Friday, May 20, 2016

2 3 5 | An anonymous letter from San Antonio (What do you see besides 2 3 and 5?)


  1. Anything new on tomorrows Preakness?

    1. Its the 142nd day of the year. Thirty-Five = 142
      Nyquist = 35
      Nyquist has 3/5 odds

    2. Nyquist has all the Gematria for the Cavs especially 909 which equals Cavaliers and Thirteen equals 99.

    3. yeah saw hes running in the 3rd lane, lebron going for 3rd ring

  2. These people are taunting you and your works, eh?

  3. Vertical or horizontal, it always sums to 40 ...

    1. That is a great observation. Way to think outside the box.

  4. No. 5 is missing, 9 times. (9 cubes) 9x5 = 45. If you nsert no.5 in every empty square, then left to right, top to bottom, always sums to 45. Reminds of those brain teaser things :D I'm rubbish at those ha :D

  5. Nine Red Threes---144

    Nine Black Twos---148, 888

    Nine missing Fives---193

    Red Twenty Seven---199

    Black Eighteen---102, 612

    Missing Forty Five---216

    Each Square would sum to 45 if the 5s weren't missing, instead you are missing 45. Were the 5s there you would have a total of 405 but instead only 360.

    1. And the top right corner is the only corner that is never empty as 8 repeats once. Add those up and you get 48.

      Top Right Corner---186, 1116

    2. The left side is also never empty as well which totals 53.
      There are 3x6, 2x4, 9, 7, 3, 8

    3. Now, fun with math. Red is negative so take our sum minus the red


      Black is positive so


      Also the red 27 is a 9+9+9
      The black 18 is a 6+6+6

      Its a fun filled Satanic Masonic Zionist puzzle.

    4. 48+53=101, a power 11.

      Now did as much thought go onto this as we are giving? Maybe its a number spell.

    5. I doubt it did. Everything just lines up with the numbers regardless if it was on purpose or not.
      I see the red 3s as distracting. They are very eye catching.

    6. Maybe they want you to

      Fill in the Fives---156

      Thirty Three---156
      Six Six Six----156

    7. Five--42

      42x9=378 again=18 again


      42+42=84 again

      42x42=1764=1+7+6+4=18 again

  6. Number wise I don't see anything else. It is filled out correctly with no duplicate vertical, horizontal, or in the boxes.

    Sudoku = 19,28,37,91
    It was originally called Number Place
    Number Place = 47,110
    Modern Sudoku was created by Howard Garns at 74 years old.
    Howard Garns = 56,65,128
    Howard = 33,69
    Garns = 23,32,59
    He was from Connersville Indiana
    Connersville indiana = 92,101,110,118,200
    It was first published in 1979 in Dell Magazines.
    Dell Magazines = 56,65,128
    Dell = 15,33
    He died on October 6, 1989 at 84 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    Indianapolis, Indiana = 94,103,175
    Indianapolis = 60,69,123
    He was born on March 2, 1905

    It was introduced in Japan by Nikoli in 1984 in the paper Monthly Nikolist
    Japan = 15,42
    Nikoli = 34,43,70
    Monthly Nikolist = 72,81,216
    It was introduced as Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru which translates to the digits must be single or he digits are limited to one occurrence.
    the digits must be single = 94,121,247
    the digits are limited to one occurrence = 173,182,371
    It was abbreviated into Sudoku by Maki Kaji
    Maki Kaji = 29,65

    1. There are 4 23s going left to right. 5 if you count the 1 going up to down.

    2. There would actually be 6 23s if you could the 2 going up and down. Top left one goes both ways. Also there is a 666 towards the bottom right at a diagonal.

    3. Correction it would actually be 4 horizontal 23s and 3 vertical 23s. This puzzle is playing tricks on me.

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  7. All numbers added together without 5
    35 - 36 - 49
    53 - 33 - 34
    32 - 51 - 37
    All numbers added together with 5
    40 - 41 - 49
    53 - 38 - 39
    37 - 56 - 42

  8. The 5 is missing to keep is separate from the 2 and 3.
    Something like 5/23 so I'm guessing it's a date reference.

    Also, I noticed the name reference:

    Zachary Hubbard - 8+1+3+8+1+9+7+8+3+2+2+1+9+4 = 66
    Zachariah Hubbard - 8+1+3+8+1+9+9+1+8+8+3+2+2+1+9+4 = 77

