Tuesday, August 2, 2016

McDonald's making new McNuggets in Seattle lab that will nix artificial preservatives...


Right when you think the food giant is doing something great, you're reminded their food is being made in a lab.  What most of us eat doesn't come from the earth, but instead, from mad science.


  1. I dont care Im still eating them!

  2. http://i.imgur.com/19T8llx.jpg


  3. Maybe the earth is one big lab. That's what it feels like anyway. Like a big bio dome with no exit. I just don't give a fuck about food anymore. It's too hard to figure out what is healthiest and the healthy stuff usually tastes bad or is unsatisfying.

    Everything has sucked so much for so long that I'm just too exhausted to care.

    I just want a great big hot fudge sundae with Xanax sprinkles, please.

    1. Eh.. Nothing is pure unless you grow it yourself, but I'd still rather eat something that's 75% good, rather than 0%. I'm not a suicidal type of guy lol. Besides, a lot of organic brands, though more expensive, do noticeably taste better than their GMO counterparts.

    2. You can perceive earth as many wrong things, but in fact it's not wrong. And funny you say 'with no exit', actually there is exit, everyone will exit this, one day.

      Healthy stuff tastes bad,or is unsatisfying.. sometimes? Yes, but for your body its the best you can get. I personally don't mind eating food which doesn't taste good. You can habituate to practically anything :-), it's all in your mind. Healthiest food is food which wasn't made by people or science heh...

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