Friday, May 6, 2016

56 | I just looked up when Andrew Jackson was first attacked as President in what is deemed the first assassination attempt...

Low and behold, it was today in history, May 6, 1833, in Alexandria.

5/6/33 = 5+6+33 = 44
Alexandria = 44

President = 47/56

I love when that happens.


  1. It was because he was getting rid of the 2nd bank of the US. (FED) They tried to kill him but the gun jammed. Look up some of his quotes on the bank. He knew exactly what they were. He freed us from the money changers for 100 years and he is replaced on the twenty by people working for the Rothschilds. They always get even no matter how long it takes.

    1. They put him on the 20 as a big fuck you originally anyway, now they put a slave emancipator as another fuck you to us, the dollar slaves.

    2. He was a freemason, I think you'll like the next chapter of my book. I'm pretty sure it was all a show.

    3. That IS great, isn't it? And to think -- "science" STILL can't explain such synchronicity beyond mere "LUCK" ... Remember this "Deep Thought" by Jack Handey? "If your kid gets an A on a test, don't tell them they're smart or that they earned it. Tell them they "Got Lucky" -- that way they'll feel good inside, knowing they're a lucky person. (Or something to that effect! Lol) I think Jack is spouting more wisdom than most people realize -- LUCK is a "handy" (pun intended, lol) term for encouraging people to deny the existence of their "higher abilities".

      Keep listening to those inner prompts -- (for me) they ALWAYS lead to something pertinent! ;D. :D

    4. I haven't researched him much Z, I am looking forward to the next chapter now!

  2. I have to speak up for Andrew Jackson, because he has been continuously slandered by the Historical Revisionists -- primarily because of his position on the bank issue. I've studied him in-depth over the years (going through archives in historical libraries, which I'm fortunate to be in close proximity to).

    He was listed as a mason (at a time when virtually all leaders were) -- but never attended a meeting or paid his dues, so he was removed from the roster. (They had WANTED to "claim" him -- but -- as he said ... he was never a "joiner" of ANY group -- because he was too busy & always on the move.)

    The Anti-Masonic Party "conveniently" arose during his FIRST presidential campaign -- & the Revisionists publicly labeled him a mason (as a political mudslinging tactic). Over time, they have ensured that the label stuck.

    It's worth noting that -- eerily much like the Bush 2000 election -- Jackson actually defeated John Quincy Adams in 1824 ... but a crooked deal between Adams & Speaker of The House, Henry Clay (a real dick) gave the presidency to Adams. But Jackson returned in 1828 & won again.

    He also was NOT an "Indian Hater" -- by far, that's the worst label they've stuck on him. It would take pages to fully explain, but the Trail Of Tears was not his doing, nor was the removal of the Cherokee from Georgia. In fact, he wanted to protect them (his only "true" sons were adopted Native Americans who had survived the carnage of the Indian Wars -- though they were also guardians of numerous children of deceased relatives).

    As for his role in those wars, he despised what was happening but also realized that the Indians would be better off further away from the white man's governmental reach. It was no small thing that he was highly respected by the leaders of the Indian nations -- they understood that the war was neither of his making nor his choice. It was a PROXY WAR -- egged-on by the British (& their "affiliates"). THEY were who he TRULY HATED.

    Jackson sent troops to HOLD BACK the swarms of NORTHERNERS who were determined to get at a reported gold strike near Rome, Georgia. Having already invaded Indian lands, they saw the large homes & vast farms that the tribes had built up over generations, & wanted to take them over. It was a cabal of northern sympathizers within the military's leadership that ignored his orders, & forced the Indians out. Meanwhile, he was receiving false reports that kept the truth from him.

    When he DID finally learn the truth (much later), he vowed that the country was too vast to be properly led from so far away -- & he called for LESS CENTRALIZATION of government ... & for there to be MORE LOCAL & REGIONAL CONTROLS -- believing that it was wrong for leaders to make decisions for areas they knew nothing about, or to send troops to areas where the soldiers were strangers & had less impetus to treat the locals fairly.

    Needless to say, THAT also didn't go over well with the pro-monarchist Federalists & Whigs ... nor the "Anti-Mason's" (i.e. future leaders of the Scottish Rite).

    The Revisionists have clearly succeeded with their Anti-Jackson rhetoric -- most people today ONLY think of him as an evil Indian hater, & never bother to learn for themselves if that's actually based on fact (because -- "if it's in the schoolbooks -- it MUST be true ...").

    Grrr ... In fact -- whenever "Historical Experts" label someone as vile, it's a bonafide indicator that they're HIDING A LOT OF TRUTH behind a slew of disinformation. The present-day currency debacle is just another layer added to the enormous amount of FALSE HISTORY being forced upon an unsuspecting public ... the bullshit gets deeper every day. ;D :D

    1. Thank you That Mfsyy. It's not very often that someone sees through the bankster smears! They've been able to use the money they steal from us to create whole volumes of lies about people they don't like and the people they hate the most have stopped them from sucking the countries blood.

    2. I just now found your response -- thank you! The System only trashes THEIR "enemies" -- a foolproof indicator that he was someone who truly WAS "on our side". They've done a good job slandering him though ... even in his "home territory" of The Jackson Purchase area, it's nigh onto impossible to convince people that he was nothing like the monster they've painted him as being. But I'm going to keep shouting The TRUTH til they DO listen! ;D

  3. I have a strong feeling that 90% of 19th century US "history" is completely fabricated. The Andrew Jackson story hoax is most laughable.