Friday, June 17, 2016

7 13 31 33 41 42 52 61 223 | Game 7 and why LeBron James might very well score 42-points in the Game 7 win

3-3 in the NBA Finals; in NBA history, the Celtics and Lakers own 33-NBA Championships.

Cavs are 33rd team to be down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, no other team has every come back.  From such a deficit, but remember, LeBron is 31-years old, and in his 13th season.

Basketball = 31
Curry = 31
*Curry scored 31-points in being tenth team to come back from 3-1 in Conference Finals

The Warriors will be playing in their 106th game this Sunday, Game 7, the date with all of the '106' connections:

Father's Day #106 (June 19, 1910)
King James birthday (with 106 birth numerology, June 19, 1566)
106-year old Warriors fan...

Recall, last year there was a 106 mph train wreck in Philadelphia, and the Warriors won the Finals, a team originally from Philly.  Also this year, the day before the college championship, there was another 106 mph train wreck in Philadelphia, and Villanova went on to win the championship the next day by the numbers, defeating UNC in their 106th year of being in their basketball program.  Philadelphia is named from 'Revelation', the book of 'Prophecy'.  It is Revelation 3:7 to be more specific.

Checkout the gematria of Revelation and Warriors.  Revelation = Book of Prophecy

The Cavs meanwhile, will be going for their 103rd game of the season, a lot like '13', in LeBron's 13th season.  The 7s are rich for LeBron in Game 7.  Think about it, this is his 7th NBA Finals and he first went in '07, with the Cavs, nine years ago (Champion = 79),

Game 7 June 19, 2016; 6/19/16 = 6+19+16 = 41

Do you notice the ironic relationship between good and bad in gematria?  Both numbers will be riding on the date of Game 7 to decide the NBA Championship.

Let us examine the first 6 games so far:

Cavs have scored 610 points
Warriors have scored 610 points

Remember how Game 6 had that long pause of 61-61 before halftime?  It was all a signal for Game 7 and how the Series is written.

6/19/2016 = 6+19+20+16 = 61

LeBron has scored 181 of those points.  Fitting.

Let us not forget it was LeBron scoring 42-points on February 26, 2015 that made me call Warriors and Cavs for NBA Finals.  Both teams retired #42 for Nate Thurmond.

If LeBron scores 42-points in the win on June 19, 2016, he will have 223 points in the Finals.

If LeBron scores 46 (King James Psalm 46 tribute to '666'), he will finish the series with 227-points, another sum that would make a lot of sense.

If LeBron scores 48, James sums to '48', and he would finish with 229-points, the big number on the Orlando shooting.

If I had to bet and I had $20, I would put 10 on 42, 5 on 46 and 5 on 48.  Remember, 223 is the 48th prime.

Let us not forget how Flip Saunders, born in Cleveland on February 23, or 2/23, died just before the start of the season, and this is Timberwolves faced the Lakers to open up the year, with a final score of 112-111 in the T-Wolves favor, for a sum of 223.  Of course Minnesota is where the Lakers are originally from.  That game was played in California, and so will Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Cavs trying to snap a 52-year Cleveland pro sports championship drought.

Remember Curry and LeBron were both born in Akron, Ohio, in the same hospital.

Curry is sitting at 141-points through six games, if he scores 38, he will finish with 179, the 42nd prime number.

141+38 = 179 (Would be fitting in a high scoring, down to the wire, 'epic')

Epic = 5+16+9+3 = 33


  1. Are you leaning towards Cleveland? If so by how much?

  2. Love your work, can't wait for the book. How do we get to predictions from the numbers instead of noticing the recurring numbers after the fact?

  3. Replies
    1. Sonora louise smart died at 96. Cleveland cavaliers = 69
      Died on 3/22.
      3/22/1978. 3+22+19+78 = 122.

  4. This would rank up there with your Super Bowl MVP prediction!

  5. King james reign of England began on 3+24+16+03 = 46.

  6. Three Games Straight with Forty Points- --440

    Killed 'em.

  7. I just read that the Queen's horse died, must fit in somewhere.

  8. Wait 'til next year -- 206/71/2070
    This is next year -- 196/70/1237
    Famous last words -- 206/53/1712

  9. right now everything seems lined up for Lebron I guess it's just his time.
    It almost feels like a dethroning of curry in I mean Stephen in Ayesha been kinda taking a beaten from social media latley

  10. "46" from Curry....

