Monday, August 8, 2016

Reader Contribution | Giants and Colts possible Super Bowl 51 alignment (Super Bowl 35 clue?)

Notice the sum of that score was 41-poiints.

Super Bowl = 41
Maryland = 34 (Baltimore won with 34 points, from Maryland) 

Notice that game summed to 64-points.  The Colts are 64-years old this year.


  1. wow this is too deep and super awesome im glad we are catching onto their ways

  2. last time the Colts won the superbowl Peyton was the qb.peyton brother is Eli who won the sb with the giants the next year

    1. Against Peyton's main rival Brady. Now will he beat Peyton's old team?

  3. There was a popular commercial from last year's Super Bowl called "Super Bowl Babies" as I was watching it I noticed it synced the Colts and Giants throughout the commercial. I thought the commercial was interesting in regards to Colts vs Giants argument.

  4. So, the SB51 score could possibly add up to 35 if Giants play Colts? In one of the new (July '16) DirecTV ads with Peyton Manning at the supermarket, it shows on the cash-registry a score of 19-15 (total comes to 34) which is quite close to 35

  5. Replies
    1. They will probably keep NYG out of the "limelight" for a while, so that they do not draw that much attention to the betting public (or sheeps like they want to call us...)

      Making NYG look like a non-contender is just an old trick they play on us, or at least that's my opinion..

    2. They wont allow them to make it, they already won 2x as dogs. New HC and no RB

  6. Very, very interesting analogy...

    Look also into the Miami Perfect 72 Season for similar clues:

    Miami beat Houston Oilers in their 2nd game with a score 34 - 13. 34+13=47 -> 47th Super Bowl (modern era) in Houston is right around the corner... 2nd game: 2 represent a counter, which count down to the 49th SB (49 is an END code in Jewish Gematria)

    Houston Oilers scored 13 points in this game. Game 13 of Miami's regular season was against New York Giants, which Miami won 23 - 13. 13 again, should correspond nicely to a 3rd SB trophy to Eli Manning (the "Cain" actor). The score of 23 for the winner is the same, Eli from 2 up to 3 trophies.

    The scoreline: 23 + 13 = 36. SB 36 New England (20-17) and SB 39 New England (24-21). 24+21=45. SB 45 (modern) New England... 20-17, I would guess that we will see New England again in the season 2017 SB played in Minnesota.

    The early setting of odds at bet365 should be used as identification tags for the teams: Colts 13 odds to win AFC, Giants 41 to win SB and (vi)KINGS 21 to win SB.

    41 and Giants: 14th game of Miami Perfect 72 season was against Baltimore Colts, scoreline 16 - 0 -> 2016 season upcoming, with the Colts in the SB.

    21 and (vi)KINGS: Game 12 Miami won 37 - 21 against New England Patriots. SB 21, Giants beats Broncos. SB 37 (modern) Colts beat Chicago. SB 37 modern is also SB 41, like the 41 ID tag on the Giants now. SB 42 Giants beat the Patriots 17 - 14, with Patriots winning again in the 2014 season and Giants again in the year 2017.

    Dennis Green checking out recently at the age of 67:

    Miami 1972 6th game won 24 - 23 against Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has never won any SB but lost 4, so has also the (vi)KINGS. 4 + 4 = 8 sacrifices: (vi)Kings will at last win one at home in the year 20 18.

    Miami 1972 7th game won 23 - 0 against Colts. 23 again, see above...

    There is a lot more to the Miami Perfect 72 season, but I think this will do for now...

    I suspect we may got the tail end of the script, for the last 2 seasons:

    2017: Patriots - Colts AFC, (vi)KINGS - Giants (NFC)
    2017: Giants - Colts SB
    2018: (vi)KINGS - Patriots SB

    1. Should have mentioned that Minnesota is the 32nd state... (Texas 28 and California 31)

  7. Last Super Bowl in Houston was patriots over panthers.

    Cam just edged out Brady for NFL's top 100 players in 2016.

    Carolina and patriots are both loaded and I don't care if Brady is out 4 games they could still make super bowl and you still get race war, you get the godell hate and patriots could win in an election year since Brady supports trump.

    I personally thought another rematch Seahawks vs Patriots or Pittsburgh was more likely.

    Dark horses are Arizona vs KC or Pitt.

    If we get Giants vs Colts two teams with lots of questions all over the field the league will basically lay down for both.

    Vikings were a solid team and now they have added two stars WR Laquan and DB Mckenzie .
    As long as the kicker redeems himself I could see them make a run.

    Or Giants vs Patriots again Eli wins third ring.

    1. I think you are spot on with the Odell Beckham Jr. for super bowl MVP.

      (see my other comment) He wears #13, is 23 years old, has the same birth numbers as Minnesota (511), drafted the 12th pick, height 5 ft 11 in, etc.. He is a hot candidate for this SB prepping the next one in Minnesota.

      I also agree with you that a Giants vs Colts SB looks very suspicious, solely from a sport perspective. I still think that they may do it, which they have already coded into the NFL history.

      They also care a lot for their profit in betting (Vegas etc.), and need to fool the public into betting on candidates that will not be there.

    2. How teams look on paper means absolutely nothing. I guarantee you not one person on Earth had Mets vs Royals in last year's WS. It still happened because it was scripted that way. The Colts may have questions, but they can always script it in that it was good coaching that catapulted them to the top.

  8. Your on point the Giants always fly under the radar every time they go to the sb

    Everybody is stuck on the Vikings when the last time a qb who is mediocre on popluar made the sb?

  9. Kaepernick. Trent Dilfer a while back. Muthafuckin Sexy Rex Grossman whose favorite saying was "Fuck it, I'm going deep."

  10. We all know the fix is in with sports. I think everyone is doing a great job decoding. It's election year. We will see. It should be interesting.