Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NFL Preseason Week 1 box score observations, August 11-14, 2016

Below are notes on Preseason Week 1 Games 

Atlanta Falcons = 40 (40 is the sum, with the Falcons winning)

Baltimore = 41 (41 sum, Baltimore wins)

11 vs 11, last year the Broncos were  compared to the '85 Bears (Ron Rivera parallel)

Notice the Giants scored 10 in the first quarter.

Ten = 39 (NRG) (NY) (New York) (RIP #39, Tyler Sash) (TS = 39)

Bengals = 33; Bengals fall on their number

Seahawks = 33; Seahawks win with their number

The question becomes, why is this favorable for the Seahawks and not for the Bengals?  Perhaps the answer is in the history of the teams.  For example, the Seahawks are the only team to win the Super Bowl on the 33rd day of the year.  What about the Bengals?  What's in their history with '33'?

I know the score sums to 37, and I recall that HOF Game was cancelled 37-days before Andrew Luck's birthday.  I also recall that Zurlon Tipton wore #37.

Los Angeles Rams = 52; California = 52; 52 total points

Twenty-Four = 50
San Francisco = 50
San Francisco hosted Super Bowl 50
San Francisco began 5-0 in Super Bowls as a team
The San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl 24, 55-10 over Broncos
At age 55, both John Elway and the Broncos, won Super Bowl 50, in SF, with a score of 24-10

From this point on, I don't see any significant patterns off the top of my head with these games that follow.

9+17 = 26 (God) (Shape of football relationship with '26)

Perhaps later patterns will emerge that reveal what is not yet seen.