Friday, May 6, 2016

13 31 42 52 57 63 142 153 234 666 | 142nd Kentucky Derby & why I expect a Triple Crown in 2016

In light of this being the 142nd Kentucky Derby, let us recall that '42' and '142' have a relationship, and also that '42' is often paired with '153'.

Freemason = 42 (Forty-Two = 142)
Scottish Rite = 57

5/7/2016 = 5+7+20+16 = 48
5/7/2016 = 5+7+2+0+1+6 = 21
5/7/16 = 5+7+16 = 28

Recall, thirty-seven is the twelfth prime and American Pharoah became the twelfth triple crown winner after a drought of thirty-seven years.

Here are the twenty-horses racing and the odds.

Racing Lane/Horse/Weight/Jockey/Trainer/Odds

1. Trojan Nation = 52/151 (7)
2. Suddenbreakingnews - 78/96/105/195 (42s divisors sum to 96)
3. Creator = 35/80 (Thirty-Five = 142) (Santana Jr. = 35...)
4. Mo Tom = 22/76
5. Gun Runner = 51/132
6. My Man Sam = 27/99
7. Oscar Nominated = 61/70/151 (7)
8. Lani = 18/36
9. Destin = 26/35/71
10. Whitmore = 48/111 (Date with '48' numerology)
11. Exaggerator = 58/121
12. Tom's Ready = 39/48/120 (Date with '48' numerology)
13. Nyquist = 35/44/125 (Thirty-Five = 142)
14. Mohaymen = 40/94
15. Outwork = 33/42/123
16. Shagaf = 24/42
17. Mor Spirit = 56/65/137
18. Majesto = 20/29/83
19. Brody's Cause = 42/60/132
20. Danzing Candy = 59/122

I haven't put anytime into this, but I like the relationships between 42 and the 142nd all-time race.  It should be noted that 142 is a number with '7' numerology.  Only two horses have connections to '7' through their names, including the horse running in the seventh lane.  That horse had 50:1 odds, so it would be quite the surprise.  The horse in the 16th lane is also interesting, having '42' gematria and 16 having numerology of '7'.  1+6 = 7

As for the favorite, Nyquist, the 3:1 odds, running in the 13th lane, makes me think the fix is probably in, for the win or the loss.  Thirteen is usually unlucky in sports, but not always.  Also, if there is to be a Triple Crown this year, it will be the thirteenth all-time.

I recall last year how the odds for American Pharoah seemed to synch with the numbers on the race.  What bodes well for the 3:1 favorite is the name of the jockey, Gutierrez.  He synchs well with the date.

Gutierrez = 7+3+2+9+5+9+9+5+8 = 57 (5/7)
Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl.... World Series = 57
Think about all the ketchup at ballgames.

What else stands out to me is the horse in the 12th lane, "Tom's Ready".  Think about Tom Brady, #12, trying to earn his seventh Super Bowl appearance.

And lastly, "Trojan Nation" makes me laugh and pause.  The triple crown winner last year was 'American Pharoah', with the purposeful misspelling.  These names have parallels.  Notice 'Trojan Nation' has gematria of '52', and prophecy also has gematria of '666'.

All this 'prophecy' makes me think of the final book of the 'New Testament', Revelation, typically Book number 66.

Fifty = 6+9+6+20+25 = 66 (50:1 odds)

Also, I know the horses with the 50:1 odds, in lanes 1 and 7, both have names with '151' gematria.  Recall, 151 is the 36th prime number, and there has been a lot of '36' this year.

The Kentucky Derby is known as 'the run for the roses', which has gematria of 234.  When you add its reflection, it comes back to 666.

234+432 = 666

Prior to last year, the last time there were Triple Crown winners, they came in back to back years, in 1977 and 1978.

Let us decode the last three Triple Crown Winners.

Seattle Slew = 1+5+1+2+2+3+5+1+3+5+5 = 33/51
Affirmed = 1+6+6+9+9+4+5+4 = 44
American Pharoah = 1+4+5+9+9+3+1+5+7+8+1+9+6+1+8 = 77

Perhaps American Pharoah is a clue as to what happened in 1977, followed again in 1978.


Here's why the 'Triple Crown' makes a lot of sense in 2016.

Recall, if you sum one through sixty-three, it totals 2016.

Also, 'Triple Crown' has gematria of '153', a number often connected to '42'.

This year, it being the 142nd Kentucky Derby, and this being the first of the three main events for the Triple Crown title, I see a very strong chance of repeat.