    "48" from James...

    Forty Six = 816

    June Nineteen = 816

    Steph Curry = 918

    461 (the 89th prime)
    **warriors would get their 89th win**

    The "48th" prime is "223"

    From 1/22 to 6/19 is a span of "150" days.

    "One hundred fifty days" = 223

    Four Eight = 109
    *Game 7 is on the "19th"**

    First time Lebron James scored "48" points was 5/31/2007 against Detroit.

    5/31/07 - 6/19/16

    is a span of 9 years, 19 days....
    **much like the date 6/19**

    I think the odds of seeing "46" or "48" are pretty good..

    Then again "51" points for James wouldn't surprise me either..

    Fifty One = 616
    **like the date 6/19**

    51st Prime is "233"

  11. Might not be a bad bet.....

    Fathers Day = 107

    Overtime = 107

    Game Seven Fathers Day = 1188 / 198

    Game Seven Overtime = 1188 / 198

  12. Love this blog.

    Small typo below, don't know if that changes anything. Should be Game 5, not 6.

    "Remember how Game 6 had that long pause of 61-61 before halftime? It was all a signal for Game 7 and how the Series is written."

  13. Just noticed...

    The score was tied "56-56" when Steph Curry fell down and sprained his ankle against Houston....

    From that game to game 7 is a span of "56" days.

    **fingers crossed**

    haha.... :)

  14. I don't know if this was mentioned or not but; The last team to be down 3-1 in the NBA Finals and make it to Game 7 was the Lakers in 1966.

    The 66 analayst "Lebron gematria equals to 66. He's the first player in nba history to reach 6 nba finals straight since "1966"."

  15. The final Score from Game 6 as we know was

    Golden State 101

    Cleveland 115

    You subtract the two you get 14, the reverse of 41...the significance of this number of course is well understood on this site..

    The Line for Game 7...opened up at 5...then dropped to 4.5...The Sum of the two..of course being `14....or a reverse 41

    I kept wondering what the significance was of Lebron and the media discussion about one of his favorite movies...the Godfather..and the fact that he has watched it..6 Times..

    The Gematria for "Forty One" Results in English 708 or 15 inverse 51 - 51 years to 2015 season...since a championship has come to the city...

    It also results in Jewish Gematria of

    " An offer he can't refuse "

    1. I find it rather funny he mentions watching the godfather 6 times but when asked to mention a saying in the movie he couldn't come up with one.

  16. WTF?

    Andrew Landry is Co - Leader at the 116th US Open in Oakmont, Pennsylvania on moving day:

    "PGA" = 144(Jewish)
    "Oakmont, PA" = 106(Simple)
    "Andrew Landry" = 58 & 139 = "Freemasonry"
    "One Hundred Sixteenth US Open" = 322*

    Note: "Masonic" = 223 the Reflection of 322

    "One Hundred Sixteenth US Open Championship" = 192 = "Indianapolis Colts"
    Is this reinforcement for your thoughts on next years Super Bowl?

  17. "The Open Championship" = 106(Reduction) = "Prophecy"

  18. Lebron james big favorite for MVP. Updated MVP odds (

    LeBron James -360 (58.6%)
    Curry +350 (16.7%)
    Thompson 7/1 (9.4%)
    D. Green 10/1 (6.8%)
    Irving 15/1 (4.7%)
    Iguadala 25/1 (2.9%)
    Livingston 100/1 (.7%)
    Thompson 500/1 (.1%)
    Barnes 1000/1 (.1%)

    Title and MVP combos
    [based on Title odds and MVP odds]

    Cavs win (LeBron MVP) 32.2%

    Cavs win (non-LeBron MVP) 4.8%

    GS win (GS player MVP) 36.5%
    GS win (LeBron MVP) 26.5%

    If GS wins, LeBron has a 42% chance to still win the MVP!!!

    1. it would be weird golden st winning and LeBron getting MVP.

  19. Love your work, can't wait for the book. How do we get to predictions from the numbers instead of noticing the recurring numbers after the fact?