Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NFL Preseason Week 1 box score observations, August 11-14, 2016

Below are notes on Preseason Week 1 Games 

Atlanta Falcons = 40 (40 is the sum, with the Falcons winning)

Baltimore = 41 (41 sum, Baltimore wins)

11 vs 11, last year the Broncos were  compared to the '85 Bears (Ron Rivera parallel)

Notice the Giants scored 10 in the first quarter.

Ten = 39 (NRG) (NY) (New York) (RIP #39, Tyler Sash) (TS = 39)

Bengals = 33; Bengals fall on their number

Seahawks = 33; Seahawks win with their number

The question becomes, why is this favorable for the Seahawks and not for the Bengals?  Perhaps the answer is in the history of the teams.  For example, the Seahawks are the only team to win the Super Bowl on the 33rd day of the year.  What about the Bengals?  What's in their history with '33'?

I know the score sums to 37, and I recall that HOF Game was cancelled 37-days before Andrew Luck's birthday.  I also recall that Zurlon Tipton wore #37.

Los Angeles Rams = 52; California = 52; 52 total points

Twenty-Four = 50
San Francisco = 50
San Francisco hosted Super Bowl 50
San Francisco began 5-0 in Super Bowls as a team
The San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl 24, 55-10 over Broncos
At age 55, both John Elway and the Broncos, won Super Bowl 50, in SF, with a score of 24-10

From this point on, I don't see any significant patterns off the top of my head with these games that follow.

9+17 = 26 (God) (Shape of football relationship with '26)

Perhaps later patterns will emerge that reveal what is not yet seen.


  1. This is preseason for crying out loud. Rosters of kids trying to make the team!

    1. No such thing, you sound like a fan Mike. They know ahead of time who's making it and who is out there to play the masses.

    2. You don't think part of making the team is being able to fake it till you make it? Get your bottle and go home, MM.

    3. You guys are just being really ignorant. thats all i can say

  2. The most important clue here is Miami scoring 27 on the Giants.

    This draws attention the their coding from the 19 72 perfect season and the 2007 year-and-season.

    This old narrative is very much related to the teams Patriots, Vikings, Giants and Colts.

    Look also at week 1 schedule for the regular season, game #11 to #14, 14 being Sunday Night Football: Miami, Giants, Colts, Patriots.

    11 * 12 * 13 *14 equals 24024. 24+24=48, like Super Bowl 48 modern era. This narrative will come to its conclusion in Minnesota on 4th February 2018 (42).

    1. Great thinking. When I see 27, I think of 3x3x3.

  3. 3 teams scored 22 points or 3-22.


    these teams champs of Super Bowls 50/47/44 or every 3 years

    Broncos win with 22, Panthers lose Ravens who score 22, Saints as well losing to Patriots with 22

    since 2000 Broncos are 1-1, Ravens are 2-0, Saints 1-0 in super bowls.

    I didn't see much connection with the numerals assigned to each super bowl and the above is more documenting something for others to look at but I do find the 3 teams 22 points parallel interesting.

    perhaps this is a potential tribute to the Panthers and Saints bowing out in the divisional round and not making the NFC championship game, as per your prediction of Vikings/Giants. maybe the "hypotenuse" in this preseason script is giving the Broncos some love now as they surely are set to not repeat and are likely to not even make the AFC title game - as per your predictions, again.

    1. These are very good observations.
      22+22+22 = 66 (NFL = 66) (First Super Bowl at end of '66 season)
      4-1 combined record for those 3-teams.
      Super Bowl = 41

  4. I find it interesting that the cities that host(ed) Super Bowls 50 & 51 (Houston and S.F.)met in the opening week of the preseason.
    I also find it interesting that the cities that hosted the RNC and DNC, Philly and Cleveland, are meeting in week one of the regular season in Philly on September 11.

  5. Also, the Browns lost to Green Bay in their first preseason game 17-11. If you look at how they scored by the quarters it was 2,3,6. Does 236 mean anything?

    1. hell yeah Pete, I was specifically looking for 11 multiples in these scores and started with that one but stayed the course on the 22's. nicely done.

    2. I meant to comment on that very odd score, and the points, 2, 3, 6. I'll think about it more.

    3. Wondering if the probable PED suspensions involving packers is to assure Vikes win the division.. Hmmm