Friday, June 17, 2016

13 42 78 99 130 | 1978, the last time a Game 7 was won by a road team in the NBA Championship (NBA Finals 2016)

The last time a Game 7 was won by a road team was 1978, 38-years ago.  Fortunately for Cleveland, they have the numbers.

It is interesting to note that Washington, where Game 7 was won in '78, is the 42nd state, having a connection to 'Cleveland Cavs' and 'LeBron James'.

Notice it was the Washington Bullets versus the team from Washington State.  Bill Russell, who has parallels to LeBron, also spent some time in Seattle.

I can't help but notice the team from Washington went down with 99-points as well.

'Washington', from the time of the '13' Colonies.


  1. Nice post like always zach

    #41 Dirk nowitzki was born 5 days later June 19 th 1978

    A Dirk is a long thrusting dagger

    Dirk beat lebron 5 years ago June 12 2011

    FortY one=46
    Nowitzki =46/55
    Nowitzki was lurch from the Addams family who was played by the actor Ted Cassidy

    Ted Cassidy =46/55

  2. Seventy Eight Bullets---250, 1500, 1906(J)

    Like the 25 that has followed Cleveland all season.

  3. Wtf is up with Ayesha curry's dad almost getting arrested ... Obviously a riddle for Father's Day ...

  4. Queen Elizabeth to die on 8-26? She'll be 33,000 days old, 90 years, 4 months and 5 days.

  5. In 1978 they played in The Kingdome = 666. Kingdome = 42...

  6. here we go again:

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  7. I think the final score will be 99-94 a sum of 193 the 44th prime number