that may ensue, that also leaves 76 days to match his 67 years.

    7. Charles was born 11-14-48 making Lizard exactly 8243 days old.


      Which means she was also 1177 weeks and 4 days old or 22 years, 6 months, 24 days old.

    8. I can't stop.

      Calling her Lizzie and Lizard Queen reminded me of the episode of the Simpson's where Lisa drinks the water in The Tunnel of Love and starts tripping. When they pull her out she yells, "I am the Lizard Queen!!"

      Episode was titled Selma's Choice---122, and aired 1-21-93, when the Queen was exactly 66 years and 9 months. 223x3=669

    9. INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely AMAZING!! You even found "The Simpson Key" ... WOW!! These CAN'T just be "coincidences". It's ALL too perfectly in sync. This is BEYOND HUGE.

      Now I can't stop either -- I'm riding that "gem stream" & it's speeding up! (Great phrase, BTW ;D) The public has said they want William & NOT "King Chuck" ... so ... Wouldn't it be "ironic" if Chucky wound up like the -- *9 Day Pope* -- & DIED -- 9 DAYS LATER ... on the ANNIVERSARY OF DIANA'S FUNERAL! Then William could ASCEND to the throne ... AND ... Here's The REAL Kicker ...

      When they took Diana's "HRH" (sums to *96* Jewish -- aha!) away, "Wills" said, "Don't worry MUMMY, when I'm King one day I'll give it back."

      During the funeral procession, media focused heavily on close ups of a card on her casket -- "from the boys" -- that simply said "MUMMY". Now stay with me -- the stream's about to hit a whirlpool ... MUMMY is a word that's associated with PLANS to "Return To Life" & "Come Back From The Dead".

      Are we about to witness the Return Of Diana -- her "RESURRECTION" ... 19 Years + 3 Days (for continuity, biblical & numerological effect) ... after a funeral that was faked so she could "escape"?

      For 1 Year & 3 Days ("start date" of 8/29/96 -- 8/31/97 (death) she carried the title "Princess Of Wales". POW = 1010 (Jewish) and 18 -- 9 (Pyth - short). 7+6+5 = 7+11 (7 11) = 18. 711 is the MIRROR of 117 -- the (Pyth - long) sum for ... INVICTUS!!

      Were Harry & Granny actually "huddling" over plans for a DIFFERENT kind of "game" -- HER OWN "Escape/Retirement"? Maybe Chucky has one too ... he's NEVER REALLY wanted to be king!

      IF this (surreal) scenario DID occur ... Diana's "Resurrection" & RESTORATION Of Title would be occurring on ... 9/9/2016. Which (to people like us) is ... 9 - 9 - 9 ...!!! But wait -- there's MORE ...

      On Gematrix, "INVICTUS" = (Jewish) 1151. Another 1151 shown: "TO LIVE IS TO DIE" -- which accurately describes faking one's death in order to live a "normal" life again. There's also: "HOLY TRIPLE SIX". "Holy" is esoteric-speak for "Magic/Opposite ... or ... INVERTED". Ergo, "Holy Triple Six" means 9 9 9 ... the "TRIFECTA OF 9's" that showed up with the queen's (perhaps scheduled) "Death Date". Also shown: "THREE SIX AND NINE KEY" ... 3 6 (36) And (+) 9 = 36+9= 45 .. another 9 ... & ALSO the MIRROR of 54 -- the number of YEARS SINCE DIANA'S BIRTH on 7/1/1961 (the same year Obama was born). Remember, ALL of these sum to 1151 -- the SAME as INVICTUS.

      I know this all seems "out there" -- but damn! And get this -- on Diana's wiki page it gives the coordinates for the island she was buried on. Added together, they sum to 53.283360. Broken into sets of 2 & reduced, produces: (53) 8. (28) 10; (33!) 6; (60) 6. That's AUGUST (?) of 1066 -- when "WILLIAM THE CONQUERER" took the throne! BTW: with her grave on an island, Diana's known as the "Lady Of the Lake". LOL = 90 (Jewish).

      Let's keep up with this -- if any of it actually happens, that'd be some hellacious proof that Gematria is REAL! ;D ;D

  7. I'm having trouble finding an actual Pedigree listing for this horse. There was a "Guy Fawkes" in 1934 -- & they do recycle names -- but other than Racing sites (that help bettors) -- there isn't any info. Those sites list a foaling date of 3/4/13 & name a sire and dam, along with 2-3 other races (oddly, they don't list the same number of races) ... but that's all I've been able to find. There SHOULD be more ...