One last point, last year's jockey who won the Triple Crown, he has a May 23 birthday.  He'll turn 44 this year, on the 144th day of the year.

How about that, turning 44 on the 144th day of 2016!  The name of that horse is coming to mind, 'American Pharoah'.


  1. I'm going with Creator. It's a tough choice the more research I do, but I've done alot, all with pen and paper.

    Ricardo Santana=57
    The owner "WinStar Farm"=142
    He ran from the #3 post in the Arkansas Derby and he's running from the 3 in Kentucky too.

    I have alot more.. Will share when I get home.

    Creator=35, thirty five=142

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    2. Why are you asking people to take your advice Milo? Mets and Dodgers have good narratives next to Cubs. We'll see what happens. First no hitters have been blessings before.

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    4. Zach, weren't you connecting the Astros to win the AL Pennant?

    5. Take Milos advice if your a blinded bafoon. Milo has to be THE STUPIDEST person alive. I hope the Masons sacrifice him soon.

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    11. Why don't you start your own blog, and then post a link to your articles? That's what I do so I don't have to post a novel in the comments.

  2. 42 "iconic" image of immigrant defiantly raising clenched cost during "far right" March. She is 42 years of age.
    Former child star of "Flight of the Navigator" convicted of bank robbery is also 42 years of age.

  3. Zach, I made a breakdown of the entire Kentucky derby field including jockeys, trainers, foal dates, stable, birthdays, etc. Anyways, check it out you can probably figure out some more things from it. I'm with you... Nyquist to win. And Oscar Nominated looks pretty interesting. It would be cool to have a trifecta ticket by knowing who will finish 2 and 3!

    1. Awesome work, thank you! If Nyquist loses, I'll put this to good use. It might be in the bag for him.

    2. Another thing I noticed: Nyquist is in the 13th post. Thirteen = 99. We are in the 99th year of the NHL and Nyquist has the hockey connections.

      I will take a look at the Oscar awards for the Oscar Nominated horse. It was the 88th Oscars on 2/28; which is a span of 69 days or 9 weeks 6 days between the Kentucky Derby.

    3. Just a thought...
      I say NYQUIST wins.
      I think everything connects together.
      The NY in NYQUIST makes me think he wins and the Islanders (one of my picks) from NY win the Stanley Cup.

    4. Nyquist is winning this.

      Zach number 13 lebrons thirteenth season.

      This horse race connects to alot.

    5. Nyquist 13....3-1.....1331. Sum of up it equals 44.

    6. Looks more like a NY Quits, Bally, far as hockey goes. I put money on the Stars for the year of Satan.

    7. Stars are my pick for the elections I don't watch this shit LOL. Go on YouTube and look up "5 Pointed Star/Baphomet. The angles all add up to 9 which is Satans number.This goes with the Cavs.

      Crazy especially 36.....Cleavland Caviliers equal 36.....

      Also interesting is how 123....12*3 equals 36.

      Also from 93 Cavs 23rd season to 16 is 23 years. The year Jordan won his third title.

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    10. Creator went from 10/1 to 16/1 overnight, a bit strange.

    11. Nyquist from 3/1 to +200.

  4. If Anyone wants a soccer tip for tomorrow

    Middlesbrough v Brighton both tied on 88 points for the season, this is conveniently the final game for each team winner gets automatic promotion to the premier league.

    Date gematria of 48/19

    Brighton = 48
    Game played 48 days before Brightons "Birthday"

    Brighton founded in 1901... if they win they go on 91 points on a date with 19 numerology.

    Will be back in the top flight for the first time in 33 years.

    Borough have no obvious connections, think you can get brighten @ 3.8/1 at the moment.

    I've only done football for a few weeks but have predicted the Two teams in both the champions league and Europa league finals and a few other results.

    Coding seems really straight forward, it would be nice if someone else did some work on "Soccer" just to see if im reading things wrong. I understand i may just be on a lucky streak but i think im getting it right haha!

    1. Who do you see winning the CL
      Real or Athletico ?

    2. I need to have a look at the final in more detail. Im currently leaning towards Real Madrid as it seems there coding involves not only their name "Madrid and "Real Madrid" both = 49. Date has 49 numerology on the 149th day of the year.

      But whats also interesting is there coding seems to heavily involve zidane the current real madrid manager who obviously has a very illustrious career with real madrid. Whats interesting to me is his name "Zidane" = 32 as does "San Siro" the venue of the final.