  9. Dude...what I see with these letters is that you are a NUT MAGNET.
    Sorry to break it to you! :P

  10. Missing 5 but also 2+3=5. So could be a 55 for each square. 5+5+5=15=1+6=6 so 666, 666, 666 Up and Down. If it is 55 pretty interesting with all the 165 I keep getting shown by Youtube. 55+55+55=165 So it would be 165 each row and column/diagonal. Republican National Convention 2nd day is 19/7. (Prince=197) 19/7 leaves 165 days in the year. Each Square sums to 40. Forty=84 Five Five=84 Eighty Four=134 134 the other number I keep getting shown with 165. Also Sudoku is 9 by 9. Like Lincoln dying 9 hours 9 minutes after being shot and Obama singing Amazing Grace stuff. Five=252(English) 9/9 the 252nd day. 99th prime is 523. Ha! Talk about a puzzle. 9/9 to 5/23 is 257 days. 55th prime is 257.

    1. Good fucking god Dan, this is why they make songs about you. The kids in Iowa have cracked the code again!

    2. Great job Dan!
      Was going to write about that five and prime but you beat me!
      Here is some more I noticed:
      Nine twos = 119
      Nine threes = 117
      Nine red threes = 144
      Nine black twos = 148
      Forty five = 54 = 9
      Nine = 42
      Rio = 42
      Five = 42
      Nine nine = 84
      Hashtag forty = 148
      Pound forty = 55

      Operation Forty?

  11. Whether vertical or horizontal, each number is only represented once (absent the fives).
    Three x three sets or nine total. While this seems intended to draw attention to 523, I am not seeing how it can relate to twelve months in a year or double digit days in a month. I noticed at no point did the pattern begin by simply counting 1-9 across a single row or column.

  12. Lol I fucking hate Sudoku too. My dad was like the Toilet Master. I'm pretty sure in the back of the book the Solutions are in Red, but not sure if that's all Sudoku Books? "Solutions"=144 Not quite sure how it would play in but 333, 333, 333? Obama sang Amazing Grace 333 days before 5/23(end date) Did this come today? "May Twentieth"=55?

  13. This is dumb but what the heck (you see I don't mind looking stupid)... Aside from all the 666 references...
    2x3=6 for each block
    6x9=54 for all 9 blocks
    Maybe just trying to highlight the many relationships?

  14. Zach, I was thinking about how they refer to you this time as 'Zachariah'. This is conveniently enough 9 letters in length, and contains no 5's. I tried to see if there were any diagonals with the sequence 813819918, but of course that's impossible because the two diagonals long enough are both missing at least one slot a piece for the 5s. Then I thought, maybe each square contains a hidden pattern for a letter based on the position of the 8s 1s 3s and 9s, and I found some rs and ls but I haven't gone through the whole thing yet righting down the patterns. Then it hit me, 8....13.....8.....1991....8. What does Sudoku equal? 19 and 91. What is the gematria of '13'? 45, like the completed total of each puzzle. What you're left with is 888. Who reminds of 888?

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  17. Zachariah could be referring to Zechariah...
    The Guardian has Sudoku puzzles..

  18. Zach have you considered adding the numbers?
    sums up to 363 =66
    quite recently Egypt Airline 66 Passengers died.
    56 passengers and 10 crew on board = 66
    if you times 66x66 =4356 (4+3 = 7 / 5+6 =11 ) pointing to (7/11)
    66+66 = 132 (1+3+2 = 6) = 666 =216 =2016 = 9
    the plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on 19 May 2016 at 02:30 Egypt
    let's take the numbers away
    02:30 = 5
    19th May /Temple of Ba'al April 19th (11+99= 110) (9x9=81) (11x11 =121)
    (121x81=9081) / (9+0+8+1 = 18) alluding to 2018 = 11 (9/11)
    and since the unveiling of the Temple it's been 30 days. a month!

  19. Each square has the numbers 1 through 9, with the exception of 5. The sum of 1 through 9 minus 5 is 40. There are a total of 9 squares, so with each square having a value of 40:

    40 x 9 = 360 (Circles/Cycles)

    It's connected to the other mailed letters, representing the never-ending perpetuity of time. In other words, the mailer sent a convoluted picture of a fairly simple concept.

    Let's not overanalyze these messages ad-nauseum. This is clearly an attempt to pull Zachariah's focus away from completing his work. Nothing more but an effort to waste his "Time".

  20. Looks like it ended up being horse #5.