    Now I'm starting to wonder if this "tragedy" was actually the sacrifice of some horse who's real name we'll never know -- a "disposable, useless eater". The implications of that -- alongside KNOWN ritual hoax events -- is pretty unsettling.

    I didn't go after the info thinking that was the case ... just wanted to see his bloodline.

    For what it's worth -- King George V (who the race was named for) was the queen's grandfather. Her uncle, Edward, succeeded him -- but gave up the throne to marry "the American divorcee" Wallis Simpson ... & the queen's father wound up with the crown instead. Supposedly she blamed Edward's "dereliction of duty" for her father's death a few years later ... saying "the stress of being King killed him". As most people have probably heard by now, Edward was openly allied with the Third Reich, & had been told that after the Nazis won the war, he would get his kingship back - & more. At least, that's how The Story goes ... ;D. :D

    1. I couldn't find any info either, I tried.

    2. This is really starting to smell fishy ... I've owned & dealt with horses for YEARS & Not Once have I EVER heard of a horse with a "Broken Foot". They don't HAVE "Feet" -- they have HOOVES. They break Cannon Bones, Pasterns, Shin Bones & Knees ... but those are ALWAYS worth trying to fix. (Sigh) ... just as I was FINALLY starting to accept the reality that half the population are running around with government-issued False Identities ... NOW they come along & add ANIMALS to the mix! Soon we'll be hearing that "Blue" isn't REALLY the color we thought it was ... (i.e. -- how can we claim to "miss the blue skies" ... if "Blue" supposedly no longer exists?)

      "FOOT" (singular) turns up an awful lot in these hoaxes ...

      Short Pyth. -- 6 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 20 ... 20 = T ... "Tau" perhaps? (The Mason's/Jews/Fraternal Groups/"Learned Societies", etc. seem to have an affinity for that Greek & Hebrew letter ... "Nice" 666 & 18/9 + 2 = 11 elements too.

      FOOT even has a (possible) tie-in with the Bataclan bullshit ... the BATA Family (Clan?) has the largest (global) shoe empire in the world ... & got their big break supplying EVERYONE involved in BOTH World Wars!

      This stinks like gym-shoe toe jam!! Lol ;D :D

    3. Foot = 206 (Jewish) ... And OF COURSE there's a shit ton of OTHER commonly used words that ALSO sum to 206 ...! ;D :D

    4. Now, I'm wondering if this event of a horse breaking it's foot is coding for someone breaking his foot in game seven. Seven horses, seven games. The queen was looking for her 23rd win when one of her seven horses broke it's foot. Hmmmm.

    5. Charlie Horse---121

      Game Seven Charlie Horse---212

    6. Dehydration- --123

      Leg Cramps/Dehydrated---94

  8. Horse- -65, 390, 233(J)

    Kicking a Dead Horse---144, 864, 336(J)

    1. Save us from the Queen---234, 1404


    2. Ouch! LOL -- "Dinner For The Foxhounds" -- 1175 (J) ; 262 (P)

      Also 1175: Historically True .. Gematria Reveals All ..That's Not Funny (!)

      Gematria & The Computer may SAY it's not funny ... But I KNOW ya'll are HILARIOUS!! ;D ;D

    3. I'm not done.

      French Cuisine -- 134/71/498


    1. Wow, just in time to push the British Royals are decedents of Jesus and Mary Magdalene story.

  10. The Queen has "7 runners during the Week-long meeting"
    " as she hopes to get her "23rd" ( which means.....)
    She Already has.... 22



  11. June Sixteenth = 57
    Saint George = 57
    England = 57

    England played Wales that day and got there 67th win against them. We then see Jo Cox = 67 be murdered at the same time on the streets.

    Bale made his 57th appearance for Wales and scored the first goal of the game, no coincidence either. This game was hyped between the media and players all week both sets of teams were talking trash about the other which hardly ever happens in football. Its all very transparent when you no what to look for

  12. Isn't Guy Fawkes from V for vendetta ?

  13. Ryan Moore wins Gold Cup on Order of St.George, wearing an orange circle on blue (Sun in sky), Queen wears same colours.

    Ryan Moore wins on Churchill, again in orange & blue.
    Sword Fighter won Queen's Vase in the same silks with odds of 33/1.

    Then of course there is the Queen's own horse Dartmouth which won.

    Another winner of note is Sir Isaac Newton.

    No doubt there is a lot going on at these races.

    1. I noticed the Queen's orange bonnet and blue dress also. I wondered whether is ties to Orange County, Florida where the shooting happened.

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