Friday, May 6, 2016

44 144 523 | Victor Espinoza's 44th birthday, May 23, 2016 (Last year's Triple Crown jockey)

How about that, turning 44 on the 144th day of 2016!  The name of that horse is coming to mind, 'American Pharoah'.


  1. This would have been a funnier story on May 2nd

  2. Shit bro if that isn't an Obama reference I dunno what is, and makes since because this is the biggest national event before that date.

    1. Barack Obama, Dark Horse Triple Crown winner.

  3. Wow one of the best MY 23rd finds yet Zach. Nice! He was the first to win the triple crown in 37 years and rode #18. 37*18= 666. Horse named American this hinting that 5/23 will start the beginning of the masonic end??? Obama is definitely an end time figure of sorts. He's a Muslim, there's a Minaret at the top if the one world Trade Center and LONDON just voted in the first Muslim mayor in London history.... But yeah satanic Gematria starts at 36 and ends at 61. Numbers 1 they 36 = 666 making 36 the triangular root of 666. In numbers 50-61 = 666 also. "Donald Trump" in satanc Gematria = 523. "May" = 144. Everything's scripted it seems. "Five two three" in Normal Gematria = 216 which us 6*6*6. Obama was born on 8/4 216th day in year in '61. I think something happens to none if those 2 or to NYC soon. Nike hitting Manhattan as Obama expressed such concern about on 3/25/2014 (523 backwards) The walking dead TV show 6th and latest season starting in 10/11/15 and ending on 04/3/16, span of 5 months 23 days and the last episode they ate introduced to the New World Order which they say right on the show. Anyone remember song "Radioactive" by imagine dragons?? That song explains the times were in because of these crooked con artist zioniatvfakae new bankers like Rockefeller's and the federal reserve , a body that isn't even a part of the US. People have no being cells lol

  4. The first, second, and this prime numbers are 2,3,5. 123 = Conspiracy