Friday, May 20, 2016

38 39 93 96 139 | Mister Ed star Alan Young dies May 19, 2016 at age 96

The final episode of Mister Ed was February 6, 1966.

2/6/1966 = 2+6+19+66 = 93 (Mister Ed)

The word 'President' has gematria of '110'.

Alan Young, a name connecting to 'death', died 6-months before his 97th birthday.

11/19/1919 = 11+19+19+19 = 68
11/19/1919 = 11+19+(1+9+1+9) = 50
11/19/1919 = 1+1+1+9+1+9+1+9 = 32
11/19/19 = 11+19+19 = 49


It is interesting he passed on what is typically the 139th day of the year, May 19, at the age of '96'.


  1. That's quite a collection of 19s and 911s there.
    Alan Young = Young Anal

    That show was about a talking horse! There must have some groovy drugs in the water back then. The Flying Nun is another one of those. Basically all of 1960s TV seems like a whacky trip

    1. It's funny you bring up anal, there's an old rumor about how they got that horse's lips to move on cue...

    2. Also, exactly 96 years 6 months

      966 is a fun number, 322×3.

    3. 2220 weeks and 5 days since Allan Lane, the voice of Mister Ed, died on 10-27-1973

      Which is a fun 22,384,800 minutes.

    4. Air Force One Down May Twenty Third---2220, 370

      Air Force One Down May Twenty Three---2202, 367

      Air Force One Down Five Twenty Three---2220, 370

  2. Since we are on the topic of talking equines:

    Francis the talking mule -- 93/102/111
    Also a 93 in simple reduction

  3. I loved that talking palamino. Especially when he dialed the phone to order a pizza. I'll never forget the urban legend that he was a zebra.
    Bless Alan Young.
    And I thought they used peanut butter to move Ed's lips.

    1. It's an old joke from that movie where Bobcat Goldwaith played a talking horse. Hot to Trot, I think.

      "You're lips would move to of they kept shoving a carrot in your ass"