Friday, October 4, 2019

44 58 103 139 193 | 'Stop the Bleed' drill at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, day of Vancouver, Washington shooting, Octobere 3, 2019

Read the decode of the supposed shooting here:

What a coincidence!

Notice how 'Stop the Bleed' syncs with senior citizens.

Stop the Bleed also sums to 58, like Freemasonry.

As for the name of the doctor mentioned, it fits right in with the date October 3, or 10/3, like 103.


  1. I lost my Deocde on this....

    It basically tells you:

    1.) Dodgers and Yankees
    2.) Dodgers Win
    3.) Americans are Dumb
    4.) They want you Dead

    Let's take the Easy Road first:

    "Stop the Bleed" = 131, 193
    "LA Dodgers Win" = 131, 193
    "World Series Codes" = 193
    "Big MLB [Fuck You]" = 193
    "Feed Lies to Goy" = 193
    "Mocking Symbol" = 193

    "Stop the Bleed" = 449
    "Bullshit" = 449

    1. Hillary & Chelsea Clinton in Seattle
      On 10/18 like 811 😜 book tour

  2. Hearing a lot of rumblings from social media about threats of kids with guns and vague shooting threats at 2 of the local high schools in my county. Feel like they are about to roll out the next shooting psyop in my neck of the woods. Gwinnett County in metro Atlanta.

    1. Ironically my nephew had code red drill (active shooter) drill on 10/3.
      I think you’re right . First Valentine’s Day
      Now halloween?? 😉

  3. "Stop The Bleed"? Maybe we'll be hearing about another earthquake in the area sometime soon. Jesse "I Ain't Got Time To Bleed" Ventura's birthday on 7/15(or 15/7 like 157 the 37th prime, Shooting=37) is a full span of 81 days before 10/3, Ritual=81, Pacific Northwest=81. Jesse Ventura talks about in one of his books that during SEAL training his group put explosives in the ground off the coast of Mexico and another group supposedly went in to take out the bombs.
    Seattle=44, 82(10/4 is a full span of 82 days after 7/15), 107.
    Earthquake=44, 107, 163.
    James Janos=107, 163 the 38th prime.
    Jesse Ventura was the 38th governor of MN.

    1. "Stop the Bleed" = 131
      "Target Code Name" = 131

      "Stop the Bleed" = 193
      "Next Epicenter" = 193
      "Dangerous Location" = 193
      "West Coast USA Code" = 193
      "Target is in the Ocean" = 193
      "Coded Mega-Quake Signals" = 193

  4. Consonants of PeaceHealth Southw.. ..
    pchlth sthwst mdcl cntr = 263 83 277 106

    Consonants of Senior Citizens
    snr ctzns = 133 34 83 47

    Consonants of Elder
    ldr = 34 16 47 20

    Consonants of Shoot
    sht = 47 11 34 16

    Consonants of Stop the Bleed
    stp th bld = 101 29 115 43

  5. Reminds me of maybe 2 years ago when the river turned blood red or maybe Hong Kong riots will kill thousands ?

  6. Earthquake =44
    Could we see one in Cali and Italy ?

    Clippers have jerry West #44 / pompeo works for the 44th
    Person to be president Drumph

  7. Anyone notice Seattle has the TWINS griffin
    #49 Shaqim has one hand Jedi Knight UCF

    The Patriots have the TWINS Mccourty brothers
    Belichk is known as the Sith Lord

    Can you imagine a rematch of SB 49

    1. I can safely say that wont happen. I honestly know i'm right.
      the twins were a clue last year.. the Falcons QB started the whole thing because he was reported to have twins. before

  8. @Ram
    You have 49ers vs ?? Chiefs super bowl

  9. @Ram
    Take a look at this story 😂. Go to :59 of the video

    Notice Paul Allen owned vintage air planes?
    Take a look at I94
    Lockette had 6.3% chance at the catch
    Look at the sign above Paul Allen’s P2 plane

    Click on flying Heritage link on his file photo
    The museum is across the bay from CLINTON ferry

    Hillary & Chelsea will be doing a book tour on 11/08
    In Seattle

    Wilson tribute to Paul last night

    10/6 again. 😆

  10. Check JRE rosanne barr from yesterday 8 mins in...


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