Saturday, May 14, 2016

66 84 93 102 192 | The Louisiana Purchase and the Bavarian Illuminati


A major step in growing the empire started on January 18, 1803, when Thomas Jefferson sent explorer Meriwether Lewis with funds from congress to scout the land that would eventually be acquired in what is known as the ‘Louisiana Purchase’.  Let us examine the names ‘Meriwether Lewis’ and ‘Louisiana Purchase’ in light of gematria.

Meriwether = 4+5+9+9+5+5+2+8+5+9 = 61
Lewis = 3+5+5+9+1/10 = 23/32
Meriwether Lewis = 84/93

Louisiana = 3+6+3+9+1+9+1+5+1 = 38/47
Purchase = 7+3+9+3+8+1+1+5 = 37/46
Louisiana Purchase = 75/93

Hopefully by this point in the chapter you can see how truly scripted the history we are taught is and you also know the significance of numbers ‘75’, ‘84’ and ‘93’.  Let us also decode the names in Simple English Gematria for yet another match.

Meriwether = 13+5+18+9+23+5+20+8+5+18 = 124
Lewis = 12+5+23+9+19 = 68
Meriwether Lewis = 192

Louisiana = 12+15+21+9+19+9+1+14+1 = 101
Purchase = 16+21+18+3+8+1+19+5 = 91
Louisiana Purchase = 192

On April 30, 1803, exactly 102-days later, another number connected to ‘United States of America’, the United States and France would agree to terms, trading 828,000-square-miles of land for fifteen-million-dollars.  That was the date of April
30, 1803, the 120th day of the year.  Recall the word ‘Illuminati’ has gematria of 120. 

Illuminati = 9+12+12+21+13+9+14+1+20+9 = 120 (The Illuminati = 153)
Illuminati = 9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9 = 48 (223, 48th Prime)

I bring that up because on May 1, 1776, the Bavarian Illuminati was started with ‘thirteen’ key families, and in history is recognized as being responsible for the French Revolution, which began as the American Revolution concluded.  Notice 1776 is also the year the United States declared their independence, a declaration written by Thomas Jefferson, who spent many years in France before becoming the President of the United States and agreeing to the terms of the Louisiana Purchase.  Let us examine the numerology of May 1, 1776 in light of the gematria of ‘thirteen’.

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99
Thirteen = 20+8+9+18+20+5+5+14 = 99

The acquisition of the territory through the Louisiana Purchase made for the eighteenth state, the territory of ‘Orleans’.

Orleans = 15+18+12+5+1+14+19 = 84 (United States of America)

Let us examine the name Thomas Jefferson one more time in light of the purchase.

Thomas = 2+8+6+4+1+1/10 = 22/31
Jefferson = 1+5+6+6+5+9+1/10+6+5 = 44/53

Thomas Jefferson = 66/84


  1. Doesn't Cleveland equal 99? Or Cavaliers either way Can't believe Illuminati was Started 5/1.

    Funny how Thelema has the same numerology as Israel and Zion.

  2. 300?! I've been dividing my time between your older posts and new posts as well as your YouTube channel. I feel like I need to get functionally capable of independently analyzing, but MY DAMN... there is soooo freakin' MUCH !
    Not complianing about your offerings, just acknowledging the enormous learning curve. Still trying to apply a consistent method/approach.

    1. I was amazed to learn that as recently as the 1700s & early 1800s, Gematria was commonly practiced by LOTS of "regular people" (like us). People COMPOSED love poems to each other -- with secret endearments that could only be found by decoding the gematria. They not only used the words themselves, but also embedded meanings within the number of words per line, the number of stanzas, & sometimes the number of syllables used in certain stanzas. Can you imagine doing all that without a computer? Amazing, isn't it? But it's also a testament to the untapped potential we're all carrying around inside of us! ;D

  3. I agree. I collect items from Victoriana (sterling lockets with much image symbolism), but do not recall the mention of encoded numeric messages. I could TOTALLY see them doing that. Just amazing stuff. I'll have to re-visit as some of that and see what messaging I can see. I thanks so much for that insight!

    1. You're very welcome -- it's nice to have a way to connect with others who understand that the world is so much more interesting than most people think. I've mentioned that info a time or two to others around me, & despite offering PROOF, all I get is the eye-roll ... I'm sure you're familiar with that, too! As we all apply this knowledge to our own particular areas of expertise, I feel certain that we're finally going to blow the lid off this false narrative that we've been fed for so long. We ARE the lions who will break this cage apart! ;D