      He also took over on the 4/01/2016. From the date he became manager to the final = 145 days. "Zinedine Zidane" = 145. Everything seems to point to a repeat of the 2014 final, so potentially real madrid pipping atletico again maybe even in extra time like two years ago.

      I'll do some work on it over the weekend, Liverpool also look a stone waller for the europa league.

    3. Thanks man I'll keep a look out
      Do u have ur own blog ?

    4. No i dont haha, Ive only just started doing this myself.

      I'll post somewhere on here when ive done some research and picked who i think will win. Odds arn't great now for Real and Liverpool to win. I managed to get liverpool @ 5/1 and Real @ 3/1 earlier in the competition but didn't bet big as i was still unsure of the outcome.

  5. 67 11 5

    Another story from today that may tie-in to this, so you may want to look at this story from "CNN Money":

    "American Pharoah is busy making money "

    This is mostly just my raw data dump. I'm not so good at making connections, yet, so you have been warned. :-)

    American Pharoah is busy making money -- 353/155/1790

    Which is spelled differently from "Pharaoh" with 'a' and 'o' reversed. I don't know if that has any thing to do with anything.

    Time of story 7:37 AM 5/6/2016
    737 is a multiple of 11 => 67 * 11 both prime numbers

    Another thing to look at is the Katy Perry's video "Dark Horse"

    It was released on December 17, 2013 which was the 351 day of the year with 14 to go.

    The song is 3:35 long, another 67

    5 * 67 = 335 5 is another prime number

    Dark -- 34/16/95
    Horse -- 65/29/233
    Dark Horse -- 99/45/328

    Of course Katy Perry with a strange name:

    Katy -- 57/12/511
    Perry -- 82/37/625
    Katy Perry -- 139/49/1136

    And in the video she goes by the name "Katy-Patra" -- 113/32/753
    Compared to Cleopatra -- 91/37/320

    She did the song with Jucy J

    Jucy -- 59/14/1203
    J -- 10/1/600
    Jucy J -- 69/15/1803

    In the video. which has an Egyptian theme, there is a scene where the Pharaoh, after he offers Katy-Patra a gift, is changed into a dog with a face that resembles President Obama.

    Some have said that the combination of American Pharoah wining the Triple Crown suggests that Obama, at one time a "Dark Horse" candidate, may win three terms in office becoming the American Pharaoh. Cleopatra was also considered Egypt's last Pharaoh. Who knows

    By the way: Michelle = 67

    1. Hmmm, and here is the actual story:

  6. First off....that was a really well put together post. Great work coming out of F2FT :)

    I hope the Mad1Dog reads this because I too feel like 35 = 142 is important, but I like Nyquist. I like his 3:1 odd in lane 13. I like that Nyquist is being housed in Stable #41 - Nyquist the NHL player wears #14.

    Nyquist =750, and the N Y = 5 7 (Prince Tribute). NY =44. Nyquist =44. Nyquist =35. Thirty Five =142, and its the 142nd Kentucky Derby. President Obama =142.

  7. Perhaps this is how Fallon's pick was made -- it's all about the 3 "Mo" 's & their post positions:

    Mo Tom = 4 Mohammed = 14 Mor Spirit = 17

    Reduced & summed: 4 + 5 + 8 = 17 ( Mo Spirit )

    I just found that interesting because all those Mo's stood out ... which reminded me of 3M Corp -- headquartered in Minnesota (like Prince) -- pioneers in the Digital Recording field, & makers of SCOTCH Tape. No doubt a nod to his Scottish Rite benefactors ... lol!

    Great post -- thanks for the detailed info. I'd say you've nailed it on all points! ;D :D

    1. Thanks Maestro, So many connections with this field of horses it's wild. You guys are convincing for Nyquist.

      Something not mentioned yet is 821 is the 142nd prime. Todays race is on the 128th day because of the leap year. Creator's trainer is Steve Asmussen=182. Creator's mother, Morena, when added with her mother horse title of 'dam' you get 'Dam Morena=241', like creator's record coming in (2-4-1). Also 84 and 54. 84 is todays date numerology reflection and 54 like love. Considering its mothers day tomorrow that might be important. Mother's day=128/768. His earnings so far is $768,320. Kentucky=768.

      If you guys want another pick from me besides Creator, you should consider Majesto.

    2. 4+14+17 = 35
      Catholic = 35
      Thirty-Five = 142
      Great observation friend, mo+mo+mo